Super Street Fighter IV 3 D Edition

When Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition was released alongside the 3DS in 2011, the title was praised for being a portable fighting experience that actually lived up to the standards found on current home consoles.

After the launch period, Capcom went on to ship 1.1 million copies of the 3D Edition, and three years on it appears users of the 3DS are still buying the game.

From July to September of this year, another 100,000 copies of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition were sold, bringing total sales to 1.2 million. This comes an impressive figure given the fact the title has not received any additional content or updates since its initial release.

The amount of support this particular entry has received from fans of the Big N comes as bittersweet news after Capcom announced Street Fighter V earlier this month exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PC – with no mention of the game's release on either of Nintendo's systems.

With any luck, Capcom will take the latest sales figures for Street Fighter IV 3D Edition into consideration and perhaps make one of the newer entries in the series available to Nintendo fans.

Let us know in the comments what you think about these latest sales, and if you would like to see a new version of Street Fighter released on the 3DS, or even the Wii U in the near future.