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Shin'en Multimedia to Finally Show Off Fast Racing NEO in September

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Some screens to start the race

FAST Racing NEO has had an odd but short history to date. The sequel to the popular and rather fun FAST - Racing League on WiiWare, it was unveiled with a teaser website in late 2013, with some minor noises about plans for the game in early 2014. Though the teaser site launched with "Coming 2014" text, however, a lengthy silence on the project was followed by a subtle removal of that text.

That text is still absent, though developer Shin'en Multimedia has recently been giving assurances that the project is still very much in the works. Asked on Twitter for a tangible update, the studio has finally given details on when we'll see some evidence of its progress.

Up to now we've only had one concept logo, above, so screens will be welcome. As a studio that's often produced high-quality visuals on Nintendo hardware, we're hopeful they'll look rather impressive.

Are you excited about the ongoing development of FAST Racing NEO, or does Shin'en Multimedia need to do some work to get you hyped? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to JaxonH for the heads up.

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JaxonH said:

Yeah, after all the talk about how amazing this game is going to look, I'm more than excited to see it for myself!

It's just nice to get some feedback from Shinen on this game. I know this wasn't groundbreaking news, but it's something. It lets us know the game is still on its way, and that the hype machine will be kicking into gear shortly.

Works for me!



King47 said:

At first I thought that September is so far away, then I remembered that it's next month.

I was on their website a few weeks ago to see if there's an update, I'm looking forward to see what they've been working on.



Gerbwmu said:

Prepare for the inevitable, "these screen shots look horrible, this could be on the PS2." Followed by the reminders of, "who knows how far along they are in development, these are just early shots." With a sprinkle of, "SUPER HYPE TRAIN, ALL ABOARD!"



AndyWARbear said:

@Hero-of-WiiU me too man.
I've been hoping that Nintendo approached Shin'en about the F-Zero IP. Or at least get some Captain Falcon action in FAST Racing NEO.
But I'm still hyped, even if my little pipe dream doesn't come to fruition.



Tsurii said:

@Gerbwmu well...if Nano Assault is any indication, it'll probably look great. And even Fast Racing League on Wii looked pretty good imo (for a Wii game ofc)

Not hyped (obviously, we didn't see anything yet), but I'm really interested to see what they got.



ULTRA-64 said:

Great news! like somebody else said,.I thought that was ages then realized it's only a month.
Fast by name-slow in development =(



Nintenjoe64 said:

I would love it if they dropped the white and black pill mechanic and turned this into a new F-Zero but either way, I will be buying this.



remlapgamer said:

This group doesn't make bad games. History proves their games are usually fun, have sound controls, and always has impressive looking visuals. My wallet is ready.



sinalefa said:

Thanks to @JaxonH for getting the info. If we are getting the first screenshots in September, this is a long time coming.



PinkSpider said:

strangely I posted yesterday in the forum as to what happened to this game. Really can't wait to see what they have produced now they have had nearly 2 years of expertise with the Wii U console, hopefully game will look stunning



Kirk said:

Christ this one is taking it's sweet time. First SCREENSHOTS in September...

How about some actual frikin footage for God's sake!

It feels like we've been hearing about this game for absolutely ages but still haven't seen anything on it yet.



LasermasterA said:

Can't wait for this Seems exciting! I need a super racing game for my need for speed which sadly Need for Speed does not fulfill.

I hope this is truly amazing since its been in the pipeline for so long!



Spoony_Tech said:

As long as this game is taking it better be great! I'm more interested to see what type and how it looks as well.



OorWullie said:

I enjoyed the first game but man was it tough.1 little error and your chances of making the podium were over.If they drop the black/white thing and make it all about the racing then this could be amazing.I'm sure Shinen are well aware of the demand for F-Zero so I've got a feeling they'll give us something pretty close to it.



reali-tglitch said:

They managed one of the best looking Wii games (not just WiiWare) of the entire library within a 40 mb limit.

They promised that this iteration will have hyper-realistic gracphics.

I fully expect that from these masters of coding-- they know the workarounds and I give them massive respect for what they accomplish.



Dpullam said:

I wouldn't mind seeing more about this game since it's going for an F-Zero vibe. Admittedly, I haven't played very many F-Zero games but this could be pretty good! Shin'en Multimedia does have a good reputation after all.



3MonthBeef said:

What is wrong with developers announcing projects too early? I mean did they even have a working....anything last year? Don't announce your project unless you have at least a mock up developed. Note I didn't say in development.

I mean what exactly are you gaining by saying your making a game that will be out next year or even two years? I can do that too if this is the accepted trend. I might as well claim I'm making Contra-like game set to release in 2020.



marck13 said:

Bring on the F-Zero-taste we are hungry for!
Got very high hopes for Fast Neo Racing.



JaxonH said:

Haha, nice pic.

I just wanted some news on the game. Been waiting FOREVER to hear more about FAST Racing Neo,

As for the hype machine, well, as Dennis Hopper would say, "Crank that tub of sh** up to speed!"



TheRealThanos said:

@Gerbwmu I wouldn't be too worried about Shin'en delivering the goods. I don't know how many of their games you have seen or played, but they ALWAYS deliver and they seem to be able to always squeeze just that little extra bit more out of the hardware. They use some clever tricks on low end hardware, but the way they subsequently code it is amazing. Just in case you don't know any of their older games, here are some examples of their shooter series called Iridion on Gameboy Advance, just to show what they were able to do with that hardware limit: - -
And as far as I'm concerned all of their Wiiware games are worth a purchase as well. And for the 40MB limit, the graphics are truly amazing in all 4 of them.
@Kirk Couldn't agree more. They said earlier that they would be showing off some images or footage at the E3, but kept very quiet after that. That somehow tells me that they weren't satisfied with it yet, so now I expect quite a bit more of them. Curious doesn't even begin to describe it, but not yet (completely) hyped...
@rjejr change these: < > to these: [ ] and the picture posting will work...



ToxieDogg said:

Day one download for me. I loved FAST Racing on WiiWare and if this is even half as good, it'll greatly help to fill the F-Zero sized hole that the Wii U software library has (not counting the SNES Virtual Console version )



WaveGhoul said:

Get ready for the ultimate Boot Leg of F-Zero.
I'm sure it will look and play nice and all, but if FAST is anything to go by(of course it is!) than i'm expecting another semi-lifeless experience. I wish Shinen would get more creative rather than just sticking with a generic idea/look and making it as polished as possible. How's about creating a slew of funky characters to go with each vehicle?



TTGlider said:

Their games are late on WiiU because they're doing Playstation development. That's the obvious situation, with how long this is taking (and an upres of Art of Balance 3DS?). My interest is lessening.



AVahne said:

So..... Anyone think they'll show off this game this week? Next week?.....September next year?

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