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September Update for Hyrule Warriors Adds New Challenge Mode, Retro Sword, and BGM Settings

Posted by Liam Doolan

A few bug fixes thrown in for good measure

While the western world is still waiting on the release of Hyrule Warriors, it appears Nintendo and Tecmo Koei already have many of the future updates for the Wii U title well and truly laid out.

Due out on the 1st of September in Japan, the incoming update adds a new challange mode, a new weapon, BGM options, and always welcomed bug fixes.

The new challenge mode will allow players to take on eccentric battles in the added scenario 'Faron Woods, The Great Battles'. In this mode, players will challenge enemy outbreaks one by one whilst aiming to clear levels in the shortest time possible. The new weapon – a sword – pays homage to the classic Zelda games, and even includes a shield. Lastly, new BGM options will allow players to change the music before the start of a battle.

The bonus fixes alongside this update solve a series problems:

  • Fixed a bug that reduces your max strength if you’re defeated in battle.
  • Fixed a bug that where sound was not output from the TV when starting up the game after playing only on the GamePad.
  • Fixed a bug that paused the BGM during the battle victory screen.
  • Fixed a bug where, in rare cases, the screen would go black and sometimes freeze after a battle is won.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would randomly freeze when “Network Connections” is turned “On.”

So, does the September update for Japan and additional fixes that come with it excite you for the release of Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U in the West? Let us know in the comments.


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TheHumbleFellow said:

I can imagine a 6 year old kid seeing that sword and saying "Wow, a Minecraft sword!"

When that happens, (and it will happen,) I will facedesk.



NodtheThird said:

It's been a while since I played a Dynasty Warrior so I hope that I will like this game when it comes out.



nik1470 said:

Awesome! I like this recent spell of updates not just being bug fixes. And @ comment 1lol



Cia said:

The hype for this game is starting to affect my mental health.



World said:

@TheHumbleFellow Why would you facedesk? I mean, like, if it gets them into Zelda they'll learn what it is, right? The rest of us who didn't grow up with 8-bit Zelda did.

...and lbr here it DOES look like a Minecraft sword. I don't think there was any way around that though.



exusarmyranger said:

Sorry folks, I can't justify paying any money for this game unless there is an online co-op mode.

Nintendo is pretty successful with Mario Kart 8 and its ability to compete with others online. Smash Bros will have the same appeal. Why don't they continue the trend?

Nintendo appears to be totally by-passing the mmorpg/online co-op modes. In order for Nintendo to get back into the "game" and be competative, they will need to make games like "Hyrule Warriors" have online co-op game play.

Does anyone know if Bayonetta 2 will offer online co-op play? How awesome would it be to gave an mmorpg set in Hyrule? Or have Zelda Wii U have an rpg mixed with online co-op.... crazy!



Einherjar said:

@exusarmyranger Koei, not Nintendo....for the millionth time
And if you thing that THIS is the sole reason not to buy a game, your games collection must be rather small...



YouSeemFRAZZLED said:

I was hoping that would be the Old Man's weapon if he was playable. :T It also reminds me of when I thought a retro bow for Kud Icarus Uprising would be cool.

@TheHumbleFellow Yikes, I might just barf.



Of_Folsense said:

@Mega719 Nintendo said that there would be online features but no online co-op mode, and that would be why people thought that this could have been an online mode. It is still possible...



SavoirFaire said:

Isn't the most obvious quote for this "first patch nerfs link!" Do they not make nerf swords in the uk or Did Nintendo life's joke writers take the day off?



rjejr said:

Is this officially free, or are we still all just assuming its free b/c its an update?

Day 1 patch (US and EU) Nintendo officially catches up to last gen.



Link506 said:

@Cia That's what smash bros 3ds is doing to me. And this. And Pokemon. And Smash Wii U. And the Mario Kart DLC's. Somebody give me a Straight jacket.



ultraraichu said:

That sword and shield seems out of place even if it's part of the same franchise.
Then again it's a Warrior's series and I have once defeated enemies in WO3H with a ice cream cone, so makes sense.



SylveonLover said:

@Tlink7 Some little kid saw me playing Mega Man X and said that it looks like Minecraft. Faith in humanity went way down at that moment.



orravan85 said:

Day 1 update a last gen thing? I don't think it is something worth of merit. I say it is a sign of not getting it right the first time.
Better issue a mandatory day 1 update.



Drawdler said:

I thought that was a popsicle when I glanced at the thumbnail. This is cool, but a popsicle sword could be even cooler.



TradeMark said:

I know it is the wooden sword from the NES TLoZ, but it reminded me of 3D Dot Game Heroes comically oversized swords at first glance. Kind of fitting since 3DDGH is heavily inspired by the NES TLoZ



andreoni79 said:

Is it too late to "update" the discs? I mean, it's so sad when you put a brand new game in your console and you can't play it immediately like in the old days... I'm too old for these things...



arnoldlayne83 said:

Meh... No online... While dynasty warrior 8 xtreme has cross platform multiplayer btw ps3, ps4 and Vita (and also cross buy)... Dunno who to blame for this lack in HW...



GamerJunkie said:

@exusarmyranger I agree, I am not buying this because of that reason.... Game looks like it will get boring very quickly. Online makes endless challenges playing against or with millions of others.



exusarmyranger said:

@Einherjar I know tha Koei made this game. However, they are using a Nintendo property. Nintendo sets the guidines for the use of their property. If Nintendo wanted an online co-op feature, it would have it.
I could understand if the "Dynasty Warriors" didn't have online co-op in its other games, but they do.
You are correct on your assesment of the games I own. I only own a Wii U. I'm an avid Nintendo supporter. I have been every since my parents bought me my first Nintendo with the Gyromite Robot and Duck Hunt gun.
Nintendo's games have always had an element of pure fun that other consoles never had, but they need to "get with the times". In order for them to compete with the other consoles, their exclusive titles will need some sort of online multiplayer feature.
Platfomers are a different story, I can understand not making an online multi-player for those. But for games like this, yes.



Einherjar said:

@exusarmyranger First: Koei has complete artistic freedom over this title. Nintendo is not intervening. Aonuma is part of the team for guidance only.

Second: Online Co-Op was first fully integrated in Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends. Before that, it was mainly playable in free mode online.

Third: Why do they need to compete with the other consoles and for what ? I though most people wrote off Nintendo as a serious competitor once they decided to bank on relyable tech instead of jumping to unknown territory ?
Now they are competing again ?

Also, how is a game "not fun" anymore, once it doesnt feature something completely optional and unimportant ?
For you to exclude platformers on your list just says "I say that so i dont have to say 3D World didnt suck"
Whats the difference between this game and a platformer when it comes to multiplayer ?
Why exclude one entire genre and pass it off as "nah, it isnt needed" and for this, its suddenly mandatory for being fun ?

Multiplayer was never the strong point of any Warriors title. Progression in a stage relys on linear goals. So splitting up rarely comes with an advantage, as the second player often has to wait for a certain event to be triggered by the respective other player.
The series was never build around multiplayer.
Its a completely optional feature and in no way mandatory.

If were talking about games like Mario Kart or Smash Bros, yes, there it IS mandatory, since these games heavily rely on competetive play and for them not having a proper online mode would be a catastrophe.

And what does "Going with the times" mean for you ? Doing what everyone does ? Declaring it as "the standard" for games to come with certain features, if the make sense or not ?

The thing is, who sets these standards ? The industry ? The people like you who want that feature ? Or people like me who couldnt care less about it ?
Whos opinion is worth more, that you could say "THAT is the standard were going by" ?



exusarmyranger said:

@Einherjar Who sets the standard in the gaming industry? The customers do! What kind of question is that?

If we go by your theories, Wii U would be much more successful then they are now. They are in an "improving"' mode. They still aren't making the sales to compete with the other two. Since some of major 3rd Party developers dumped Wii U, Wii U will need to rely on exclusives to give people an incentive to buy the system.

Wii U should just focus on "system sellers" first. Mario Kart 8 is a system seller. Smash Bros will be a system seller. Hyrule Warriors, not so much. So maybe Nintendo should ask people buying the games what they want in a gaming system and games?

People want online multiplayer and how can you dispute that fact? Name any of the top system games and see how many have some sort of online multi-player mode. Its nothing I'm making up.



exusarmyranger said:

Hyrule Warriors looks like an awsome game. I'm not trying to take anything away from it. However in my opinion, they should have made Hyrule Warriors the "Diablo 3 killer" since it was released around the same time.



Einherjar said:

@exusarmyranger You make up the fact that "people want online multiplayer". We had a thread about that topic today and pretty much every one on there never played anything online for more than a couple of rounds.

I sound like a broken record by recommending this again, but have a listen:
Maybe you get whet point im trying to make.
There is no general need for online modes, its just the most popular thing to ask for. Why ? Because everything has one, so it must be good, right ?
The point you made is absolutely right, every major tripple A title offers online play. But that doesnt say anything about the fact if it was needed or if its any good.
For shooters, yes, its almost a necessaty. So much so, that i wonder why series like CoD even care to build single player campagnes anymore, if online is all that matters.
But there is always a game like Bioshock, that has no multiplayer whatsoever. Woudl it work ? Sure. Is it necessary ? Well, according to you, it is.
There are also many polar opposites: Games that feature online modes but neglect local play. Is that any better ? Should it be a requirement for your friend to bring along his TV and his console to play together, or should he just stay at home for you to play together ?

Again, there is no need to feature online play, not at all. Its solely the decision of the developer to include it or not.
Also, when you have games that are based around a mode like that, again, like Mario Kart, its ensured that the mode will be populated almost all the time.
For a nishe title like that, where people demand online play simply to demand it, it will be populated for a week or two, and then end up barren.
And trust me, ive seen that a lot of times on former DW titles already.

Debating over online functionalities is almost like debating about believes. People just wont except that its not a necessaty and will never be one.
Games not featuring online play although they very well could have exist manyfold and yet, many of them are considered to be great games, sometimes even the best, 3D World for instance.
On the other hand, there are plenty games that had online play demanded, featured it and nobody really used it.

Both things exists.
Online play is a preference, its based on taste and its no necessaty. If it would be that, the opinion on having it or not would be pretty much uniformal. At the moment, its basicly 50/50 of people caring too much about it and people who couldnt care less.



mrchills said:

why are they making such a big deal about this game? Zelda games have been some of my favorite...ever. However, this isn't a Zelda game, besides a word in the title. I have absolutely no desire to play this.

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