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Mario Kart 8 Passes One Million US Sales as Wii U Shows Improved Momentum

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Four of top ten SKUs in July NPD results were on 3DS


The NPD results provide a snippet of extra information from Nintendo's press release, and that is that Mario Kart 8 was the fifth best-selling game in the US (physical retail) in July; below is the multiplatform chart, where systems are listed in order of sales in brackets (via VentureBeat):

1. The Last of Us (PS4, PS3)
2. Minecraft (360, PS3)
3. FIFA 14 (360,PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Vita)
4. Watch Dogs (PS4, 360, PS3, Xbox One, PC)
5. Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)
6. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U, PC)
7. Grand Theft Auto V (360, PS3)
8. Sniper Elite III (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3)
9. NBA 2K14 (360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC)
10. Lego Marvel Super Heroes (360, PS3, 3DS, DS, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One, Vita, PC)

Original Article:

Nintendo clearly feels it had a decent July, as it's jumped ahead of the NPD results to issue its own update on US sales progress for Wii U and 3DS. The results are undoubtedly positive in showing momentum going the right way, even if there's admittedly more progress required for the home console — in particular — to shift the units Nintendo wants; it does bode well, however, as we move to busier shopping seasons.

The headline number is that Mario Kart 8 has now passed one million sales in the US alone, and Nintendo confirms that it's only the second title to achieve that landmark alongside New Super Mario Bros. U (1.69 million sales). Nintendo has stated that MK8 is indeed driving improved Wii U momentum, and reports that — compared to the equivalent seven month period in 2013 — the system's hardware sales are up 60%, while software is up 135%. The well-known range of exclusive games on the way from September onwards are cited, along with the arrival of amiibo; the toy range is promised to have "more to come" in terms of games supported, in addition to those already confirmed at E3 2014.

No firm 3DS hardware percentages are given, though a figure of over 40 million 3DS games sold in the US has been provided. The following titles are all confirmed to have passed one million US sales, however:

Mario Kart 7: 3.48 million
Super Mario 3D Land: 3.09 million
New Super Mario Bros. 2: 2.28 million
Pokémon X: 2.10 million
Pokémon Y: 2.01 million
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: 1.39 million
Animal Crossing: New Leaf: 1.36 million
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon: 1.33 million
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: 1.09 million

July was a good month for Nintendo in the individual SKU software chart stakes, too. Tomodachi Life sold over 85,000 units in its second month to come in fifth place, Pokémon Y was 8th ahead of Pokémon X in 9th, while Mario Kart 7 is an evergreen seller in 10th place.

The 3DS hardware sales could no doubt do with a major boost this Holiday season to chase Nintendo's bold sales target, though Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire should help that case. As for Wii U, while it has a distance to go in raw numbers, there is nevertheless a pleasing sense of upward momentum, which the big N will aim to accelerate as its enticing upcoming line-up kicks into action.

Are you pleased with these results, or surprised by any of these figures? Let us know in the comments below.

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IxC said:

"the system's hardware sales are up 60%, while hardware is up 135%"

One of those must be software surely?



rallydefault said:

I think this is great news for Nintendo fans and all other gamers. It's good to see your hobby doing well! And honestly, I'm not surprised. Now that the raw magic of having the PS4 and Xbox One out there in the wild has passed, it seems that people are a bit more willing to at least look at what the Wii U has to offer in contrast to the mostly similar stuff (thus far) between the other two consoles.



IxC said:

I'm really hoping Amiibo will be a huge success. It's pretty much the last chance for the Wii U.

I love the system, it's fantastic. With an amazing library of games with a frankly stunning lineup coming up.

But the hardware sales just aren't going to improve any more, not unless Amiibo can do it.



TomJ said:

For Wii U sales,Happy days

For the Virtual Console service, the apathy is real

Get used to my complaining for a while folks, I really am sorry.

Fixed it!



RickyNGmr said:

Is good to see by now that since MK8 release the Wii U has shown an improved month to monrh sales, while no exact number are given yet, though. But as stated often... the momentum is something the Big N will try to keep it going over the coming holiday season... not for once, as many analyst thought it would... yet it seems it working out. Is not a sprint race by now... the pace looks holding good



IceClimbers said:

Are the numbers for those 3DS games the life-to-date sales, or just this year (for the US)?



MJKOP said:

Very pleasing and hopefully it will continue. Thanks for the positive news!



Danrenfroe2016 said:

the system's hardware sales are up 60%, while hardware is up 135%

something is wrong with this statement



ThomasBW84 said:

I've added in the top 10 NPD software results, in which MK8 scored a thoroughly decent 5th place, just refresh if you can't see it.

And with that, I'm off to bed! It's late here in old Blighty.



eltomo said:

Still not sure why Watchdogs is still doing so well, it's medicore game, but I guess it helps that is the only big release on newgen for a while.

I think we'll see that same impact from MK8 with Smash Bro's to be honest.



sketchturner said:

Wow, I'm amazed only two games have sold over a million on the WiiU. Especially surprised that Super Mario 3D World is not one of those games.



Hotfusion said:

Considering where the Wii U was this time last year this is a big turn around. Remember "intelligent" people like Pratcher saying the Wii U will die in 2014 as things will probably get worse for the console.

It is still stormy weather for the console but it looks far from sinking.

SSB should be the third 1m seller in the US.



NintendoFan64 said:

Well this is good news. I think the Wii U deserves a little more units sold, so this is good news.



sinalefa said:


I guess that is the power of bundles.

I find peculiar that this top ten is very similar to the one that they sometimes post in the UK, where the only non M rated titles are EA's sports games, Minecraft, Lego and the odd Nintendo title.



Grumblevolcano said:

I'm surprised that A Link Between Worlds is doing worse than Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. Sure there's a 8 month gap but Mario Kart 8 is already over 1 million.



Crimzonlogic said:

Those nine 3ds games are the only ones to sell over a million copies? I thought they were selling better than that.



hiptanaka said:

I'm glad A Link Between Worlds sold over 1M so far. Maybe that means they will try the returning-to-2D-roots-with-a-new-spin concept with some other series. cough*Metroid*cough



DaemonSword said:

I'm surprised that 135% of software increase isn't larger, as I have so many WiiU games that I bought off Amazon as soon as I got my MK8 Bundle, and I'ved notice they are starting to increase the prices a bit on those 1st gen gems.



CapeSmash said:

I just noticed that 3DS only owners never comment on Wii U articles... These people are killing the Wii U.



baba_944 said:

Now we need a "Super Smash Bros. 4" along with a free "amiibo" bundle for "Wii U" and it's set.



ultraraichu said:

It's times like this that makes me wonder if this much retail copies got sold, how much got sold digitally? I can imagine it would be just as much since Iwata said more customers are accessing the internet with their Wii U and 3ds.



Spoony_Tech said:

I've done my part. 3ds XL for my son this month and today a 2ds for my daughter! Take that Sony!



SparkOfSpirit said:

A Link Between Worlds is the best game on the 3DS. It should be selling way more. Good for Dark Moon, though.



Caryslan said:

@SockoMario Because we don't comment on the Wii U? I'm happy it's doing better and I hope to get one in a year or two, but why would I comment on a console I don't own?

My investment with Nintendo right now is tied to the 3DS. That's the system I focus on and care about right now.

I don't comment on PS4 articles on Push Square for the same reason. I own a PS3 and Vita, so whatever happens with the PS4 does not concen me. I don't want it to fail, but if it gets a remaster of Last of US, I really have no reason to care.

Same thing here. Yay, Mario Kart 8 is doing good and I'm happy it's a success, but I'm more concerned with the upcoming 3DS games.



Caryslan said:

@shigulicious I had it, but I did not like it. So far, Skyward Sword and A Link Between Worlds have kinda soured me off the Zelda series.

I know alot of people loved it, but I just could not get into either one of those games. Now, if they did something in the vein of Twilight Princess that would be cool.



Caryslan said:

@Crimzonlogic I know Fire Emblem Awakening and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D both sold over a million copies, so they just barely missed the list.

There are some other million sellers, although I can't think of the others right now.



Minotaurgamer said:

@Ultra_Ninjadude No console this generation will ever get more than 100 million units in 5 years. Different times, demographics changes, harder economic challenges. Wii and DS were consoles for mainstream and expanded audiences while wii u/ps4/xbone are 3 dinosaurs fighting for the same tiny land.



IceClimbers said:

@Crimzonlogic Those are US numbers. Several games have broken a million worldwide. Kid Icarus Uprising, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Nintendogs + cats, DKCR3D, Fire Emblem Awakening, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, and quite a few others have sold over a million.



Sligeach said:

Nothing to do with this story but why can't Irish Wii U owners enter the Mario Kart 8 tournament on Saturday? I'm not even allowed comment in the thread. It's an official tournament and on the Nintendo website it says UK & Ireland. So why is it we're not allowed enter? Where's our tournament? Nintendo don't mind taking my money for the game but won't create a tournament for us or let us enter this one. We're always being shafted.



Peach64 said:

Amiiibo is the last roll of the dice for me. Smash will sell great, but it will be like MK and sell to the current user base without really boosting it. Neither Bayonetta or Hyrule Warriors will shift hardware, so it all comes down r on wether amiibo takes off. Of course you have to worry what the future means for the console if 'toys' are it's big hit. Nintendo will go straight back to being all about the casual market.



Grumblevolcano said:

@Sligeach This is what I see when viewing the rules:
"1.2 The tournament is open to residents of Great Britain only excluding employees and families of the Promotor, its agents or anyone professionally connected with the tournament."



IceClimbers said:

@Peach64 They weren't gonna make games for it anyway, regardless of sales numbers.

FYI, the Xbox One sold less than the Wii U did this month. Both systems will fight over the scraps while the PS4 is on a race to catch up to the 3DS, and at it's current pace it will surpass the 3DS's lifetime worldwide sales quickly. That's how this generation will play out.

Also, Nintendo knows they can't go back to the casual market - it's gone completely and there is nothing to do to bring it back. Their casual titles flopped in software sales. What are they gonna do, drop Splatoon and the rest of their 2015 games and release Wii Music U and Wii Sports Resort Club?

You also forget that Smash is launching in the HOLIDAY SEASON. That alone will make sure it brings more of a boost than MK did. MK launched in the wrong month to bring that much of a substantial boost. Inevitable Smash bundle too.

If they release a Bayonetta bundle it'll move hardware. Even without a bundle, there are quite a few people who are buying the Wii U specifically for Bayonetta 2. Pay attention to other sites.

Amiibo? You really think that will sell a CONSOLE? The games that it works with will do the work, not the figures. Nobody's gonna buy a system for just the figures - they buy it for the games that use the figures (ie Smash).



MarvinTheMartian said:

Is it me or does MK8 look a little lonely in that top ten as the only exclusive title? It's great news though, I just hope that over the next few months when we get a steady release of games we see more N titles in the top ten. And that we don't get these dreaded droughts again.

I haven't played Luigi's Mansion 2 but I agree that ALBW is the best game I've played on the 3DS, and should be higher..



MarvinTheMartian said:

I agree with this, but I would go even further and say no current console will hit any of the last gens sales numbers, even with the PS4s electric start. Different times.



MarvinTheMartian said:

As much as I hate to admit it, I think you're right in that Wii U and XBone will fight for the scraps. The PS brand has always sold well and I don't see this gen changing. I personally think that the Wii U will stay ahead of the XBone until the end and Microsoft will then pull out of the console market.

However, your prediction about PS4 surpassing 3DS quickly is completely wrong. The 3DS is 35 million ahead. Using the PS4s current pace of around 120K units a week, and assuming the 3DS doesn't sell any more consoles, it would take 72 months (6 years) to pass it. On top of that the 3DS is selling well over 100K units a week.

The PS4 would need to sell over 1million units a month to pass the 3DS which it isn't even close to.



retro_player_22 said:

And people said Nintendo is dying, when Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and Super Smash Bros. 4 arrive, they'll be diving into a pool of cash again. Nintendo ain't going nowhere whether the third parties like it or not.



Emblem said:

@datamonkey VGChartz isn't the best source for info but the Wii U is currently in second place according to Nintendo and MS. Only problem for Nintendo being that MS is selling more per month in the US which is a massive market.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@IceClimbers : If Nintendo thinks a five year old is going to look at a Mario amibo figure and ask his parent to buy a Wii U, they are out of their mind. The brand is strong but not that strong. The child will likely get Disney Infinity 2.0 because they recognize Jack Sparrow. Plus he/she could keep playing that on their PS3 with GTA. Otherwise, I'm glad sales are improving. All I know is every time I play Mario Kart online, there's always people to play it, so it must be selling. And if they want to push more million selling units, bundle Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta with their own Wii U and pro controller.



IceClimbers said:

@CaptainToad True, though I'm not sure if Microsoft will pull out of the console market. I do see Sony pulling out of the handheld market though. The Vita is gonna be in dead last behind the other 4 systems. Kinda makes it's name ironic.

Yeah, you're right about the PS4 not catching up to the 3DS. It would require the PS4's pace to speed up majorly and for the 3DS to slow down a lot, the latter of which I could see happening next year.

@Cyberbotv2 Exactly. People that want the amiibo figures will just buy the figures, not the Wii U. I think the point here is that if Smash isn't moving hardware, then amiibo isn't moving hardware. They go hand in hand.

I don't think Nintendo will release a Hyrule Warriors bundle, but I can see them releasing a Bayonetta bundle. If it's a limited edition console with a sweet design, then even better. Throw in Bayonetta Bloody Fate and maybe a Pro Controller and they'll sell.

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