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E3 2014: PDP Shows Off its New GameCube-Styled Wired Fight Pad For Wii U and Wii

Posted by Martin Watts

More ways to smash

PDP has taken the golden opportunity that is E3 2014 to show off its upcoming Wired Fight Pad for Wii U and Wii, and they're bound to turn the heads of many long-time Nintendo fans.

Clearly designed to capitalise on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's impending release, these remodelled versions of the Classic Controller (not to be confused with the Wii U Pro Controller) sport three glossy, Nintendo-licensed designs. As per the original Classic controller, these plug into the bottom of a Wii Remote and, therefore, could be an ideal alternative for those who don't have an original GameCube controller to use with Nintendo's announced GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U. Consumers will be able to choose between Mario, Peach and Yoshi themed pads, all of which superbly match officially licensed Wii Remotes produced by Nintendo.

While the controller layout and shape is very similar to the original GameCube controller — which even today remains the go-to pad for all serious Super Smash Bros. enthusiasts — there are a few noticeable differences. Firstly, both of the joysticks are identical, and this pad has extra buttons; again, this is essentially a Wii Classic Controller with a GameCube pad design.

According to PDP, the controllers will only be available for a limited time and will retail for $24.99. No international release information is known as of yet. You can see some images (thanks Kotaku) below; do you like these designs?


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Tsurii said:

Well...gamecube-styled is not gamecube and I'm pretty sure that those controllers will be useless, when they're starting to release GC games on virtual console (I doubt, we still have to think about the 'if'), if they'll be recognised as classic controller pro and even Wii U games don't support those too often, right?



SilentHunter382 said:

I am not wow by any of them. If I had to go for one, I would pick the Yoshi one as it the least ugly of the 3 (but not by much).



DualWielding said:

I think Nintendo killed the market for these poor guys by releasing an official adapter and controller



Clara said:

I'd be tempted to get this for my Wii (not Wii U) if the they were proper GC controllers because they look slightly more comfortable and I could do with a Wiimote Plus controller,
however I'm guessing they don't use the gamecube connector



xerneas said:

The yoshi one looks nice, but a shame you can't connect it with the adapter Looks like I'm buying the adapter even though my 10 years old GC controller is fairly battered (or a pro controller but it's so expensive..)



readyletsgo said:

Still waiting for Nintendo to release a new wavebird, common sense at the end of the day if they (might) do GameCube VC in the future



0utburst said:

No Luigi? While it's nice to have these, I'm not sure of the quality. I think I'll wait for the Smash Bros Bundle GC controller.



maneauleau said:

I hate the fragmentation between Wii classic controller and Wii U pro controller meaning that, especially 3rd party titles, are not supporting classic while they are all supporting pro controller. It would have been better then if they or Nintendo had released some Gamecube pro controller then.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Looking better than expected, but it would be a shame if Super Smash Bros. U wouldn't support classics...



SpookyMeths said:

The build quality looks cheap, the buttons look like they're going to get stuck or worn out fast, and I don't care for the glossy look.




Anguspuss said:

look amazing but as with all 3rd party controllers I will stick with official ones



kupocake said:

Oh dear... I mean, I have to buy the one that matches my peach pink wiimote, but the whole "stick a gamepad into the bottom of your wiimote" thing was always such a naff solution.

Shame that Nintendo didn't communicate their plans beforehand so the maker could have made these compatible with the four player adapter.



Rafie said:

Come one Nintendo. Re-release the Wavebird in those themes. Trust'll sell!

However, I do have to agree with the consensus here and say that the Yoshi one is official! I love it. I just don't buy 3rd party anything except for games and fightsticks.



ToastyYogurt said:

Wow, a lot of options for people wanting a GC(-style) controller for Smash. Imma bet most people are going to stick with the adapter though, especially since new first party GC controllers are going to be manufactured. Dunno how well this'll sell, though I wouldn't put it past finding an audience. I bet there's people who wouldn't want a wire running through their living room (the TV in my basement used to be 20-30 feet from the back of the room where half of the corner hugging couch lied, I would have had reasons to want only wireless(-ish) then) and lack a Wavebird (It would be cool to see that controller see a rerelease considering its high off-market price today, but I doubt it will).

I don't see what all the fuss over GC controllers is though. I grew up with Melee but I'm content with my Classic Controller Pro when it comes to Smash.



Mario-Fan said:

these controlers look really nice actually! but i think it may take some time to get use to those 2 circle pads, because im use to one circle pad at the top while the one lower and more to the right was also smaller and different color. so it may take some time getting use to. i also hope the controller is wireless. i never liked having corded controllers because i hate being limited to a certain distance from the system. So as sad as it is for me, if the controller isnt cordless, i cant/wont get it.



TTGlider said:

The triggers on these look much more ergonomic than the triggers of the original GC pad (for my hands, at least). And the colors on the Yoshi one are really slick. I might have to pick one up (especially for Wii N64 Virtual Console)



AVahne said:

Are the triggers analog with a secondary digital button? If not, then I ain't getting this. Hopefully they used the guts of the original Classic Controller rather than the Pro.
Though, I think I'm more irked by the fact that these aren't wireless.
Since these are just classic controllers, and not wireless standalone controllers, I'll wait for a price drop to below $15-20.



TruenoGT said:

I think it all comes down to whether the USB GC adapter allows you to use GC pads in all places where a Wii Classic Controller is used. If not, then these have a place for playing Wii VC and Wii specific games.



absuplendous said:

These are "wired" controllers only technically, in that they have a wire. "Wired controller" is generally understood to mean "has a direct connection to the console via wire," and is preferred by players who want precise timing (eliminates chances of lag). Connecting them to wireless Wii Remotes does not make them "wired" in this sense, and calling them that can be very misleading to consumers who don't research this product.

If they were actual GameCube controllers (with wired GameCube connectors)--and no so glossy/gaudy--I'd get them for use with my Wii, as they'd complement the Mario Wii Remotes paired with them. As it is, though, this is a swing and a miss.



FJOJR said:

Love them. Must have 1. Doing what Nintendo hasn't. If only it could double as a pro controller. I'd pay extra for that functionality alone.



unrandomsam said:

@Luna-Harmony I doubt it. Ebay has that pre pay import duty thing just get it when it goes down to where you don't pay import duty. (Think the RRP is pretty close as it is). The price will go sky high after a while though.



yuwarite said:

Why isn't the Wii U Pro Controller the optimal pad for Smash? The left analog placement is fine, it has digital shoulder buttons for faster shielding; the only real difference is the placement of the face buttons, but they're in a comfortable position anyway. Also the pad has 70+ hour battery life and can be charged via USB.



Clandon said:

I'm totally picking up these. I have GameCube controllers but you can't play virtual console 64 games with a GC controller anymore on the Wii U. This is perfect! I'll play Majora's Mask again with GC!

I'm a happy camper. I'll use official GC controllers for Smash, but all my other games? Wireless ftw!



Volmun said:

No Luigi? Walks Away lol eh.. if there's no Luigi id hope there's just a Plain Black or to be like Classic GC a Purple one.



KeithTheGeek said:

These look...well, kinda ugly design-wise, but I may still pick one up just to have as backup. I intend to grab a couple official Nintendo controllers as well, of course, but having this as an option if I want it is always nice. Might see some use for PM, anyways, if I just want to sit comfortably away from the TV/play on my Wii U.



SCAR said:

These might actaully be better than Nintendo's option. If these count as Pro controllers, but Nintendo's don't these are 100% better, unless you care about wired.

EDIT: Notice the LZ/RZ buttons.



Iggly said:

@SCAR392 I doubt these controllers could count as Pro Controllers because it looks like you have to plug the controller in a Wii Remote(Just like a Classic Controller). Plus the Classic Controller has LZ/RZ buttons like the Pro Controller, it's those small little buttons between the L and R buttons. Though I'd love it if those controllers had a Pro Controller mode.



Starwolf_UK said:

@yuwarite As far as tournaments go EVO ban all wireless controllers. Latency and potential radio interferance are problems (see: Miyamoto demonstrating Zelda Skyward Sword). Also if you've been playing with one controller for a decade you are more used to it.

For home users though, Pro controller is fine (personally, I'll probably get adaptor and dig out my Gamecube controllers).

@SCAR392 They are plugged into Wii remotes which makes the likelihood of them being registered as pro controllers a bit low. I find it weird how Giotek can offer a pro controller that works both as CC Pro and Wii U pro controller (a switch on the back changes between these) and is fully wireless for about the same as these wired ones but hey uncanny official gamecune controller mold and Nintendo branding cost $$s.



SCAR said:

Ya, I forgot about the classic controllers... I still think these are better than Nintendo is offering. I'd rather have wireless, and these are a bit cheaper, IIRC.

I personally find the obsession with wired controllers kind of weird. From my experience, anyway, everyone was all, "Finally, wireless controllers!". Now everyone is going backwards and wanting the wired contollers again. It doesn't make sense to me, honestly. When the wireless controllers are connected, there is no lag.



bofis said:

I love the designs, I just wish Nintendo would make more colors, and designs like this of the WiiU Pro Controller instead!



SoZettaIsaac said:

I wonder if these will be used as alternative Pro Controllers as well... I mean, all the button changes make it seem like so, and I believe they made a new architecture for this. Why let it go to waste?



JSaario said:

When the heck will people stop being so nit picky with controllers the GameCube controller has WAY too much blinding Nostalgia.

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