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Hyperkin Finally Shipping Its Retron 5 Console This Week

Posted by Damien McFerran

$140 in the US, £119 in the UK

Hyperkin will begin shipping its Retron 5 console this week, according to IGN.

The system is a retro powerhouse, and will play NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy Advance, Famicom, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Mega Drive and Super Famicom games. It will also play Master System games using the Sega Power Base Converter. It outputs a 720p HD signal via HDMI, and supports save states, screenshots and image manipulation, such as scanlines. There are joypad connectors which allow you to plug original pads, but the system also comes with its own wireless Bluetooth controller.

The system was supposed to launch last year, but a production fault pushed the release back to "Q1, 2014". The delay has allowed rival Retro-Bit to get its Super Retro Trio system to market first, but that machine doesn't have as many features as the Retron 5.

The system will come with a $140 price tag in North America, and UK stores like Fun Stock are accepting pre-orders for the system at £119.99, which is an increase on the originally quoted price of £89.99.

Are you still interested in picking up this console, or has the delay dented your interest? Share your thoughts with a comment.


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Shiryu said:

I still getting one eventually, but that 40 bucks price hike made me buy a Retro Bit Trio instead. I'm quite looking forward for it to arrive, I have a really bad SNES hunger right about now and I want to keep my PAL SNES out of harms way.



Morph said:

I want one but i want to see how it performs first, i'll wait for it to be on the market for a few months first



kingston589 said:

The gba feature is nice, now i dont have to look for a gba player for gamecube (or one of thoose expenisve gba to snee converters)



FragRed said:

I have been waiting for this for a long time, but that £40 increase has made me decide to wait. Plus I fear this will have a large impact on the prices of retro games on places like eBay, especially when some are already so expensive.

If only Game had not destroyed all those games and consoles when it purchased GameStation.



shigulicious said:

Im just not interested. I mean, retro gaming is meant to be playdd on retro consoles. At that price, I can buy each console represented off of Craigslist.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I can play SNES and Mega Drive on my HD TV just fine with some RGB scart cables I bought online. My problem is with NES and N64 games, because I just can't make them look any good on it. This thing would be nice to have for the HD output of NES games, but it wouldn't alleviate the need for my CRT television since this thing doesn't support N64 cartridges.
Not gonna get it, but it seems cool.



Hank_Scorpio said:


I bought a modified S-Video cable for my N64 from, if you have an S-Video port on your TV it's a no brainer. As close to RGB quality as you can get on a non-modified PAL console.

Just don't let the dog awful website put you off!



EarthboundBenjy said:

That's the site I got the SNES and Mega Drive cables from.
I do have the N64 cable as well, but my current HD TV doesn't have an S-video in, so it's just connected to my CRT via S-video.

Also, I agree, that website is indeed dog awful. And I didn't have a great experience with the guy who runs the site as well. When I ordered a bunch of cables, one of them didn't arrive and he didn't believe me when I inquired about it. I eventually got it, but he didn't seem happy about it and I'd rather not shop there any more because of that. :/



River3636 said:

The quality might be sub standard. I would wait for a review, cuz I bought A NES/Genesis/super Nes one and some of the games didn't play and it felt generic. I know nothing about This company I know there's links to them but I will wait.



Peach64 said:

I've been looking forward to this for ages. I have all those machines bar the NES and SNES, but one box and one cable going into the TV is huge for me.



May_Nyan said:

Is that a control stick on the controller?
That's an awful choice for these consoles 0_0



EarthboundBenjy said:

Well, the idea behind this is to allow one to insert the original cartridges into the machine, and it's a fact that not every single game was re-released for VC download.



Tasuki said:

I have to say, being a clone system I am very impressed, but I still prefer playing my retro games on the original consoles.



FullbringIchigo said:

it's a good idea but I think I'll stick to my original systems as it just feels wrong to play retro games on anything than the original system



Dr_Corndog said:

I still have a working SNES, Genesis, and GBA, and I don't play import games. The only benefit this would bring for me is allowing me to play NES games, and I'd rather just get ahold of an NES and a new connector pin.

Now, if I DIDN'T already own all those systems...



Jazzer94 said:

Not worth £119.99 should have stayed at £90 or less shame as I was interested.



SonataAndante said:

Aside from my already owning all of the consoles it plays, the controller looks pretty terrible and $140 for some emulators on a board is a bit much. I don't know, I suppose there is a market for it, so I'll respect that. For me personally though, it's either original hardware or full emulation. That controller is still terrible looking though.



SphericalCrusher said:

Sweet! This would be good for me, since I want to stream older games on twitch without having to use emulators and such. I am not getting it anytime soon, since I still have every single one of my old consoles.



dumedum said:

It would have been really nice, but then again I have the Virtual Console for this, so no need.



Onion said:

I'm interested in the Retron5 despite owning all of the consoles, mainly because it isn't region-locked and supports HD, which is a big plus. People saying the original games are meant to be played on original hardware are correct, but the original hardware is not always ideal and there are currently a lot of people who are put off by the fact retro games look and play badly on modern HD tv's. The Retron will fix that issue.

For me, it's just another way to enjoy my extensive collection and a good means of playing imports without resorting to modding my consoles. Although my NES and SNES have already went through simple mods, the lack of region locking is a huge plus.



Hikingguy said:

@Morph Agreed. The concept is rock solid but I think I will save my money right away to see if it really is what they says it is. I like the idea of playing original carts, but with the old hardware really getting outdated, this idea is really close to a perfect solution. As long as it works.



retro_player_22 said:

Hopefully Hyperkin add support for Atari 2600, Jaguar, Colecovision, Intellivision, Turbo Grafx-16/PC Engine, Neo Geo AES, Sega 32X, and Nintendo 64 for the Retron 7.



Agent721 said:

I'll take the analogue NT & it's original hardware over this, but this looks very cool as well. And a much lower price, making it more accessible to everyone.



Pj1 said:

I might get one if the price drops a bit and if I don't have to pay import tax for the console, I did for the retro duo and I was annoyed I had to buy a plug for it too and in the end it would have been cheaper buying the original systems. If it was £70- £80 I'd buy one but until then I can't. Can you use different pads for it? like the ones designed for and with the original consoles?



deKay said:

So where is the proof it's finally shipping? They've already said "definitely April", "I guarantee within 30 days", "they're shipping tomorrow" and all these have passed with nothing.

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