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Expansion of Nintendo Selects Range Confirmed for Europe

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

More classics at a budget price

It's common, especially for hugely popular Wii and DS first-party games, for prices to fail to drop even as the years pass by. The enduring popularity of Nintendo's last-gen systems sees to that, but Nintendo of Europe has now confirmed four Wii titles that will join the 'Nintendo Selects' range, with retailers to set lower prices for the new offerings.

The following four will join the range on 13th June.

This new version of Super Mario Galaxy 2 will not include the "DVD for Beginners" from the original offering, while Nintendo's press release is keen to emphasize that all of these games can be played on a Wii U via the Wii mode thanks to that lovely backward compatibility.

Will any of you in Europe be tempted to add these to your Wii collection?

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Wonky_Kong said:

The only reason people bought wii party was because it came with a free wiimote!

Stop supporting the wii already Nintendo



Redxzero said:

waits for rjejr to start complaining about how this and the Wii mini will be Nintendo's downfall.



Mahe said:

Quite late, but Nintendo is probably seeing continued demand for Wii games. Would have been useful for them to keep supporting the Wii longer than they did.

@Rosalina Wii Party is a great game. MP9 is good too.



readyletsgo said:

haha damn, I just re-bought NSMBWii a few weeks back! Oh well, I do like my red box (heehee), It still sells in Ireland for €45-€50. the Select titles all sell between €29 to €40 so we never get the RRP of €19.99. sad face

Maybe they should just port these select games to the Wii U and sell them for €30 each.

EDIT: I re-bought NSMBWii because I had it on my cracked wii and just really wanted the real copy to add to my collection of games, on my games shelf, to look at, and maybe play on my Wii U.



0utburst said:

Thank goodness I read this. I was about to buy SMBWii and SMG2 this weekend, 45 and 35 euros respectively. And Nintendo selects are 20-30 euros. What's that beginner DVD on SMG2? Will I miss something important if I'd go with the SMG2 Select?



Haxonberik said:

A little late, true, but anyone who hasn't picked up SMG 2 by this point has no excuse to not do it now.



0utburst said:

I'm still playing SMG 1. So I'm not missing anything in-game with the beginner DVD? What exactly is it? I just got back to console gaming and bought a Wii U last November so I'm also buying Wii games. My backlog is enormous. xD



CrazyOtto said:

I wonder in NOA will still be doing Nintendo Selects, NOE has a way bigger "Nintendo Selects" line than we do.



DualWielding said:

Nintendo may be proud their games dint drop price but overpriced games dont help console sales



unrandomsam said:

Anything that sold over 1,000,000 copies used to be made into a budget release when sales dropped off. Problem is all that happens is the specialist games stores still won't stock new only the selects edition for £2 less used. (Nintendo loses and so does the customer. The worthless middlemen win).

What they could do is halve the price of the eshop version in similar circumstances.



FJOJR said:

Mario Party would be a nice game to get at a lower price. Surprised it was not done sooner. Also Nintendo should tout the backwards compatibility of the Wii U more often.



Tobias95 said:

Have everyone except Wii Party, wich I wont buy since I find moste minigames except Warios to be boring.



Mahe said:

@ToniK Galaxy 2 is a big improvement over Galaxy 1, definitely worth playing. That Nunchuk will also come into use in many other games.

That "Beginner DVD" is a joke though. I can't believe people are worrying about it, it isn't worth anything.



allav866 said:

I missed out on SMG2 to get NSMBWii so I could play with my brothers, but depending on whether this happens for NA or not, and on what Nintendo shows at E3, I might get SMG1&2.



Mahe said:

@oldaq How? It's a bit slow to start up, but the games work great and look really crisp through Wii U's HDMI.



BestBuck15 said:

NSMBWii is a my favourite Wii game. Great value for anyone who doesn't already own it.



rjejr said:

@Redxzero - "Nintendo's downfall"

No, not Nintendos downfall, the Wii U's downfall. If you are going to make fun of me please at least get it right. Nintendo will be fine, they own Pokemon and Mario and the 3DS has sold 43 mil units. There's a lot of Nintendo software being sold on those systems making them money. And they've only just begun marketing. Someday people will be screaming "sell-out" at Nintendo when they go full bore bonkers like Minecraft and Angry Birds have done. After Iwata and Miyamoto and other people who love and created these characters leave of course. When it's just the financial guys left running the place. Too late for Wii U maybe.

@Ryno - I love the Wii Mini. It's bright red colorful, ever see the box on the shelf? - comes w/ Mario Kart for $99. I just hate Nintendo released it in the US right after Wii U. 3 years earlier would have been good. Though I'll admit no Netflix is nuts and they did gut it a tad too much. At least it's a little better represented as being different, when they removed Gamecube support from the original Wii years ago they didn't tell anybody. There were several people commenting on here - on here, not some moms online at Walmart - a few days ago who thought the Wii still played Gamecube games even though it's been about 3 years. Maybe more.

Honestly, yeah, I would have been seriously complaining if they now added MKWii to Nintendo Selects, thats a fact. These 4 shouldn't matter though. Plus it's not like there's anything coming out on Wii U right now that these will interfere w/, MK8 still has a month.

I cant believe NSMB was still full price, isn't that game 8 years old? NSMBU could practically be a Nintendo select by now due to SM3DW.

We just bought SMG2 a few weeks ago for $32, great game, glad we didn't pay $50. I wonder if Nintendo could put a "Wii U compatible" sticker on these boxes to help drum up Wii U support. Maybe something blue w/ a big U on it.



oldaq said:

@Mahe I might have been a little too harsh. The only real problem is that it takes a very long time to get to the point where you actually play the game.
I was pretty happy when they announced an update to go straight to Wii mode by pressing B, but unfortunately I never use it because then the gamepad automatically mirrors the TV



allav866 said:

@oldaq It would be nice if the Settings had an option to choose the Gamepad's on/off preferences for Wii Mode, but I think you're making a mountain out of an ant hill. If you don't want to look at the Gamepad, then don't look at it. Just set it on the charging dock and turn it away from you, or let the battery die and charge it when you're done playing in Wii Mode.



Rezalack said:

I never played Super Mario Galaxy 2.. so now that I actually own a system that can play it and it's a decent price, I think I'll check it out.. of course that's if these Nintendo selects come to the US as well. I don't see why they wouldn't..



oldaq said:

@allav866 I completely agree with you that I definitely am blowing this out of proportion.

But I have to insist, there actual IS an option to play in Wii Mode with the Gamepad turned off, but that option is only available if you actually turn the Wii U on and then choose Wii Mode, not if you use the B shortcut. That's why I don't use the shortcut, and that's why it takes me a lifetime (see the exaggeration ? I'M CRAZY) to play my game



allav866 said:

@oldaq When I said there should be an option, I meant an option to choose if the Gamepad will be on/off when using the shortcut.

EDIT: I feel like such an idiot for not trying this before. You can turn off the Gamepad in Wii Mode by holding the Gamepad's power button!



Ruthven said:

@oldaq & @Mahe
I just hold down the power button to turn off the Gamepad.
What bugs me the most is you cant get to Wii mode from the normal Wii U menu with out turning on the TV to use the remote to select preferred Wii mode. (Wii Mode would have been awesome if it supported the Gamepad )



PJR0cks said:

although the majority of people here had a Wii prior to owning a Wii U, I'm not one of them and to be able to play a catalog of some of the finest games made by Nintendo in the last decade was one of the reasons why I purchased Wii U, but the backward compatibility doesn't work with the gamepads off TV play which is one of the features I love about Wii U, so I hope they can somehow bring these games to the Wii U gamepad.



Ruthven said:

I have a 7 year old and Wii Party 9 is her favourite Wii/WiiU game so far. I can also bear playing it repeatedly.



TySoN_F said:

Just from me being a collector and having that standpoint, I really hope these don't come to stateside. But it's cool that they're producing more rereleases nonetheless!



Dauntless said:

Its cool the Europe still gets support. NOA was quick to discontinue many select titles in Canada. Now its hard to get those select titles new at decent prices.



hYdeks said:

Should have done this like last year, Im expecting Nintendo Select Wii U titles, not old game finally discounted

@Dauntless yup, as a Canadian, Ive noticed that too. There doesnt seem to be much love for Nintendo here anymore, not like it was in the NES, SNES, and N64 days.



Pj1 said:

I like the Nintendo select range and would like to collect the games sealed but I've sold them if I've needed extra cash. Isn't time for Nintendo to put the Galaxy games onto one disc if possible. I wish Super Mario All stars was or is included on the select range, I still love the fact Nintendo released it on the Wii in the first place but it would have given SMAS an extra life on the select range. Shame.



ricklongo said:

I'd like to get more Wii games, but having to play on the wiimote + nunchuck combo reeeeally throws me off. I hope they pull another "New Play Control" move and bring them to Wii U in HD.



Darknyht said:

Shame these are not also in the US as I would love to pick up SMG2 and NSMBWii at a true market price.

@rjejr I think as long as third parties still support it with the titles that matter to the majority Wii demographic (Just Dance, Skylanders, Disney Infinity) there is little reason for them to pay the extra $150-200 for a Wii U. Not to mention all the games that can be bought used for $5-20.

Also, Nintendo keeping the Wii is not out of line. NES stayed 5 years after SNES. It's just that the Wii U is being treated like the Gamecube in the second half of it's life by the industry (actually a little worse) for various reasons and that makes the Wii hanging around like just one more thing piled on.



Uberchu said:

What is that beginner DVD?

Can't find any unboxing videos that include it...



Zombie_Barioth said:

The problem there is the SNES was quite obviously a different console. From the 'super' in its name to the graphical leap. People were reluctant about moving on then too but they got over it.

The Wii U looks very much like the original Wii, just rounded off and slightly bigger. Thats a problem no console has ever had.

Your right though about people not wanting to pay for a brand new console just for prettier versions of games they can already play. That doesn't just apply to casual gamers either, but it is a bigger issue for them.



bizcuthammer said:

@Zombie_Barioth A lot of people are buying PS4s and XBOs simply to play prettier versions of games available on last gen consoles. The problem with WiiU is that it has no third party games support. And it doesnt have that because it isn't selling for various reasons and bad decisions Nintendo made in designing it. Last gen, Wii was a very cheap, affordable second console for people at just $200. It worked really well alongside a 360 or PS3. Wii U isnt as affordable, and if people have to pick just one console to own this gen, it isn't gonna be Wii U unless you're a diehard Ninty fan. PS4 is selling well because it is 1) what gamers want in a next gen console (power, speed, great online features), and 2) it is the cheaper of the two true next gen consoles and 3) it has all the indie and 3rd party support gamers could ever want.

The only thing PS4 doesnt have that Wii U does is Nintendo games. For many of us (me included), thats a big deal. But for most gamers, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Madden, FIFA and the superior online features of PS4/XBO will trump Mario and Pikmin every time.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I was mainly agreeing on the 'Wii demographic' part, those people would be just as reluctant to buy a PS4 or Xbox One. The main reason those are selling right now is people trust the games they'll want will come, not just Nintendo's games. A of of people like Mario, but not enough for the Wii U to be their main console, heck NSMB Wii didn't even get anywhere close to the original NES game's sales, and it had the install base for it.



ZenTurtle said:

The beginner DVD was just a DVD that told people how to play the game. It wasn't anything special... Unless you are a collector or like games to be boxed and complete, there's no point tracking it down. It probably won't be included in the Nintendo selects range- Nintendo are keeping price down as much as possible here.



andreoni79 said:

If you are reading this and you have never played Mario Galaxy 2: what's wrong with you? What have you played in tha last 4 years? This world is DOOMED!!!



WWammy said:

I have Mario Galaxy 2 and NSMBW so Wii Party and Mario Party 9 are now on my list as these have traditionally held their price quite well.



Doma said:

@ColdingLight Didn't Nintendo reduce the price of a bunch of their 3DS games, just recently in the US?

Compared to that, this is an insult to Europeans. Who the hell gives a crap about Wii games anymore..



Pod said:

Nintendo's been so damn far up their own and Ubisoft's rear concerning the "Nintendo Selects" range it's not even funny. This time around, selling a million hasn't been a requirement.

"Avatar the Game" is in Nintendo selects for crying out loud. A game that wasn't good and didn't sell.

While criminally overlooked gems are being completely ignored.



rjejr said:

@Darknyht - "Nintendo keeping the Wii is not out of line."

Having the Wii still out, especially getting games like Skylanders and Just Dance (not Disney Infinity 2.0 apparently), certainly makes sense (though honestly I really wish that support would stop, but that's for wholly selfish reasons). My gripe w/ the Wii Mini has been it's near simultaneous release w/ a $99 price in such an eye catching box, sitting right on store shelves next to the $349 Wii U.

And Nintendo knows its eye catching, they modeled the Wii U MK8 box after it.

Wii Mini w/ MKWii -

Wii U w/ MK8:

If they just would have kept the boring white Wii box I'ld never comment on it.



BestBuck15 said:

That's a bit like saying 'if you own Super Mario World there is no point buying Super Mario Bros 3'

I have both NSMB games and both are fantastic as separate games.

NSMBWii for €20 is an absolute bargain even if you have NSMBU. Cheers

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