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Best Buy's 20% eShop Card Discount is Back

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nintendo wants you to know

Late last year Best Buy reduced eShop pre-paid cards by 20% in North America, tempting gamers to go the download option by essentially offering a discount across all games on the download stores. Shoppers had the chance to spend, for example, $40 to receive $50 of credit; as a promotion to encourage more to take the download plunge — it was a smart idea.

The offer is now live once again, with Nintendo of America taking the chance to promote the fact that the discounts are around until 1st March.

To break down what that means, below are the discount prices in U.S. dollars.

  • $20 of eShop credit for $16
  • $35 of eShop credit for $28
  • $50 of eShop credit for $40

Are any of you Best Buy regulars tempted by these discounts and the chance to enjoy some eShop downloads for less? Let us know in the comments below.

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kevfrei said:

Oh heck yeah! I am going to buy Smash Bros 3DS on digital download (so I can always have it with me), so this is a great way to save some money!!!



rumple88 said:

Yeeeesss, saving for shovel knight and all these upcoming indies. Think I might need a hard drive after this.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Bought a $50 card today. I'm gonna save up the cash for when games like Shovel Knight, Scram Kitty, Treasurenauts, Wooden Sen'SeY, and Q.U.B.E. drop on into the eShop.

There's a wave of indie games coming to Nintendo consoles, and I've gotta get prepared!



nf_2 said:

Just ordered one online, seeing as they have free shipping on orders over $20 (apparently)

@Noboty - My post says it all, but free shipping if you buy a $35 or $50 one. Thought you might want to know



DerpSandwich said:

20% discount + 10% back (Deluxe Digital Promotion) +Club Nintendo coins back = waaay cheap games.



babyguess said:

OT: If you buy DKCTP from ToysRUs you will save 40% off on additional Wii U and Wii games.



King47 said:

I want to get LttP, Earhtbound, Shovel Knight, and Child of Light from the eshop, so I might as well use this. As for full retail games, I will usually go for the physical version.



HAL9000 said:

I love using this offer! With 20% off eshop card and 10% digital deluxe rebate, I am getting DKCTF for approximately $35 for a new release!

Thank you Nintendo!



TonLoco said:

Got my $50 card today with my Best Buy gift cards I had. Now I have to decide what to download.



ShadJV said:

Well, I was planning on picking up the digital release of Layton this Friday anyways, so I'll just pick up an eShop card and save some cash!



shigulicious said:

Is Best Buy also having a sale on external hard drives? This 32GB "deluxe" stuff. * quits before rant *



Jampie said:

Just bought some earlier today! +__+ So many games coming to the eShop that I want, so it'll be better for me to take advantage of this instead of putting money in later. Lol.



Dauntless said:

This deal is for the USA only not North America. BestBuy Canada doesn't sell eShop cards. They're even bumping up prices for all new releases. No luck for Canadians.



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I just bought a $50 card earlier. However, with the use of a coupon for being a reward's member, I was able to get it for $30!



unrandomsam said:

Nintendo of Europe should do this. (In their interest anyway probably not in mine.)

Once I have credit of some sort on something I tend to spend it without thinking about it more than otherwise.



Nareva said:

Nice. I bought 2 $50 cards last time. Maybe I'll get three this time. It's a great deal, especially with the deluxe digital discount on top if it.



hcfwesker said:

Stocked up on 6 last time. Time to restock up somemore and just save them til needed. I still have 4 $5 DDP codes I have yet to redeem as well



Gerbwmu said:

@shigulicious - their web site has a link to clearance items for local stores. Got my 2TB HDD for $50 at the local Best Buy.

With Best Buy Rewards, I got $140 worth of eShop credit for $97 plus deluxe promotion means almost $15 more......I love these sales!



Gerbwmu said:

@unrandomsam - I stock up on lower priced cards, put them in a game case and only redeem them when I have something to buy.....that way I'm less tempted to blow the whole lot at once



reynoldsn93 said:

I work at best buy and had someone buy 5000 dollars worth of eshop cards today. I was so jealous, he will probably just end up selling them and making a profit.



SubZer023 said:

got two of the got one 50$ and one 10$ 30 for me 30 for my ladie already bought some games from eshop before this happened. So im just waiting on Moon chronicles, Shovle knight, Cult county, Iron Fall and some classics Cx



Stuffgamer1 said:

I'm no Best Buy regular...but this deal is enough to make me go there now and then. That said, I still have a good bit left on my account from the LAST time this deal ran...sad result of such slow releases. So I really don't NEED more right now anyway.



Dauntless said:

@SirQuincealot I'm not trying to mislead. I can't seem to find any listing for eShop cards on, but have no trouble finding it on Without an official listing on their Canadian web site its anyones guess which retail stores across the nation will actually have them.



XCWarrior said:

Got 1 post Xmas for the discount. Still got a little left from $30 free credit from FE:A and SMT, so I'll pass this time... but if you need eshop credit, just get the $50 gift card for $40 to hold you over for awhile!



Pokefanmum82 said:

i checked the flyer for best buy canada and there is no mention of Nintendo e-shop cards. I think this is america only



XyVoX said:

Nintendo really need to do something similar for the UK market thats for sure.



bezerker99 said:

I picked up a $50 card for forty bucks, then went home and downloaded SM3DW...paying the rest on a card and using $5 from Digital Deluxe Promotion.



nf_2 said:

@Plutonian I'm glad somebody noticed. This is a great deal, and people shouldn't pass up on this just because they aren't near a BB.



cheapogamer4life said:

Picked up a $50 card yesterday and was able to download a few games from my wish list. Thanks Ninty & Best Buy!



DanielHPoetry said:

Just got $60 worth for only $48. Thanks for the heads up. Glad I just upgraded from an 8gb card to 32gb



hcfwesker said:

Heads up for those without a BestBuy in your area. If you do have a Target store, they will price match anything in their store that is listed on BestBuy's website. So even if they don't have a competing BestBuy store in the area, they still price match what is on their website.

Not sure if this has already been brought up, but wanted to get the word out for those who said they don't have a BestBuy in their area, but may possibly be close to a Target store.

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