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Video: This New Kirby: Triple Deluxe Footage is Rather Marvellous

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Oh my giddy Aunt

Kirby: Triple Deluxe on 3DS has had an odd but brief existence, revealed with a short trailer earlier in the year and with its name recently announced as an afterthought. Considering so little has been revealed and shown to date, it's surprising to think that this arrives in Japan on 11th January; we hope the Western release won't be too far behind.

The relative lack of detail is starting to be remedied, in Japanese at least, with the official website now featuring a number of new screens and videos. Our video wizards have reproduced a couple of these clips for you, below.

We're certainly looking forward to this based on the footage so far. What do you think?

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DarkKirby said:

The videos are down. Did you get hit by Youtube's automated copyright take down blitzkrieg which Nintendo basically used to their full advantage to easily and indiscriminately mass take down things on youtube, trailers being an easy target since the automated system uses music and picture matching to perform the take downs?

Trailers which, while many companies have done it, I have no idea why any company would target for copyright take downs, as the more people who see the trailer the better as it's used to promote the game and requires people to see to be effective?



Morpheel said:

I could not see the videos, but the one alpha posted was just sooooo goood, now I really want this game!



ricklongo said:

Wow, that looks a LOT of fun. That "Super Kirby" mode is insane. Can't wait to make a cute pink puff ball swallow whole trees in (hopefully) a few months.



Shadowkiller97 said:

@DarkKirby Ad Revenue. Basically anytime someone clicks (accidentally or intentionally) on any ad someone gets some revenue. Companies would rather people be forced to see the official trailer that they posted so they get all the ad revenue generated.



DarkKirby said:


From what I've read and seen you don't always get a forced take down, you can get a request for take down, which would explain the change to private for the video as they request the copyright claim lifted, which Nintendo is notorious for automatically denying no matter what because of their strict policies on copyright.


I know what the copyright take down blitzkrieg is about, but companies must use the new tool google has handed to them to upload specific things for the automated system to look for to mark for take downs, and they intentionally marked many game trailers for take downs.

If their intention is to make money, and not theoretically lose it through people using youtube "instead" of paying for the game, WHY MARK THE TRAILERS USED TO ADVERTISE THE GAME FOR TAKE DOWNS?

Yeah, companies want an iron grip on their intellectual properties and how they are represented, and a few people are going to use their trailer to bash them or the game, but a huge majority of people reuploading trailers are fans or others sharing it and possibly even praising it, with monetary intent for the view attached perhaps, but SO WHAT? As a game producer (or otherwise), are you really picking on the small amount of money that some people make for using your trailer, or do you want as many people to know about your game a possible and actually have more sales?



TruenoGT said:

So many shades of Wario Land Virtual Boy in this one... Would rather this was a Wario Land game, but Kirby'll do. Game looks super great, and actually leverages 3D. Can't wait to see this in 3D proper!



AdanVC said:

Damn that super Power-Up when you can suck literally everything... even a train! So awesome! And it has little features that uses the gyroscope one when you have to tilt the 3DS to move Kirby when it's in a vehicle. I love when a new Nintendo game is revealed, it does it in a very underwhelming way, then, months after they show the same game with an epic trailer and BOOM! It's when we assure once again that Nintendo would never ever loose it's unique touch on bringing epic and wonderful 1st-party game experiences.



artofmana said:

Fantastic! The graphics look like the best I've seen on 3DS. I think the simple look of Kirby's world really helps in this case. And I can imagine how good the 3D effect will look!



WingedSnagret said:

I find it rather odd that this game has been rather "just there" ever since we've first known about it.

I imagine that'll change within the next Direct or two, but still it feels like Triple Deluxe is rather underplayed at the moment considering how soon it's coming out, in Japan at least.



NintyMan said:

I've seen these other videos and they do look great. We should be having another good Kirby game on our hands! I feel the super sucking will produce some pretty cool moments, like the ones just shown. It should be interesting when these will release in the West after the very soon release date in Japan. I still find it hard to believe that it's just coming out in a month over there!



DerpSandwich said:

The videos work for me. It certainly looks a lot more interesting than the first trailer, but I'm still afraid that Nintendo is continuing down the "Kirby is like Mario for little kids" route. So far this looks stupidly easy.



Mr_Nose said:

I'm surprised at how much is reused from Return to Dream land. This almost looks like an expansion to RTDL. I mean, I'm not complaining, it's one of my favorite platformers, as is Epic Yarn, from last gen. It's just that they mess with the formula so much on the handhelds, I wasn't expecting it.

I would have loved a little Wii U Kirby. I'll have to be satisfied with the aforementioned. Yeah, and Dream Collection, too. ^_^



Megumi said:

So that's what that one powerup was...beetle Kirby, heh, lol.
Also love the Rhythm minigame.



WaveGhoul said:

Am i the only one looking at this and thinking 'whatever'? If it weren't for the stereoscopic 3D i'd have no real desire to even play this. It looks to be more of the same with wreckless kindergarten challenge to match. The hopping in and out between the background and foreground will compliment the 3D effect nicely, but it's a gameplay mechanic that isn't new & has already been used quite a few times in titles such as Mutant Mudds, Wario Land VB ect.

I'm still buying this even though i'm not exactly ga ga over Kirby.....Although i do love Kirby's Dreamland, Canvas Curse and Super Star. Here's hoping they unleash a hard mode from the start!

Still, this is an example of another predictable sequel from Nintendo that doesn't shake up the formula. Then again, Kirby has shooken the formula up quite a few times with Canvas Curse, Epic Yarn & Mass Attack, so perhaps the Wavemyster is being a little unfair and harsh.

edit: oooo, i really like the gyro control based gameplay, too bad it's gonna muck up the 3D effect!



Gioku said:

@Thats-what-she 240p is GLORIOUS indeed.

@CountWavula: I will admit Kirby games aren't the hardest games I've ever played (with the exception of Kirby mass Attack, that game managed to get pretty hard), but I have more fun and unique experiences with Kirby games than anything else. Kirby appeals to me far more than any other game franchise - it's like it was designed for me! I love all the character designs (especially the downright frightening final bosses) and the worlds and collecting and the interesting new gaming ideas they always like to try out (Mass Attack being a good example again). I love Kirby so much! For me, at least, it is the best game series out there.



2Sang said:

It's like the 3ds is literally printing money. I think it's on pace to be the greatest handheld ever. Even moreso than the DS and GBA.



2Sang said:

sorry for the double post, but it's just so amazing how it went from almost being the worst videogame hardware in history to one of the best. I wonder what the second half of 2014 will bring us. Maybe a metroid sidescroller or even a new Starfy game?



Gioku said:

@2Sang: I never played Starfy before; mostly because it got underwhelming reviews, but I might give it a whirl if they made a 3DS game.



SomeBitTripFan said:

Ugh... that Super Inhale ability or whatever looks terrible. I don't want to be forced to hold a button to watch a cutscene, or engage in the activity of solving obvious puzzles by pushing blocks in 2D. The rhythm game and new power-ups look fine, but Super Inhale...



JaxonH said:

It's a "Kirby's Return To Dreamland" styled game on a 3D handheld... what's not to like?

Kirby has never been one of my favorite franchises, but I did really enjoy the one on the Wii. It was just fantastic fun! It appears they're sticking to that formula, which definitely makes me happy. I'll be buying this day one.



readyletsgo said:

Never actually played a kirby game in all my years, thought he seemed a little boring or basic but this looks ok, might give it a go. Is kirby big in japan?



AJWolfTill said:

Fear me mortals for I am Kirby and I will CONSUME EVERYTHING you hold dear in this world.



daveh30 said:

looks great! Haven't played a Kirby game in forever... can't wait for this one!



MitchVogel said:

Looks to be more or less a cut and paste of return to dreamland. Fortunately, that was the greatest kirby game in years! I can't wait for this.



Blue_Dread said:

Nice, Kirby is coming soon. Now all we need for the 3DS is a GOSHDARN METROID GAME!!! I'd prefer 2.5D like this Kirby game.



Ralizah said:

Finally, another proper handheld Kirby. No gimmicky touch controls or weird mass attack stuff.



Artwark said:

@Ralizah Totally agree with you. I didn't enjoy Mass Attack that much and that 100% completion in that game is just dreadful. How did that game get positive reception instead of mixed?????

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