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Video: Watch_Dogs Footage Shows Off Hacking, Open-World Elements and Driving

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Some ooh and aah moments to enjoy

Watch_Dogs is a Ubisoft title that can quite easily attract attention no matter what home console you happen to own, as it's coming to all major current systems including the Wii U. It's undoubtedly ambitious in scope, promising a campaign that can be seamlessly interrupted by other players online, and the possibility of being endlessly distracted while snooping into the lives of NPCs and intervening in criminal incidents.

As if to reinforce what's on offer in this title beyond the core campaign missions, Ubisoft's released a new video that shows a player opening up hacking possibilities in a new area, intervening in a crime and then driving from a run-down suburb into the city, in which the police are evaded and an imposter tackled. What it demonstrates is a fairly impressive and seamless transition between scenarios and areas, even if some of the AI is painfully dim at times; pretty much standard there, then.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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jayclayx said:

I´ll buy this one at day one but I just wonder when they will show some real wii U footage? because I think this version is from the PC.



Smitherenez said:

The more I see, the less I like it... It doesn't look as impressive as it did on its reveal to me.



6ch6ris6 said:

so there are cameras all over the city and the player can just drive through the streets like a maniac without the police taking notice?

games try to look and feel so realistic but there are always some things that make them look stupid.

the issue with the insane driving kills the atmosphere of being watched all the time



ricklongo said:

Time and again, I have been slightly put off by the idea of hacking into stuff, because I doubt it will be a seamless process. I'm afraid that, to even pull that off, Ubisoft will either have to provide excessive hand-holding, or dumb down the process to the point it isn't really groundbreaking anymore.

Also, I'll readily admit I've been more and more biased again these modern-setting, uber-realistic games everyone seems to enjoy so much these days.

All that said... I admit this footage looks promising. Who knows, in the sea of new games I plan to buy in the next few months, maybe I'll end up having to fit Watch_Dogs in after all.



SkywardCrowbar said:

My only complaint thus far is that this game seems to be crying out for the player to be able to create their playable character at the beginning of the game.



Marshi said:

This looks great,but im concerned no version has been specified here or on any other video. No ps3 or 360 ver,just this which im thinking will be pc or ps4 footage. Theres nothing here that wiiu cant do,but I have a feeling we'll get a shoddy ps3 or 360 port. I really hope im wrong



FritzFrapp said:

Still cold on this game. The graphics are fantastic, though quite a few of the effects seemed to have been toned down since the first reveal, presumably for stability, but the gameplay is not impressing me at all. I'm getting a strong Creed with guns vibe.
If only Disaster: Day Of Crisis could have had this level of graphical fidelity - that was a great game with lots of potential.



rjejr said:

Still waiting to see how the Gamepad is used. Half the game takes place w/ the guy looking at a smartphone in his hand so it should carry over to a nearly clean tv screen and Gamepad HUD, but they haven't shown anything yet which makes me wonder.



JaxonH said:

Right. I haven't seen much footage of gamepad use in Watch Dogs as of yet, but after Splinter Cell Blacklist I have full faith in Ubisoft to handle it appropriately. Watch Dogs seems made for the Wii U in concept, so I'm anticipating the gamepad use to be streamlined and intelligently crafted. I'm guessing they'll be able to use it better than Splinter Cell Blacklist, which was quite a feat in itself. But even if it's on par with Splinter Cell I'll be satisfied. Pre ordered and counting the days.



JaxonH said:

Go grab Splinter Cell: Blacklist for Wii U, and I think your faith will be restored in these types of games, especially when brought to the Wii U.



tsm7 said:

Hmm.. back around 2005 the mayor started installing cameras all over the city I live in and won people over by having free wifi ..



zeldagaymer93 said:

Looks so good! Reminds me of a mix between Assassin's Creed and GTA. I hope the Wii U sales for this game are good so other 3rd party developers bring realistic games like this.



Kyloctopus said:

I saw this game at Fan Expo. The demo showed mostly similar aspects from this trailer. I know this game will turn into a masterpiece.



drumsandperc92 said:

this was confirmed PS4 footage, but besides some graphical embellishments and a higher NPC count on screen at once, Ubisoft said the game will be basically the same across platforms.
Seeing as this video demonstrates the online integration as well, I hope for Wii U owners that Ubisoft won't skimp out with online modes like some other companies have been doing on the Wii U versions...



tebunker said:

Pretty sure that was PS3 footage from earlier this year, looks like something I will greatly enjoy, glad that Ubisoft is here to give me something a little extra on my wiiU



yenly said:

Just want to add one thing, they mixed splintercell and GTA , i'm excited



XavandSo said:

I've still got my Wii U DedSec copy preordered. I admit, the game does look blander everytime I see it, but I guess that's because Ubisoft's been showing the exact same footage over and over again for months. I'm still looking forward to this with some epicsauce Gamepad use.



Araknie said:

Finally a cool game by Ubisoft, will buy for Wii U.
Hacking can be a cool thing with the GamePad, i hope they realized that too.
(but the Wii U version of Rayman Legends shows that they, at least, care about the Wii U so there's hope)



HappyHappyist said:

this is THE game i have been looking forward to the most this year (look at my avatar/ username). not sure if i should get this on PS4 or WiiU. WiiU will offer unique second screen gameplay (which i have yet to see), but PS4 will have more NPCs, and they will all be smarter. the only reason i haven't made a decision is because i have yet to see the WiiU second screen in action.



marck13 said:

I will get it for Wii U! I hope they but in the effort and make the Gamepad the intuitive tool it is meant to be for this game. I strongly believe it is in the hands of the developers if they make the Wii U- the best Version of Warch_dog. The potential is all there.



element187 said:

@cookiex Shame the PS4 version is going to be 30fps.... whats up with the weird shadows.

So its either PC or Wii U for me on this game... If it leverages the gamepad right I'll go with Wii U.



AdanVC said:

This looks amazing! I can't believe the same company who created this game also created The Smurfs 2... haha. Getting Watch_Dogs on day one for sure!



DarkNinja9 said:

seems awesome to me like the whole realistic time events thing that if you dont hurry or try to hide ppl will be alerted and such



eza said:

@6ch6ris6 yeah I thought the same. being able to drive recklessly without any repercussions breaks immersion for me. imo, every time you go through a red light without hacking it to green first, every time you drive on the wrong side of the road, every time you destroy property or make an NPC jump out of the way; every action should slightly increase the 'heat level' you have.

(the original Driver game, despite all its flaws, did the 'driving carefully to avoid the cops spotting you' thing fairly well if I remember correctly)

@element187 I might have to wait and see... for me it'll be a decision between potential unique gamepad controls and off-screen play, versus the modability of the PC version.
If modders can do great things with the PC version (eg. a realism mod, to change the reckless driving thing, for instance) then I'll have to get that version.

Not to mention it'll probably be €20 or less on Steam in the winter sale this year, while the Wii U version will still be €70 to download, maybe €60 in shops...

Yeah, unless they do some great things with the gamepad then I probably won't get this one for Wii U, which is a shame :-/

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