While naturally eyes are trying to take in the 2DS, which is an actual thing, Nintendo's Wii U strategy continues apace with an official price cut in North America that begins on 20th September — we'd expect other regions to follow suit. We've also had some release dates, and two of the biggest releases have now been tied down for North America; Super Mario 3D World arrives on 22nd November at $59.99, while Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze swings into the region on 6th December for $49.99. European dates still simply state November and December.

It's clear that, with an earlier arrival and premium price, Mario's latest adventure is unsurprisingly taking center stage. Whether that'll have the effect of overshadowing Retro Studio's platformer remains to be seen, but it does offer a more conventional 2D experience at a slightly lower price. As with the other major pre-Holiday releases, both will be under pressure to drive hardware sales not just in the Festive season, but presumably with some momentum into the early parts of the New Year.

With both releases coming in a two week span, do you intend to pick both of these up, just one or neither? Let us know in the comments below.