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Shigeru Miyamoto Reportedly Hints at Pikmin 3 DLC

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Cough up for more Pikmin goodness

Pikmin 3 is just days away in Europe, while North America doesn't have too long to wait before its long awaiting arrival on the Wii U. As you may have read in our Pikmin 3 review we were very impressed, sharing our view that it's "beautifully crafted and filled to the brim with exciting gameplay features".

With a title that offers such excellent gameplay — we reckon the main single player campaign will last between 8-16 hours depending on your approach — it's only common to want more of a good thing. It's been picked up on NeoGaf that more could be on the way as DLC, with Shigeru Miyamoto supposedly saying the following to Shigesato Itoi about plans for the game.

So, using the internet [the team] thinks it'd like to add new missions and maps to the game little by little.

This appears to be a first hint at DLC for this title, which isn't surprising considering the co-op features that incorporate specific missions and tasks. Nintendo has already dabbled with DLC on the Wii U, of course, in the form of New Super Luigi U, while the 3DS has seen plenty of additional free and paid-DLC in various releases.

It seems premature to think about DLC before the game's arrived — though that doesn't stop plenty of publishers — but what do you think of this prospect? Would you like paid-DLC in the future for Pikmin 3, do you only want free DLC, or is this extra content malarkey against your principles? Sound off in the comments below.


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K964 said:

Yes! I hope they add some type of dungeon crawling Pikmin 2 throwback!



SchamMan89 said:

If they add a short four hour campaign that could be played entirely cooperatively, I'd download it in an instant.



erv said:

I'm in. Dlc is great with the absolute condition that the game itself is a polished and finished product in its own right.

Pikmin 3 seems to be just that, so it's even more of a great thing:)



swordx said:

I'd like DLC with a focus on purple and white Pikmin working together with rock and flying Pikmin.



dumedum said:

Good... will get them more money seeing as this is selling really well and was received so well.



baba_944 said:

I'm buying me a Wii U so should I play the other Pikmin series on Wii, or pick this up?



rjejr said:

Maps and challenges would be easy DLC to sell, just like w/ NSMB2.



Spartacus3765 said:

If you haven't played the other 2, I definitely recommend it. Back in '01 when the original came out, I was extremely skeptical of the game. Having given it a shot, I haven't looked back. They're extremely clever, fun, and if Pikmin 3 is anything like Pikmin 2, we're in for a real treat.



KingDunsparce said:

How could you do this to me Nintendo? (Depending on how much DLC) I'll be broke! :0
Anyways, I would love as much multiplayer as possible, so hopefully, something like that.



WiiLovePeace said:

I hope they do! Given that reports are that Pikmin 3 is a little on the short side & leaves you wanting more, I'd definitely be up for some extra added content... At the right price of course



Peek-a-boo said:

It wasn't long ago that Nintendo fans thought DLC was a terrible idea.

... look who's talking now!



bizcuthammer said:

Depends on what exactly the DLC is... More campaign levels i'd probably pay a little for, but if its just multiplayer maps, probably not.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Peek-a-boo "Nintendo fans thought DLC was a terrible idea."

That's quite the generalisation you have there. Everyone's different & hence everyone want different things, even within the same fanbase.



turnmebackwards said:

Ugh I'd rather get my moneys worth with the £40.00 I have already spent on the game not 80% of the game then having to pay another load of money for the other 20% they held back on.



DerpSandwich said:

I would be more up for the idea if the game already offered a lot of content, but hearing how short it is (in my opinion--don't get on my case about it) it's kind of crummy to spend $60 on it knowing that I'm going to have to pay more to get something closer to what I originally wanted.

That said, Pikmin is like my favorite thing in the world, and I'll probably end up throwing any amount of money at it regardless of how I feel. But if they released a map editor, I would spend ANOTHER $60 to have it! (Look at the gamepad, Nintendo. LOOK AT IT!!! I would never complain about length again if we could just make our own levels!)



Dezsi said:

I'm not happy about it IF you have to pay for it, which you clearly will.

So let's say I completed the game, saw the story unfold (even though it's not necessarily a big part of Pikmin, but is still there, obviously), went through the diferent areas, did whatever had to be done to complete an objective. So the game has been completed.

I don't really see the point in another area becoming available. It's like adding another level to a Super Mario game. It's cool to play yet another level, but, say, you can't uncover a secret path or thing that will lead to some other secret level. For instance, there may be three star coins hidden in the newly added level — like in every other level in the New Super Mario Bros. series — but there wouldn't be as much a point in collecting them (because it will NOT count towards unlocking the secreat level of the given world) as it would if it was included with the original release of the game. In other words, such later-added levels/areas are isolated from the game, which just doesn't lead to the same kind of fun, even though it may be another great level.

Once I've completed, gone through the whole game, I've experienced most of it, then I feel like I've accomplished something, and that I'm over it, done with it. Adding something extra would just upset me, since that additional area could have enriched the game if it were included initially. My point is that it decidedly is NOT the same thing to include a separate, isolated area/level later on. It just doesn't have the same effect, and I'm certainly not excited about it that much.

Again, if it's free, it's cool. Oh and if they're added multiplayer levels, I'm even less interested.



Cevan said:


You have been warned.

What I think would be really great for a DLC for Pikmin 3 would be short story mode following Olimar and Louie's adventures, ending with them getting captured by the final boss of Pikmin 3. Due to Pikmin 3's ending, we know they're both in it and were captured by the final boss, so I think it'd be great to get to play as both of them exploring the planet some more before their inevitable capture by the final boss.



Spartacus3765 said:

I never actually tried the wii controls version. I have the titles on gamecube and used the traditional controls. I've heard good things about the precision of the Wii remote control version, though. Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy the titles.



Dogpigfish said:

DLC announcements before the game releases sounds like they shorted is the whole experience. Be realistic, a campaign should be 10 hours at least. I'm not liking this.



ShadJV said:

Please please please please!!! I've been waiting forever for this game, the more content the better!!!



b23cdq said:

@Dogpigfish The game has been out for over a week in Japan. They can't add anything but translations.

I'd rarher have a good game lasting 1-2 hours (like Portal), than a bad game that lasts 20.
Watch. The. Language — TBD
Didn't realise that was such a bad word. But when you censor comments, at least keep their original message.



Dogpigfish said:

@b23cdq I agree, but there's a point where developers start to short experiences to turn the full experience into an $80 or $90 purchase. Let's face it, Portal was a well polished and lengthy experience. The DLC was intentionally added later, but when a dev is talking dlc before the release that sounds more like a business decision made by managers.



biglee said:

I would gladly welcome DLC if Nintendo released an update for online multiplayer. If I could play online with friends then purchasing new maps, co-op missions and bingo cards would be a no brainer! Come on Nintendo, please get with the times completely. If you're thinking DLC, you should also be thinking ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!



b23cdq said:

@Dogpigfish As I said, the game is already released. And this isn't an announcement, it's a statement made in an interview - in Japan, where the game is already out - about what the team might want to do.

But yeah, shorting games are bad. I wasn't against day one dlc until EA bragged about turning a 60$ purchase into an 80$ purchase.



Nabbit101 said:

The DLC should have a mode that feauters online multiplayer with a small planet with fruit that you can collect share (with other goodies) or just explore with people across the globe



Buduski said:

How about a DLC pack with new maps and the option of playing as Olimar and Louie, I would buy it instantly



BATRA said:

we should have a dlc online multiplayer mode in the game and bring back dungeon maps too not every one has a person to play with in the game that's why we need online multiplayer in the game to make it fun so dlc should come to the wii u



Ichiban said:

Screw DLC. Be it on a Nintendo, Sony or whatever platform. It sucks that Nintendo have seemingly fully embraced it now i must say, they were one of the few clean companies left!
But hey, we'll see how it goes, but i dont get a good feeling...



SideScreamer said:

It annoys me that online multiplayer wasn't even thought of.
I would have killed to play co-op missions with a friend, or destroy others in Bingo Battle, online. Considering how Nintendo want's the Wii U to be so Internet focused this time, they're not that worried about incorporating it into their games.
I would have forked out more cash if Nintendo offered a online co-op mode for New Super Mario Bros. U over New Super Luigi U. Hopefully they add an online modes for Pikmin 3, though.



LexKitteh said:

Would love to have some DLC for Pikmin! Nintendo seems to understand making the game a complete experience and releasing it, before planning to add DLC. As long as you aren't required to purchase the DLC to get the full experience, I'm happy to have more content after I've finished the game.



JaxonH said:

@Peek-a-boo That's probably due to most publishers offering meaningless content and taxing top dollar for it. But we should've known Nintendo would nail it. NSMB2 DLC was decent, although coin rush wasn't my thing. But they did offer a coin rush pack for free. Next, the Fire Emblem DLC, and it was top notch stuff- actual added maps and battles. Again, Nintendo offered Champions of Yore for free. AND the game was given free Spotpass DLC, consistently for months. New weapons, maps, characters to recruit, etc. Very excellent stuff, and free of charge! Then came NSLU DLC, which is like the motherlode of all DLC- a full game's worth of content, just slightly abbreviated. Usually $20 will get you 2 new missions and a golden helmet, but not with Nintendo. Nope, we get a full game for $20. I love it



JaxonH said:

@gefflt Whenever I read how long a campaign supposedly lasts, I take it with a grain of salt. I was told Fire Emblem Awakening was 30-40 hrs. I logged 100 hrs in my first campaign. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on Wii U, I was told 10 hrs, I logged 20, etc. They say 8-16 for Pikmin 3, so I'm expecting art least 20, maybe more.Remember, you'll be playing alot of the in-game days over again, multiple times, to get enough fruit to progress, or to do better cause you lost all your Pikmin, etc...



DashDG said:

Im playing P3 right now and its awsome, that DLC will be a nice addition in the future =)



Blue_Yoshi said:

Doesn't matter to me though of course I would prefer free. It would be nice to get storyline DLC maybe perhaps linking to Captain Olimar and/or Louie but it will probably end up being challenge mode missions and battle bingo levels.



Haywired said:

Exactly. It's been quite a u-turn... Not so long ago, DLC was one of those things that "only other companies do" according to Nintendo fans and that Nintendo is totally above such practices. Give it another few years, and it will probably become one of the things they invented as well.



GN004Nadleeh said:

please have a nice story map with the purple and white pikmin! bring them back to the surface!



AJWolfTill said:

What happened to those Pikmin animation shorts Miyamoto said would be released leading up to the release...

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