Just recently Nintendo of America announced a 3DS connection rate of 67%, but it seems that this was a rather conservative figure. During his post financial results presentation, Satoru Iwata has outlined impressive online connection ratios for Nintendo's systems, with one region standing out as falling behind.

The internet connection ratio for 3DS is now a rather impressive 87% in Japan, where download game sales are particularly high, while in the U.S. the figure given is "about 83%". In Europe there's a very literal disconnect that "leaves much to be improved", with a connection rate of just 57%.

Possibly due to the system still being early in its life, Iwata-san gave less detail with the Wii U figure, but simply stated that the worldwide connection ratio is 80%; hardly surprising considering the system setup does everything it can to take you online, but a decent figure nevertheless.

With an emphasis on download platforms and software emerging from Nintendo, these connectivity rates will become a major priority. We assume that almost everyone here on Nintendo Life has their systems connected, but let us know if you don't, or know others that don't, in the comments below.

[via nintendo.co.jp]