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Nintendo Renews Eternal Darkness Trademark

Posted by Andy Green

A sequel could yet see the light of day

Released in 2002 on the GameCube, survival horror title Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem became an instant cult classic. Since then there have been glimpses of evidence that a sequel would eventually come to be, but up to now it hasn't happened.

The game has come excruciatingly close to a sequel and now, eleven years later, it appears that Nintendo does in fact have some sort of plan for it, as it's gone and renewed the trademark again - extending it for the fifth time.

Here are the full details of the renewal, courtesy of LegalForce:

Status Date:
Serial Number: 77932350
Filing Date: 2/10/2010
Registration Number: NOT AVAILABLE
Registration Date: NOT AVAILABLE

Goods and Services: computer game programs; computer game software; electronic game programs; electronic game software; interactive electronic game programs; interactive electronic game software; interactive video game programs; interactive video game software; video game programs; video game software

Mark Description: NOT AVAILABLE
Type Of Mark: TradeMark
Published For Opposition Date: 5/25/2010

Last Applicant/Owner: Nintendo of America Inc.
Redmond, WA 98052

Nintendo seems keen to keep the franchise going, however there's no indication that Silicon Knights, the developer behind the original, will be involved with any sort of sequel.The developer is reportedly in disarray, so could Nintendo have passed the baton over to another studio to work on it instead?

What's your take on this news? Would you be interested in a sequel for Eternal Darkness? Sound off in the comments below.


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MAB said:

Now this is a killer app... (smacks everyone on the back of the head that call games apps)



ajcismo said:

Its just a trademark renewal, but at least it means that they're talking about doing something with it. A new Eternal Darkness game would be great, maybe the original is getting ready for a VC release when that puppy is up and running too?



AlexSora89 said:

@Deathgaze: I wouldn't rule it out so quickly. Just hear me out: just like Zelda Wind Waker is going to get a HD rerelease, the same could happen with Eternal Darkness. Yeah, a M-rated title in HD. The potential of hardcore PS360 fans joining us...



wcb123 said:

The first was a classic, a wasted op if they just release it as VC, definitely worth completely remaking a la resident evil. If anything it could go head to head with those sorts of titles. Why it hasn't already had a sequel is bewildering.



OverturePT said:

Having a good horror game would only do them good, the original one was amazing and I really think they could win some people over with a good sequel.



ajcismo said:

To clarify: I meant a new game entirely and a separate virtual console release of the original title... Nintendo needs to be very careful about giving out the HD Windwaker treatment.



penfold007 said:

@Sensei_PikPik Words. Out. Of. Mouth. Makes you wonder that if it was to happen with Retro would they take the same approach as Metroid and change style (Resi 4-alike anyone) or DCK:R, faithful to the original just revamped for modern tech.

Even if Retro aren't working on it I hope someone is.



AJWolfTill said:

Please please please get that game away from Silicon Knights, I love the original but from what I've heard they are the worst games studio in existence the guy in charge abuses his power to bully his employees hire his friends and family and mislead game stuidios into continuing to fund projects they are not putting any effort into.<br />
If Nintendo have the rights to the franchise and are not just waiting for Silicon Knights to provide something then this is the best news since Monolith's X was revealed.



hYdeks said:

hmm, wouldn't it blow our minds if it was Retro Studio's working on it? I would LOVE that.



Peach64 said:

I don't see any reason to assume anything is going to be done with it? They're just renewing it so nobody else can come along and cash in. This will be the 5th time they've renewed it, and nothing came of it previously, so why would it now?



placidcasual said:

I recommend people do a search for a kotaku article on silicon knights. Essentially the ceo was leading a lot of publishers down the garden path which is why the company went into meltdown and, for all intents and purposes, no longer exists.

Loved ED it was great and I'd like some other company to taje over the reigns. Retro have been mentioned above but I'd prefer it if they were working on a new Starfox game...



Garo said:

ED2 is on my list of most wanted games, so it's nice to see that Ninty won't just let the trademark go. Best case scenario, ED2 is Retro's current project.



Ralizah said:

An Eternal Darkness 2 or a substantive remake would instantly shoot to the top of my list of must-have games immediately.
Of course, I'd prefer the 3DS, but I think something like this would do the Wii U good. Plus, you could get nice HD graphics on that system.



seronja said:

i would love a sequel to this game on the wii u, and it would be great that the original eternal darkness shows up in the virtual console soon. and i would rather see somebody else to make this game, like sega or something just no SK because they are very bad for the past few years



Dpishere said:

I never played the original, though I did hear great things about it. More games from Nintendo is ALWAYS a good thing.



Dpullam said:

@Dpishere Same here. I would certainly like to see a sequel since this game is considered to be a cult classic. I just need to play the original to get an idea of why this series is great.



misswliu81 said:

i don't care who develops it, it should come out on the wii U. renewing the trademark is an encouraging sign, however nintendo needs to do something with the franchise. personally, i'd rather have a sequel than a remake, but if we get a remake with superior graphics, enhanced gameplay and controls and retaining that dark, eerie tone that has served eternal darkness well, then brilliant.



gavn64 said:

next levels next game? they deserve another cherished franchise after luigis mansion, that games looking great. On a side note i hope nintendo buys out next level i like there enthusiasm and energy like dare i say a young RAREWARE.



ennan said:

If this is retro's secret project I'd probably have a stroke through sheer excitement.



JSuede said:

Retro making it wouldn't be terribly unreasonable either. It turns out that Retro has been hiring.....big. They have hired 2 fairly big name artists, and a real-time 3d graphics programmer responsible for Crusta (link in the link...). The artists were from Naughty Dog and Vigil, environment and character respectively.

They have also acquired devs from Junction Point (Epic Mickey) and Bioware. While those might not seem to be the greatest considering those studio's most recent works, it doesn't mean they were solely responsible for what made them....not so hot.

Just think; a Bioware developer out from under the thumb of EA, environment artist from Uncharted 3, character designer from Darksiders, camera systems/cinematic/level designer from Force Unleashed 2 (Wii version), the Crusta guy (who also interned at Visceral), PLUS all of Retro's already stellar talent and the guiding hand of Nintendo and you've got yourself some SERIOUS dev power.

It certainly seems like they are gearing up for some sort of 3rd person title considering the history of those developers, the Darksiders guy would be excellent for creepy enemies/bosses. They also hired the artist who drew these:

They are definitely cooking up something that uses creepy characters and gorgeous environments. If it's Metroid, sweet......but ED2 does look semi-likely considering those hires. E3 can't get here fast enough.



Osc-Sync said:

I feel ashamed to say that I never played the original, but if this is a slight hint and there being a sequel, I will definitely give it a look.

Or maybe they can do something similar to what they are (potentially) doing with Bayonetta 2 and releasing the original as an eShop game, so people can experience it before they go out and buy the sequel.



Weavius said:

Eternal Darkness was my favorite GCN title. Hopefully, Retro will do a sequel.



Rod64 said:

They just love the hotel suites... a sequel would to Eternal Darkness would rock.



verymetal said:

Of course we would be interested. Anything new at this point would be ideal. When your starving even a cracker looks good.



luminalace said:

Something must be cooking considering this is the 5th extension of the trademark..or atleast I hope.




They could just want to sell the original on eShop exclusivly maybe, or have an HD remake. I don't know either way hopefully it equals an awesome horror game to play.

(never played the original but heard alot about it)



ArcanaXVI said:

A new Eternal Darkness? Bring it on. I'm personally curious to see what Monolith Soft could do with a game like that ... probably little chance of finding out, though.



bigbadwolfe911 said:

I have heard great things about the original and would definitely pick up a copy if a sequel was made but would also love to see the original on the VC along with many other GameCube classics.



MagicEmperor said:

"May the rats eat your eyes!"
Man, I would love a port of ED, or a sequel--anything! Definitely one of my favorite GameCube games.



EaZy_T said:

I'd be ready for an Eternal Darkness remake or sequel to play on the 3DS or Wii U in a heartbeat!



Ren said:

If it's anything like the original THAT would get me to buy a WiiU... maybe.



Rapido said:

Will be waiting in anticipation. More survival horror games!!! true ones, at least. Not some FPS horror wannabe.

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