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Rumour: New Sonic Title Dashing To Wii U And 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

Announcement coming next month?

According to the chaps over at Sonic Stadium, Sega will reveal its plans for a new Sonic the Hedgehog game next month.

A source close to Sega has dropped a few tasty hints to get chins wagging. The title apparently hasn't been decided yet, but the game will be coming to Wii U, PS3, 360, 3DS, PS Vita, PC and "next gen consoles" - which we assume means the next Xbox and PlayStation systems.

The game will fuse 3D and 2D sections, and will allow you to play as different characters, each with their own unique skills. The 3DS version will offer a slightly different experience, and is said to follow the same format as the DS Sonic Rush titles.

Sega's finest coders are working on the game according to the source, and it is expected to see release towards the end of the year - September time, to be exact.

Of course, when you're dealing with anonymous sources you have to take such information with a pinch of salt. Do you believe any of this? Or will you wait until you've seen something official before getting excited about Sonic's next adventure? Leave a comment to let us know.


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SkywardLink98 said:

Huh. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if this were true, but anonymous sources aren't always reliable.



WispMetas said:

Damn hope it is true, looking forward to another sonic game, but playing as multiple characters might be a problem, but well, excited for it



C7_ said:

IIRC, they've been using "Hedgehog Day" as a reason to announce things for the past few years. February 2nd so that might be a day to look for info on.



Knux said:

Well Sega did say that a new Sonic retail game will come out this year, so no surprises here.



Bob-t-Gmaestro said:

A 3D Sonic game where you can play as characters other than Sonic for once? Haven't seen that in awhile.



BakaKnight said:

This is not a rumour, is a symphony for my ears!

Really hope is true, I miss Sonic's games, a good one like colors or the old Adventures for the home-consoles and a good one like rush for the portable ones would be simply perfect ^O^



EvilLucario said:

I'm excited. I hope this is the true Sonic Adventure 3. Sonic 06 epically failed on that, so here's to hoping Sega won't screw up again.

By the way, what's Crush 40's songs gonna be like? I'm still waiting for them to top Live Life and Escape from the City. (Live and Learn, while an excellent song, is quite overrated, to be perfectly honest)



cornishlee said:

A new Sonic game is inevitable at some point.

I haven't touched the series since Secret Rings. I know reviews said Colours restored Sonic's reputation, but they said that of Rings too, so once bitten...



Knuckles said:

It has the options to play as Sonic and Tails, and Knuckles, and Shadow and I stop caring after those few.



SheldonRandoms said:

That's a lot of platforms, but still if this is true, then that would be great, hopefully they have Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, Dr.Eggman, etc, as playable characters, and if they add any more characters, then hopefully they bring back Ristar to join the Sonic series.............I've been wanting that for a while, just give Ristar speed shoes and he's good to go.



DRL said:

I finally purchased Sonic Generations for my 360 recently and I've been enjoying it very much. That said, I'm more excited for a new Sonic game than I have been in a long time. Hopefully Sega will build off of what they did right with Colors and Generations and then they'll have an absolute beast of a Sonic game!



Randomname19 said:

I hope this is true,from what i've read on Sonic Stadium this is basically Sonic Advance/Rush HD.



NintyMan said:

This rumor with all of its claimed information sounds plausible, so if it does happen then I just hope it could be like a Sonic Adventure 3.




I would really like to have a new sonic adventure game. Even though they had some issues i really enjoyed those games. It would interesting to also see Nintendo collaborate with Sega on an exclusive sonic platformer.



SammyOfMobius said:

PS Vita version? Unleashed gameplay... portable? Sorry Nintendo, but I'm buying the PS Vita version! (I'll be getting other Wii U and 3DS games this year anyways.) All I have to do is wait till the 2nd...



Lopezdm said:

It's another installment of sonic doing running fast thing... I have great memories of the blue bomber but I wish they could do something to make the games interesting.



Jellitoe said:

Sega and Nintendo should marry and become one company. Hell with all the Sonic and Mario games (including brawl) and the impact of PSO on the Nintendo Gamecube, I would like to see these guys form a super power together



retro_player_22 said:

Unlike the Vita version (which is just a straight port), the 3DS version will be like the original 2D Sonic games similar to Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush, same title, different game. It's good to buy both actually but if I had one of the console version, the Vita version is kinda pointless.



Auracle said:

@Lopezdm - Do you have good memories of Sonic? 'Cuz he's called "The Blue Blur". The Blue Bomber is Mega Man.
@BenAV - Ya know, making fun of Sonic games is no longer cool or funny. It hasn't been since Colors or Generations.
Anyways... I love me some Sonic. I'll get this probably on launch. Possibly both versions, like I did with Colors.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Ehm...I don't really care about Sonic, I didn't like any of the games I've tried. This is not the game I want from Sega.



SammyOfMobius said:

@retro_player_22 I'll probably buy the 3DS version too because it's a different version, and it's Rush gameplay which I like. Though I like playing games on a home console, I prefer taking games on the go. What about you?



Placlu said:

Odd that Wii U, PS3, 360, 3DS, Vita, 720, PS4 and PC are all getting this game. I don't think that'll happen.

Just imagine colours in HD.. Shiinny.....



BenAV said:

Colours was okay, but nothing great or memorable.
I'm sure this must be exciting for some people and that's great, I hope it lives up to your expectations. But for me personally, I have no faith in the series, or even SEGA as a company to be able to make anything beyond average anymore.
I'd be very happy for them to prove me wrong though.



GazPlant said:

SEGA's finest coders eh? So not Dimps then

Seriously though, really excited about this. I've been waiting since Generations for another big Sonic game (Sonic 4 Ep 2 was, again, bad), and would love to see the characters return



BenAV said:

@Luigifan141 If that's the case and they do it right then I might change my stance a bit, as I did really enjoy the Sonic Adventure games... but until then, I shall remain a sceptic.



Shadowflash said:

@BenAV I shall remain a sceptic with you. Honestly, I'm sick of the 3DS getting lazy ports. I wish the 3DS could get a real 3D Sonic games...



Beta said:

Oh, yes! I will probably get the Wii U version. I finally can play a Sonic game after Colors! 8D (Missed on Generation)



Raymen said:

Have any of you heard the rumor that Sega was making a Skylanders clone with Sonic? This may be it! It's doubtful, but Sega will try anything. Just look at Sonic 2006 (shutters).



SparkOfSpirit said:

After Colors and Generations (which blow away the Adventure games), I'm excited.

Though I do wish the 3DS could get good Sonic games again like Advance 1 and Rush. Dimps last few games have been lackluster.



Auracle said:

@9-Volt Look, we all know '06 happened. It was bad. Everyone knows. But do we have to keep bringing it up? It's been 7 years now and many better games have come out since. There's no need to act like each new Sonic game is going to be another '06.
(Also, in the context you are using, the word would be "shudder", not "shutter).



SDDMN said:

10 new characters huh. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Blaze and Shadow are enough for me.

Hope this rumor's true.



KAHN said:

a sonic game on a nintendo console? well, i know who won that one battle...



Dyltheman said:

wouldnt surprise me if this were true as a lot of sonic news in recent years has 1st came from leakings.



Wildfire said:

If this is any true I'll do as usual and play only with Sonic and maybe Tails and Knuckles. I don't understand why they insist on other characters.




May it like the Sonic Colours series and don't frak it up! Also, anything like the sonic rush series on the 3ds is brill for me.



RaymanFan2 said:

Guys, I've been part of the Sonic fandom for years and frequent almost every Sonic board/website you could possibly frequent.
As soon as I saw "Wii U, PS3, 360, 3DS, PS Vita, PC and "next gen consoles" - which we assume means the next Xbox and PlayStation systems" I knew this was a fake. There is absolutely no way Sega would make a game for both the PS360 gen and the one coming soon, eventhey know that's not going to work, they can't simply port it over. Calling huge BS on this one.



SuperMinusWorld said:

Everything is pretty much believable aside from the fact that they're releasing this game on every system known (and unknown, in the case of these "next-gen" consoles) to man.



Varia01 said:

Yes! Finally a new Sonic. The fast gameplay is always a treat. Especially after playing Colors and Generations. I would gladly welcome a new Sonic game. I hope there is new gamepad capabilities like tilting it to drift curves or for using the homing attack. This gets me pumped!



Gamesake said:

It's generous of SEGA to support the Vita. They must see something of the Dreamcast in it. Horrible sales would be my guess.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I know this is a rumor, but the 2D/3D gameplay with MULTIPLE CHARACTERS???

Sweet! 'Bout time they did that.

But I am disappointed to hear that the 3DS version is going to be designed like Sonic Rush. I mean, both Rush titles were excellent, but the handheld games come off as too short. And the system can pull off 3D platformers, so I don't see why they can't make a 3D platformer.



Windy said:

Awesome news/rumor for Sonic fans! I just hope Sega will consider a sequel to Phantasy Star Zero



CrimsonFire said:

Probably true, Sega hasn't released a main sonic game since Generations and that was 2011



sinalefa said:

Not sure about this one, and I still have to pick up either Generations or Colors.

And yes, I also think it is very weird they are announcing the game for the "next gen systems", when not even a release date for said systems has been revealed.



Mollutje said:

Couldn't care less.. Sonic Colors was supposed to be one of the better sonic games, and I still didn't care too much for it, so as long as the formula stays the same, I'm not interested in the slightest.



Mickey said:

Oh boy different Characters! I never bought into that "There should only be Sonic playable" mentality I mean-let's just say I have a soft spot for Big The Cat...



KAHN said:

why is tails considered inferior to sonic? they ran at the exact same speed in sonic 2 and tails can freaking fly. oh, but i suppose we're supposed to root for the blue blur? not in my book.



TornadoX7 said:

Why does the 3ds always keep getting a "suckier" version of almost every game!!! excuse my language but seriously cant they atleast try to keep the game generally the same even if the graphics get lowered down just give 3ds a chance!!! LOL no im serious



Ichiban said:

sweet! make it a full 2D Sonic game and you've got a sale!
Sonic in 3D just doesnt work, in fact its just painful to play.



Senate_Guard said:

Eggman better be playable this time! Wish he got more roles like SA2, I'd like to see that done again; play the game from both sides. It could even be as simple as "Sonic's Story" and "Eggman's Story."



FriedSquid said:

Maybe it will be pretty good, maybe not, but so far (though there's not much info of course even if it's true) it sounds good to me. So then sure, bring it on Sega.



cornishlee said:

Why is Robotnik called Eggman in NA? I never understood that, I mean, all of Sonic's pretty silly if you examine it too closely, but "Eggman"?!



gavn64 said:

sonic games suck get over it sega zealots they have been crap for years there is colours which was good but it was the exception not the rule



Auracle said:

@cornishlee - He was originally called Eggman in Japan. However, when the series was brought to the US, his named was changed to Robotnik. Not only that, but the West put its own spin on the Sonic series. However, when Sonic Adventure was released, all world regions decided to follow the Japanese storyline, thus he was called Eggman again. Thus, his name is Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik.



DonnaxNL said:

Come on, please don't let them do the same as Sonic Generations (the game was nice btw). But the 3DS can also handle 3D... Only sidescrolling is not fun enough.



Henmii said:

Hopefully it will be as good as Sonic Colors (if the rumour turns out to be true)!



MarioKenny1992 said:

@theperson every time I hear someone say they hope Sonic Adventure 3 is coming out, I always doubt it's ever gonna be made -_- maybe Sega will announce it, but I expect them to announce an original Sonic game like they always have. I'll still get SA3 though if it ever gets made, though



UnseatingKDawg said:

@sinalefa: Trust me, you'll want to pick up both Colors and Generations. But the console versions - not the handhelds. And if you're considering Generations for PC, make sure you have a powerful one, because system requirements are high.

@cornishlee: Just to add on to True_Hero's explanation, in the continuity in the US, in Sonic Adventure, Sonic coined the name after stating that Dr. Robotnik looks like an egg. The name just stuck.

@Tate24: Why does the Blue Blur have to pack his bag and go retire? There are far worse series out there that should be ended, like Call of Duty. At least SEGA isn't afraid of actually taking a risk to change things up. Granted, that hasn't always worked, but some people just can't be pleased.

@WaxxyOne: Have you never played Colors or Generations? Or did you just not like them for whatever reason? Not being nasty here, I'm just curious.



Lyndexer said:

A lot of Sonic fans like me have been waiting for this. Though, I am expecting a new character to jump in and join the cast. I just wonder if it'll be another story behind a story idea flashing back a lot to things about one character like SA2B. Though, I kinda find Sonic 06 to relate to the SA series. Maybe this is SA4?

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