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Club Nintendo Accounts Can't Be Linked To The Wii Shop On Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

"Certain system constraints" punishing gamers

As you may already be aware the Wii U eShop can be linked up to your Club Nintendo account. This means that when you purchase a game it is automatically registered and you may become eligible for surveys, which allow you to earn some coins.

However it appears that games bought from the Wii Shop — via the Wii Mode — on Wii U are not eligible for surveys and coins, even though the very same games bought from a Wii console are.

The reasons for this are unclear at the moment, with Nintendo stating the following in its Club Nintendo FAQ section:

Due to certain system constraints, Club Nintendo accounts cannot be linked to the Wii Shop on the Wii U. Games downloaded through the Wii Shop on the Wii U (in Wii mode) do not qualify for surveys or Coins.

Nintendo is working towards bringing the Virtual Console to the Wii U eShop itself, with a view to allowing all games to be played on the GamePad alone. It's strange, however, that gamers are currently being punished in this way for transferring their Wii gaming to Wii U.

What are your thoughts on this? Has this affected you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip


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gekslupis said:

It might have something to do with deluxe members already recieveing free credit from buying games on the eshop. If I get a wii u I will probaly keep my wii so I guess I will just buy it through there



Bulbousaur said:

This is pretty stupid, but I've bought everything from the shop that i want personally so it's not a problem for me really.



cornishlee said:

They need to sort this. I haven't tried purchasing anything from the Wii shop since transferring and I only ever used my stars to buy Wii shop points anyway (that's something else they need to sort out) but I can see that some people might be rightly annoyed.

@NintendoMaster - When was it taken down?!



SBOY said:

I still have 1000pts to spend if I has knew this before I would have bought somethings before the transfert!



CurtDogg said:

It's not like there's been anything worth buying on there the past couple years, anyway.



technotreegrass said:

This needs to be addressed, or at least rush the Wii U Virtual Console, as the only digital Wii games I want are Virtual Console titles. I buy a lot of digital content and I depend on the coins for free games.



Rapadash6 said:

Still, the biggest punishment for me is that you can't have surround sound in Wii Mode. Something that would've been easy to add, er, KEEP in there. This news, however, doesn't bother me as much because my Wii Shop days are over, thankfully.



Discostew said:

I still have my Wii, so if I wanted some more WiiWare games on my Wii U, I'll purchase them through my Wii, then do a system transfer. It's unfortunate for those that don't have a Wii.



Hejiru said:

Just one more reason I'm not doing the system transfer. I'm keeping all my stuff on my Wii.



Obywan said:

Yeah, I noticed this a while ago. Doesnt really bother me anymore as I will not be purchasing anything else from the Wii Shop Channel until I hear about their Wii U VC plans.

No way am I spending even more money on Wii VC games if I'll have to rebuy them to use them outside of Wii mode, natively later on.

Wii U's Wii mode is gimped as heck. Missing a ton of features for no good reason and really buggy. Homebrew already got WiiConnect24 back up and working, and I dont see why they limit the old Wii Channels like the Internet and Check Mii Out to only the Wii -_-"



C7_ said:


This seems like the sort of thing that would be easy to fix or should've been taken care of before release.

Although I'm not going to buy anything more from the VC (at least until they get their act together and port all my games to a normal WiiU compatible mode, and if they don't do that or something similar they aren't getting another cent from me), this really just seems like poor planning. I mean it turns essentially into a Wii without gamecube stuff, why wouldn't it work with Club Nintendo if the shop is identical?

Also, if they make me go into Wii shop to get newer VC games after they do the WiiU compatibility thing they will also not be getting another cent from me. In my eyes this stuff is just standard convenience, and nothing is more inconvenient then being forced through several loading screens to have the reasons why you bought the new console turned off so that Nintendo doesn't have to spend too much time porting things correctly and then not being properly rewarded for it.



shinpichu said:

Wow. And I thought Wii mode couldn't get any dumber.

There shouldn't even be a Wii mode. There's literally no good reason why I shouldn't be able to launch my Wii stuff straight from the Wii U menu.



Kevin said:

That is SO stupid! Get it together Nintendo! There's no reason you can't do this!



Sonic260 said:

Now that you mention it, I don't remember seeing a survey for LoZ: A Link to the Past...



gojiguy said:

Yikes. This is seriously one of the biggest trepidations I have when it comes to purchasing a Wii U...

I think I'll keep on waiting...



Whopper744 said:

I feel like the Wii U has had a lot of little bits of bad news lately. Honestly I played it like crazy when I first got it for a month and a half or so with 4 games, but I haven't touched it much the past couple weeks. I like it, but being 23 years old and a lifelong fan of Nintendo, I'm a little disappointed.



Mk_II said:

In Wii mode, the Wii U by all means is a Wii so it cant access ANYTHING that it is not part of the original Wii hardware or software. The E Shop account data does not exist in the Wii.



Svengoolie said:

This is good to know. I guess I'll wait on any potential VC purchases until they get their act together.



Peppy_Hare said:

This is getting ridiculous. If I'm not able to play previously-purchased VC games on my WiiU in this rumoured "gamepad-mode" me, along with several of my friends, will be very upset with Nintendo.



Ryno said:

I wasn't planning on buying Wii VC games on my Wii U anyway. When and if the Wii U VC appears I may purchase VC games again.



SMW said:

Yet another reason for me to keep my Wii. I love my Wii U, but it seems like Wii Mode has too many disadvantages. Lack of surround sound, no WiiConnect24, no message board, limited storage space, and now no Club Nintendo!

All of these issues lead me to believe that once the Wii U VC comes out, it may fix all of it. Wii Mode to me seems like it may just be a temporary solution. Hopefully all of our previously bought games can be transferred over to the Wii U VC. Now that leaves the question of what about WiiWare? Will those be locked away in Wii mode with missing features, or will they get updated as well?



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

Come on Nintendo, get it together!!!!! You guys are gonna end up with Sega making just games and not systems! U guyss had so many ideas out the wazoo before launch!!! Make the Wii U count!!



SonataAndante said:

Certainly the Wii U's Wii Mode is lacking and this just adds to the list, but if you're still buying stuff of the Wii Shop Channel, just keep it on your Wii since that can still link to Club Nintendo just fine. I know there's a desire to have only one device out. Personally I'm still used to swapping systems around because the SNES doesn't play NES games and so on. I agree that Nintendo needs to really get it together with the Wii Mode, but it's a non-essential feature and has no bearing on my opinion of the Wii U itself. The main group of people that this affects are those that have a Wii U, missed out on the Wii and have interest in Wii download titles.



cowboy said:

This sucks. Nintendo should fix this bugs and bring Virtual Console and WiiWare to the Wii U and shut down the Wii Mode



Obywan said:

Technically it would be possible for them to rid of the Wii mode completely, but it would be a lot of work and wouldnt be as efficient. Think about how long it takes to go into Wii mode in the first place, do you want that every time you want to play a different Wii game? I sure dont. The Wii mode would be perfectly fine with me if they get it working as close to a Wii as possible. I want the Message Board working, the Photo Channel, WiiConnect24, Club Nintendo on the Wii Shop, Mii Parade, etc.

It is impossible to play Guitar Hero 5 online with friends because that game, along others like Metroid Prime Trilogy/ 3, use the Wii Message Board Friend Code which is unavailable in the virtualized Wii. Also, since WiiConnect24 is off, a lot of features in games dont work like the free DLC on City Folk. I understand why stand-by mode is off, but there's no reason why WiiConnect24 shouldnt be on. Specially when hackers managed to edit the settings in the virtualized Wii and turn it back on with everything working as normal.

Nintendo, if you're reading this please for the love of arceus, get off your lazy behind and fix it. Also update the transfer app and transfer over our pictures and Wii Friends. If you can do this and make all the Wii Channels available (Specially Check Mii Out, Nintendo Channel, and the Internet Channel because it has flash) I will have no problems with the Wii Mode, and also I will be VERY upset if I have to repurchase the VC games I already own just to be able to play them on the Gameoad outside of Wii Mode when Wii U VC comes out.



MagicEmperor said:

Yet another reason why I will never transfer my Wii's data to my Wii U's. I keep them separate, but I'm still sorry others have to suffer this nonsense.



Hokori said:

You guys know you can transfer to a WiiU after doing the CN questions, it's not like you'd get extra coins for transfering and you won't lose coins for transfering



DrKarl said:

@Hokori My understanding is that the Wii is "wiped" after doing the transfer. Is this not the case? Does the Wii Shop stay linked? Can multiple Wii --> Wii U transfers be done?



Obywan said:

@Hokori People shouldn't have to go through the whole transfer process every time they want to get a game for something that shouldn't be a problem and can easily be fixed.

But yes, this is the only solution there is for now.



Obywan said:

@DrKarl The Wii isnt completely 'wiped'. All the System Transfer does is move your Wii Shop licenses over to the Wii U's Wii Shop account, move your save files over, and it moves your Miis over.

Anything outside of that is still on the Wii, and the Wii Shop account on the Wii is still there with all the history still on the Wii, but it will say that your games were transferred via the transfer app.



Ryno said:

[sarcasm]I want to buy a game, and buy it only once, and play it on every system I own for the rest of my life.[/sarcasm]



DrKarl said:

@Obywan Ahhhh, very good to know. Thank you. Can you confirm then that additional transfers of new purchases can be done after that? Have you tried?

Also, it was my understanding that there is no way to pick and choose. For example, if I wanted to keep the 5 player TG-16 games on the Wii, but transfer everything else. That's not possible, is it?

The next logical followup question for me would be: What if I wanted to pay double, and have it on both machines after I transferred license #1 from Wii to Wii U?



Obywan said:

@Ryno_Choryzo In this day and age were digital downloads are becoming increasingly popular, this is how it should work.

Sony doesnt charge you just to play the same retro /digital/ games on all your Playstation devices, and neither do Apple or Google charge you to use your apps on your new phones.



Obywan said:

@DrKarl I have not tried to do an additional transfer, but to my understanding yes it can be done.

No, you can't pick what to transfer. It's all or nothing, and if you re-buy a game on your Wii after you did a transfer and attempt another transfer it will just stay on the Wii because the license already exists on the Wii U.



DerpSandwich said:

All will be well when they launch the virtual console on Wii U, and in commemoration of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon they also launch Gamecube titles on the service beginning with one of the GC's very first games, Luigi's Mansion.

This is definitely going to happen. Because it would be very perfect and awesome.

(Please let it happen.)



AVahne said:

In other words, I'm not buying a single virtual console or WiiWare game until they've been transferred to the eShop. Guess I'll have to wait before playing the old Phantasy Star games...though, would anyone recommend the GBA collection over virtual console or no?



Nanoline said:

And this is why I haven't bought a WiiU yet.

Give Nintendo a while to get the kinks and inane bull figured out. Lord knows the 3DS had plenty of issues of this sort and I got burned on that. Ambassador program was nice, but somehow I don't see the same thing forthcoming for WiiU.



Lo3edia said:

Colour me annoyed. I have 200 points left to do something with, and likely I will never be able to spend those on the eshop either. I'm not entirely impressed that they need a separate Wii menu on the Wii U either, the duplication seems silly, why can't we just have everything on one menu?



mjnmixael said:

Another reason why the Wii is currently my cutoff for backwards compatibility. I'll keep my Wii around for anything Wii and older and just not have to deal with all these weird constraints with transferring to the Wii U.



Shanksta said:

I don't really mind. I have bought a few WiiVC games on my WiiU. I have also bought some retail/download games from the eshop. So yeah, not getting points on purchases from Wii kinda sucks, but I've already gotten like 15 bucks back from the digital promotion on WiiU. So I really can't complain.



jhuhn said:

It's the same for Rock Band 3, as you cannot have your scores posted to the leaderboard after moving the Rock Band data to the WiiU.



Tasuki said:

Wow I am beginning to think that maybe Nintendo should have held off on the Wii U for another year or so.



RedYoshi999 said:

You actually get rewards for downloading games? Nothing like that happens in Australia so I couldn't care any less about this news!



MAB said:

Yeah the Aussie club nintendo didn't even link VC on the Wii anyway so it doesn't matter I still have my Wii setup next to the WiiU but have not touched it since.



AcesHigh said:

Very simple folks. Don't buy content on Wii eshop via WiiU until they fix it. That will light a fire under the dev teams.



SKTTR said:

Another reason not to transfer your Wii stuff.
I'm glad I haven't transfered yet (it was the Wii U feature I looked forward to the most). I should be happy that I'm allowed to get the Club Nintendo bonuses for Retro City Rampage and the many VC games that I still want to download.
I might transfer my Wii downloads still, when Nintendo updates this mess and does it right.
As it stands, the list of good reasons not to transfer gets bigger and bigger.



StarDust4Ever said:

My Wii was on the fritz so I had to transfer. I just assumed that my accountbwas still linked after I transfered it. Stupid, stupid, Nintendo...



denpa-ben said:

Here's my reason for doing the transfer:
The motherboard of my day one purchase Wii fried out and couldn't be restored or refunded. I got a second Wii, but I transferred my shiz asap and sold that piece for fear that it could happen again. ...I miss playing my games with a GameCube controller.. :/



phoenixology said:

It's silly really, Nintendo should have thought of this when writing the Wii U Software.

Even the 'Wii U Mode' is stupid. You should just able to put a Wii game in the slot and it comes up as a game to play on the Wii U's own dashboard.



shake_zula said:

The Wii Mode is possibly the most infuriating thing about the Wii U. I don't understand why it exists, no other console in history has ever needed to boot into a separate mode for backwards compatibility. The Gamepad should be functional for all Wii software that is compatible with the Classic Controller, since it can easily emulate all of the inputs, and since all the Gamepad screen does is stream video from the console, you should also be able to play Wii software directly on the Gamepad. Anything dependent on the Wiimote obviously can't be played on the Gamepad, but other than that I see no good excuses.



Phle said:

Not interested. Club Nintendo should be banned from spreading their commercial to the people who can't have it anyway. It's always like "Check out this new Club Nintendo exclusive! Oh, wait you can't have it! It's really cool though.. Too bad for you." By the way: gamers = Club Nintendo members?! Since when?



ThumperUK said:

Exactly the same thing happens when you buy a game on the 3DS versus buying it on my old seems Nintendo is intent on punishing gamers who upgrade to their latest machines. I did email Nintendo UK and got a fobbing-off email back from them in reply.



Token_Girl said:

I'm not buying anything on the WiiShop anymore anyways. I don't want to throw any money away on games that won't run natively on the WiiU (and probably won't be transferrable to the next Nintendo console.)



TravisTouchdown said:

I called Nintendo and asked them about this. I asked if it would wipe my Wii memory on the Wii U if I simply bought a game on Wii & then transferred it to Wii U in order to get the surveys. They told me that the news in this article isn't true and that you'll get surveys for downloading VC & WiiWare games in Wii Mode on the Wii U. I'm gonna try it in a little bit and I'll keep you updated on who's right and what works.



TravisTouchdown said:

Alrighty. So I bought Harvest Moon on Wii mode on my Wii U. I did this, ohh, I'd say about 2 days ago. Still no survey. Looks like the NOA support person I talked to was wrong after all.

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