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The 3DS Cartridge Case Returns to Club Nintendo in North America

Posted by Katy Ellis

But none for you, Europe

Due to popular demand Nintendo has decided to restock the North American Club Nintendo with a limited supply of 3DS game cartridge cases, available for the sum of 250 coins. The case can hold eighteen 3DS or DS games and has four reversible sleeves, with art from The Legend of Zelda and Mario series. It's the same size as a normal 3DS case, measuring at approximately 5 x 5 x 0.6 inches. Unfortunately it's currently only available in North America, so European gamers will just have to sigh and move on.

Have a closer look at the other covers by clicking here.


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ajcismo said:

250 coins ain't bad, but I'm holding out for the Gold Nunchuk in January.



manu0 said:

Hmm...I can't find any ebay auction that sells the american version of the case (I like the american sleeves better), I can only find japanese ones...



Schprocket said:

Surely you guys would rather have pencil cases and face-cloths?

Seriously, you should visit the European Star catalogue and see what we have to fork out even 2000 stars ... maybe it's in the exchange rate... seems like 2000 NoE Stars = 200 NoA coins...

Actually this would make a good challenge for the good journos of this site.

Review and Rate the various Club Nintendo offers - if it's been done already, a link would be appreciated



Bass_X0 said:

I have this:

Two of them actually. No sighing for me! And I'd rather spend 400 stars on 100 Wii Points anyway.



Schprocket said:

@manu0 I feel I'm going to regret asking this - not that it's directed at you , mate - but "Why?"

Is our money not good enough? Is it not enough that even when making adjustments for cost of living, they still seem to come out in front ?

Not that I would deny NorthAm any goodies by any means but I'd like to see the love extended to the rest of the world's buying public...



meltendo said:

Thanks for the tip! I immediately ordered mine after seeing it here! That's why I love this site!



DarkNinja9 said:

since i never rly got anything from cn i decided to get me one (: i had 600 coins anyway



PinkSpider said:

I wonder if anybody woud take a PayPal payment and order order one of these for me. I'd pay for postage as well obviously. if your interested message me
I'm in UK by the way



NintyMan said:

I just ordered mine; I might as well have ordered something with my coin account since it hasn't been active in a while. There's not anything in particular that really interests me, but this 3DS cartridge case will be useful.



Skotski said:

Just got it~
I already have another 3DS/DS cartridge case (as well as other cartridge cases for just the DS), so I'm good for now.
If I somehow manage to get more than 18 new 3DS titles in the upcoming year, I'm hoping they put it back in stock by then.



datamonkey said:

This really annoys me that Europe doesn't get this. Japan did. Nintendo need to unify their offers and stop treating us so poorly.

No wonder PAL is their weakest region. I don't know what NOE and Nintendo UK actually do sometimes!



ouroborous said:

I have one from last time they were on the Nclub, totally awesome. I may very well snag another one while I can since it's great for 3DS and DS games and you can change the covers/inserts to make it look different.



daveh30 said:

ordered 2, because i was kicking myself for not getting one the first time around. Still hoping we'll see some Wii U rewards soon, though.



nocode said:

I got one the first time around and will be gifting it to my nephew this Christmas... he's terrible at keeping track of his DS games.... hoping this helps.



TimeGuy said:

I've never spent coins on anything for Club Nintendo and the case is the only thing that I'm even remotely interested in, so I just ordered mine.



Phle said:

Ah, I want one of these! Is there anywhere you can get something like this (slim, nice quality & space for 15 + games) outside Club Nintendo?



Tasuki said:

I ordered one the first time this is offered and I just love the case. In fact I ordered me another one this time around cause the first one is almost filled.



LittleIrves said:

Mine's on the way.
Although I'm a bit hesitant to use it, since if you lose the normal case you're out one game... lose or have this one stolen and you've lost 18! (almost double my 3DS catalog). Very clever, Nintendo. Give us rewards that deplete our game library, which we'll then want to re-buy. And digitally, at that. VERY clever.



DrKarl said:

@LittleIrves I feel the same anxiety too!

I just went ahead and ordered a few of these. I think that I will put most of my DS cases into storage, and place the carts into these cases. Now I just need a good idea for containing all of the manuals compactly. Unlike many gamers these days, I still read them!



idork99 said:

I wanted to get this last year but held off. And good thing too because this is obsolete to me. I only hold one cart in my 3DS and a 32GB SD card for all the other games. I thought I'd stick with purchasing carts from retail but it's been totally the opposite since Nintendo has gone digital.



Hokori said:

@idork99 Same here, I bought a DS one for 600 coins a few years ago, and regret it now that everything is digital



technotreegrass said:

I've been hoarding coins for game downloads, finding all the physical offers useless, but this is pure gold. I prefer carts to digital downloads, especially when they're still full price, and most of my carts are Pokemon games anyway. It'll be quite awhile before I end up filling this case to its limit.



grumblebuzzz said:

Love that thing. So convenient. Yeah, it is a little cheaply made, but it's nice to be able to switch your wallpaper out at will.



WindWakerLink said:

I got one after the 1st restock of these case, but I don't like how the UK isn't getting this. I thought it would be for everyone... :/



FabioSMASH said:

I LOVE my Club Nintendo 3DS cart case! It comes with 3 separate themes to choose from. Unfortunately, I only have one case... Problem solved! Just ordered 2 more!

Crossing fingers for the return of the green Luigi hat DS system case to go with my red Mario hat case.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I like rewards like this sense i don't really have a use for notebooks or most of the other stuff, and the collector in me wouldn't want to use them anyway.

I don't need to have so many games on me at once though, and I already have a couple double-sided cases if I need them. Might be nice for keeping a hand full of games at my desk for easy access though.



Schprocket said:

@SkywardLink98 Cheers mate

@LZBirdboi not quite, mate, I was trying to establish the relationship between stars and coins, then trying to understand why what seem to be better rewards - in terms of what I'm personally more interested in - are US only.

Not really relating to exchange rates but the rest of the world seems to get bugger-all choice in the reward-scheme in comparison with the US.

I'm not looking to argue with anyone, just trying to understand why it works like it does.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Bummer that Europeans miss out on this. I just hope it's still available until early next year when I have enough coins.



SyFyTy said:

YES I loved these.. best swag yet.... got 2 and they disappeared
off club N site.

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