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Mon 18th Apr 2011

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koolkris200 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

waiting for publisher dream to come out on the nintendo eshop next month from my newest favorite developer circle entertainment. It's so sad to hear that January 22, 2013 is the last of THQ company it was my favorite company that I liked before the Circle Entertainment.



koolkris200 commented on Wii U User Accounts and Nintendo Network ID De...:

Can't wait until this comes out so I can get it for my Nintendo 3ds xl I have about 118 games and I use it everyday and plus wish this came out this year but if it comes out next year that's fine because then next year I can just buy it on the nintendo network ID store then it can be downloaded to my nintendo 3ds xl what Nintendo should come out with is a service so say you are camping where you can't get internet you could have a wireless attachment on your nintendo 3ds or nintendo 3ds xl so you can use the internet wherever you go that would be Awesome



koolkris200 commented on Nnooo: Let us "Browse, Buy and Gift Content Ou...:

it would be cool to do this because if you could gift an item and pay for it for your friend for his birthday say it was paper Mario sticker star and that was one of the things you could gift on your nintendo 3ds and send it to your friends 3ds and once it downloaded on his nintendo 3ds all he would have to do it play it and say hey my friend paid for it would be cool



koolkris200 commented on New Animal Crossing 3DS Details Reveal Streetp...:

I have played the original GameCube game of this and you could be playing it for hours and hours it's addicting. the nintendo ds one was kinda boring I probably won't buy it for my nintendo 3ds xl i am probably going to get Roller Coaster tycoon 3ds.



koolkris200 commented on Feature: Our Favourite E3 Memories - Part Two:

I think there will be a New Nintendo 3ds a 3ds with 2 circle pads. A voice chat systems more puzzle pieces via spot pass a video chat. a 3dsware flashlight. a screw driver in the system for easy access and digital copies of games on the eshop on June 5, 2012 after the conference hope that happens. Can't wait to see E3 on June 5,2012