When speculating before Nintendo of Europe's latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, it's unlikely that many gamers would have predicted the confirmation of Fallblox, a sequel to the rather excellent Pullblox on 3DS eShop; just as Pullblox was known as Pushmo in North America, this latest entry will be known as Crashmo across the pond. It has a firm release date of 22nd November in North America, while Nintendo of Europe boss Satoru Shibata simply confirmed "November" for his region.

The footage shown re-introduced the charm of the original with puzzles that seemed more devious, and the tower was viewable from front and back, rather than just straight on. The main twist is that it's possible for blocks higher up the tower to become unsupported, so if you make a mistake lower down the laws of gravity will mean that they crash down. Nintendo promises various items such as floating blocks, doors and switches, while "enhanced puzzle-creation and sharing features" sounds encouraging.

With the original being so popular, are you excited to get your hands on the sequel?