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Bayonetta 2 Will Be Exclusive to Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

That's deadly

Bayonetta is an over the top, hard to understand and utterly baffling action game, which is also partly why it's so highly regarded. Developed by Platinum Games and published by SEGA, it has stood out as a unique title on PS3 and Xbox 360.

The good news for Nintendo gamers that missed out is that its sequel is coming exclusively to Wii U, with Nintendo taking over publishing duties. It was announced during Nintendo of Europe's Wii U preview video and we saw little more than a 30 second teaser clip, but it was, nevertheless, an unexpected announcement.

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So that's one surprise title. Did you play the original, and are you looking forward to this?

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Popyman said:

This, Wonderful 101, and Monster Hunter back to back pretty much sold me on Wii U.



6ch6ris6 said:

exclusive? i havent played the original. is this really exclusive? i thought there would have been a second game already on ps360.



Dezner said:

MADE MY DAY! First game is still my favorite game of this generation!




Tasuki said:

I have heard of the original but I have never played it, and right now I have so many games on my backlog that I dont need another one.

Let the Sarah Palin look alike jokes begin.



cyphid said:

@Karakato Impossible, seeing as how Nintendo is publishing the game.

Capcom published RE4 on GC, so the there was no contracts or exclusive partnerships.



accc said:

Will it include the first game? I never played it because they didn't release it on the PC.



Ryno said:

Was semi-interested in the first due to the positve reviews. It would be cool if they had some type of combo pack that included a Wii U version of the original.



AyeHaley said:

Best game on Xbox360 I've ever enjoyed. I'm not straight but even I find her awesomely sexy. Thank you Nintendo and Platinum games!



rjejr said:

Without a doubt the biggest surprise of the US presentation.

The PS3 version reportedly had some issues compared to the Xbox360 version - I think they patched it before I played it - but having this as a WiiU exclusive should alleviate that problem. I just hope it doesn't suffer the same fate that DMC2 did after DMC, still not sure how they managed to screw that up. Will be played at some point for sure.



dangermouseuk78 said:

Sadly its another Resi 4 in as much is only Exclusive in how well it does, Sega still retain the licence to Bayonette and i Image if it does well they will Publish it for other consoles. CVG website says Platinum games Developing with Sega retaining the licence and Nintendo Publishing.



WolfRamHeart said:

Easily the best news of the day for me. Definitely was not expecting this and a Nintendo exclusive too. Great job Nintendo, you just made the Wii U a must-buy for me.



Carolyn said:

Respectfully, I'm pretty sure Bayonetta is highly regarded because it's exceptional, not because it's baffling or hard to understand.

This is exciting news.



JonWahlgren said:

The best part about this is that Bayo 2 was canned by Sega until it seems that Nintendo rescued it.




Kholdstare said:

Nintendo's publishing something sexy AND M rated!? (It's gonna be rated M, trust me)

I wonder if the angel killing from the first will be changed...



DarkKirby said:

LOL. There are so many Nintendo haters on other websites raging the hell out of this! Now I know I will get a Wii U at launch!



Hokori said:

@DarkKirby Hahahaa I love it when they do that, I wonder how they'd react if COD MW4 was WiiU exclusive I'd have so many chortles if that happened



DrDaisy said:

I hope there's future DLC in the future for this version so Wii-U owners don't miss out on the extra content that is sure to grace other versions in the future. I'm just sayin'.



FonistofCruxis said:

I saw the words Bayonetta and Wii U and got excited but then was disappointed when I read the full title. Can't they port the first one to the Wii U first?



Hokori said:

@FonistofCruxis That's what I thought I want RE 6 on WiiU, but I also want RE5 as well I hope that happens as well, mine as well put the non Nintendo prequels of games on the systems too or in the MGS case snake eater being before MGS2 makes some sense since MGS3 takes place in the 60's but MGS2 takes place in 2005 iirc



shonenjump86 said:

Bayonetta is one of my favorite games on 360, I enjoyed so much. It's Wii U exclusive? Ok, I will get a Wii U. I'm just glad there's gonna be a sequel to such an awesome game.



scrubbyscum999 said:

This is probably an important game announcement because the game was well received, it will be a mature game, and it is an exclusive for the Wii U when the first one was actually exclusive to 360/PS3. I don't know if I am really interested in it despite the good reviews though.



blklightning21 said:

Has anyone else seen the massive amount of hate nintendo is getting for reviving a game that was cancelled. Seriously people will hate on nintendo just to hate on nintendo. Someone should do an article about that bull****



shonenjump86 said:

I never will hate on any console(Apple products included) but I can understand why people will be upset with this. When this game lands on Wii U I just hope it sells well.



scrubbyscum999 said:

@blklightning21 There is always going to be people who are rooting for Nintendo to fail. They say Nintendo isn't hardcore enough, Nintendo gets this, they hate Nintendo for actually trying to make them happy. It's not like the control scheme is going to dumbed down, in fact it has the potential to be better. If they don't want to use the Pad there is always the pro controller. There are a ton of franchises I LOVE that releases games I want on systems I don't own, but I don't act like a 6 year old about it.



moomoo said:

I love how so many people think this will be a timed exclusive when it is published by Nintendo.

Mass Effect 1 still isn't on PS3, simply because Microsoft owns the rights to it. It's the same case here.

This will be the game to get me to buy a WiiU. It shows how serious Nintendo is about their system and the hardcore when they publish something like this on their system.



Silvervisiona said:

Well now I simply must get around to finishing Bayonetta. I know it's great, but this just fuels me with incentive!



Henmii said:

"Bayonetta 2 Will Be Exclusive to Wii U"

This is a joke, right?! Whoah, that's a big title! Does Nintendo real mean business this time!! Hopefully!

May I buy it? Who knows!

Oh, this is also from Platinum games! It seems Nintendo and Platinum are in love!



MitchVogel said:

This is a huge announcement! Nintendo, WHY THE HECK WAS THIS NOT ANNOUNCED AT E3!? Honestly, that presentation almost convinced me to NOT get a WiiU. Stuff like this is exactly what it lacked.



Gen0neD said:

I welled up when I saw there was a trailer for it. Bayonetta is my favorite new character this gen. If I wasn't already buying a WiiU, I'd buy it just for this game. So pleased.



Hokori said:

@DarkKirby LOL I love fanboys, and to call Bayonetta a series after one game? That's not exactly a series in my eyes, it is now though, thatnks to nintendo



misswliu81 said:

nintendo gave this series a new lease of life. bayonetta 2 was dead when sega decided not to publish this game. sony and microsoft were silent about it, then nintendo came in. i read a tweet from sega themselves who said they are assisting platinum and nintendo in developing this version.

i think some of the complaints from some non-nintendo fans is understandable; however, the original game wasn't a massive seller on the PS3, xbox 360. had it sold more copies, then maybe the sequel would be available for those systems. and the constant whinging and threats aimed at SEGA and platinum for putting this on the Wii U, instead of the Sony, Microsoft consoles is sad to see.

but this is great- this was the highlight of the presentation for me, even all the other games announced like the new monster hunter game from capcom was another one worth waiting for.

i enjoyed bayonetta 1, but having this as an exclusive on the wii U, is just fantastic.



Araknie said:

Update the news, i'm sure Nintendo is gonna publish this, i think the money from the project comes from Nintendo so it's gonna be a lifetime exclusive.

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