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Mon 18th Feb 2008

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Carolyn commented on Review: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (G...:

I'll have to respectfully disagree on this one. I find TTYD a dramatic improvement on its excellent predecessor, particularly in terms of story and humor--in fact, I think it's one of the funniest and most charming games of all time. The characters--both your party members and supporting characters outside of the party--are memorable and frequently hilarious, and many of the locations you visit are among the most inventive I've encountered in games. I certainly agree that it doesn't deviate too much in gameplay terms from its predecessor, but I felt that the foundation laid by the original was quite strong and appreciated the little ways in which this game refined those concepts. (Incidentally, when Super Paper Mario came along and did something completely different, I thought it was actually not quite as good as the earlier PM games, though I still enjoyed it and appreciated that they tried to do something new.) TTYD is easily my favorite of the Mario RPGs, with Bowser's Inside Story coming closest to giving it a run for its money. Still, I respect your opinion, and I'm glad to see Nintendo Life review this title.



Carolyn commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Arcade Games on Virtua...:

An arcade release of Donkey Kong would be huge IMO, especially given the resurgence of interest in that game thanks to the big high score battle chronicled in the documentary The King of Kong. Since the NES release is far from arcade-perfect, it's of little interest to me, but I would snatch up the arcade version immediately.



Carolyn commented on Nintendo Download: 18th January 2010 (North Am...:

Incidentally, Dark Void Zero isn't actually an 8-bit platformer that was shelved near the end of the NES' lifecycle. That's just a fun backstory Capcom has come up with for it. Not sure that distinction matters, though. All that really matters is how it turned out, and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing about that!



Carolyn commented on The Revenge of Shinobi:

Mad craziness in these comments! While other games in the series are great, this one is far and away the best as far as I'm concerned, thanks to the music and the varied, inspired level design.



Carolyn commented on Top 10 C64 games wanted on the Virtual Console:

I would especially like to see Neuromancer, a widely admired game that I never played, hit the Virtual Console. And I've also heard a lot about the enduring brilliance of Paradroid, and would like to check that out.

Other than that, I don't know. I loved the Bard's Tale games, the SSI Forgotten Realms games, Zak MacKracken, Space Taxi and countless other games back in the day, and would like to revisit them for reasons of nostalgia, but doubt that they would hold my attention for very long today.