Little King's Story remains a firm Wii favourite here at Nintendo Life. After all, how could you not love a game about a tiny king that deals with unemployment by day and bashes in gigantic mushrooms by night?

It made us royal blue, then, that a sequel never came to Nintendo's system; in fact, follow up New Little King's Story chose to reign on PlayStation Vita instead. Speaking to Game Informer, New Little King's Story assistant producer Takanori Murayama explained why the latest game in the series skipped Wii.

Game Informer: What factors led to the decision to create the sequel for the Vita instead of the Wii?

Takanori Murayama: There are three reasons for this. One, the using of the touch panel made the game’s controls much easier. The touch panel enables the users to scout dozens of citizens together which improved the operations. Two, the high resolution graphics enabled to depict many characters at once inside the screen. The movement and the depiction of the many characters in its world is what makes this game fun. Last but not least, the network affinity is high, therefore it is easy to buy avatars and other items on the PS Store. In the PS Store, users can purchase additional items which is another appealing point.

Wii U seems poised to address each of these problems, so perhaps we can hope for a further royal knees up in the future. If you're interested in the Vita version, read the rest of the interview to find out more about the new visual style, co-operative play and more.