The latest issue of Famitsu magazine is packed with details relating to the forthcoming 3DS installment of Animal Crossing, including news that the game will showcase a gardening store, thrift outlet and raccoon housing project — the latter being run by everyone's favourite exploitative landowner, Tom Nook.

You'll also find a shoe shop, 24-hour museum and a fully-blown shopping mall. The game will also allow you to assume the role of mayor, and customise items like fences and doors. All of which should make this entry in the series the most addictive yet, with more items to find, furniture to purchase and hours of the day to lose forever.

There's no release date for Animal Crossing 3DS yet, but when it is confirmed, you might want to think about booking a few weeks off and informing relatives and loved ones that they may not see much of you for a while. Or better still, find a nice, dry cave in which you can retire and give the game your full, undivided attention.