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Wreck-It Ralph Confirmed for Wii, 3DS and DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not a surprise

A little while ago we reported that Bowser would appear in Wreck-It Ralph, an upcoming Disney animated film. It's now been confirmed that Disney Interactive and Activision will collaborate on the game to accompany the movie: it'll be released on Wii, with separate versions for 3DS and DS.

The game will be a side-scroller where you play as Ralph, the villain who wants to join the good guys. Whether Bowser will make an appearance is unknown, as that'll be a whole new licensing agreement, but it may be worth keeping an eye on. Check out details in the press release below.

Get ready for classic arcade video game action with a whole new modern look and feel as Activision Publishing Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard Inc., (Nasdaq: ATVI) and Disney Interactive today announced a collaboration to produce and distribute a Wreck-It Ralph™ video game. As a story extension to the highly anticipated upcoming blockbuster film of the same name from Walt Disney Animation Studios, the Wreck-It Ralph video game is set to inspire a whole new generation of young gamers as a classic, arcade-style side scroller featuring Ralph – the misunderstood villain of his own arcade game who sets out to prove he can be a hero too. Debuting this fall tied to the movie release, Wreck-It Ralph will bring all the fun from the big screen right into the living room for the Wii™ system from Nintendo, and the Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo DS™ hand-held systems.

“Wreck-It Ralph, as a brand entity, is perfectly suited for video game stardom,” said David Oxford, Executive Vice President, Activision Publishing. “With the fantastic characters and creative atmosphere envisioned by Walt Disney Animation Studios, we know fans are going to love seeing their newfound favorite characters embark on an all-new side scrolling adventure.”

From the mind of Director Rich Moore (“The Simpsons,” “Futurama”), the film chronicles the journey of Ralph, the bad guy in an arcade game who sets out to prove he can be the hero after all. However, Ralph mistakenly reverts to his clumsy nature and “wrecks” everything once again, unleashing a deadly enemy threat onto his video game neighbors. The movie hits theaters on November 2, 2012 and features an all-star voice cast, including John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch.

The game picks up where the movie leaves off as Ralph partners with Fix-It Felix and sets out to save their friends and home from a huge Cy-Bug invasion. Pounding through all-new levels in the “Wreck-It Ralph” universe, like Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty, and Fix-It Felix, Jr., players will have to use Ralph’s destructive strength to beat by the Cy-Bugs, while switching back to Felix to repair the damage. With story campaign and two-player co-op on the Wii platform, players can switch between Ralph and Felix to solve action-packed puzzles and collect “Hero Medals”.

For more information, please visit For any questions on the upcoming feature film, please visit This game is not yet rated by the ESRB.

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DarkEdi said:

If this game appears on PS3, Vita and Xbox 360 do they could have Bowser in their games? I remember saw Sony logos in FIFA games on Nintendo.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I would have preferred it if the game you see Wreck it Ralph star in the trailer were made real with updated graphics.



Dodger said:

Boo movie games in general. I cry a little inside every time some little kid at Gamestop chooses a movie game from the shelf while passing over a million great wii titles...



SepticLemon said:

Easier and better solution... Just make WiiWare/XBLA/PSN versions of the arcade game in the movie. It'll do better than this, honestly!



47drift said:

Gotta love the early doubters and naysayers. I'm really curious to see if all the different video game characters will appear in this. It was probably already a licensing nightmare for the film, but for a game I'd imagine that'd be even more challenging!



Bensei said:

I doubt the cameos will be in this game. As I can judge from the trailer, they are not an integral part of the story, so they could easily be replaced.

I had to review that smurfs game, which fetured full sequences of the movie. But none of them, not even the stills, showed a single glimpse of Neil Patrick Harris, although he was the Main Act (next to the smurfs). They mentioned the name of his role all the time in the narration, but no pictures were shown.

Of course this game has nothing to do with Wreck-It Ralph, but as you can see, you can skip licenses).



mushroomer said:

Can you imagine how awesome it would be if Pixar/Disney did Super Mario Bros or even Zelda?



Raylax said:

^ It would be terrible.

Nothing against Pixar/Disney, but Mario and Zelda are not at all well-suited to film



SandMan said:

So it's a video game of a movie of a video game. By Disney Interactive and Activision. And the award for worst idea of the century goes to...



JohnPhilipSousa said:

Actually it's a video game sequel to a movie inspired by video games. I'd say that's better than a FPS game adaption of a movie inspired by a strategy board game.



wariowarewolf said:

How in the world could Disney screw THIS up? It's based on the VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY, for crying out loud!



wariowarewolf said:

'Pounding through all-new levels in the “Wreck-It Ralph” universe, like Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty, and Fix-It Felix, Jr., players will have to use Ralph’s destructive strength to beat by the Cy-Bugs.'

Hero's Duty sounds... familiar...



mushroomer said:

Im sorry but i disagree. Pixar and John Lasseter would not mess up Mario nor Zelda. if anything they would make it better. I mean come on, even Nintendo messes up their own franchise.. Look at Twilight Princess



mushroomer said:

and Mario Bros 2, in the USA wasnt even Mario.. yet it added to the game and the franchise because it was different. Let Nintendo make good games, Let movie makers tell good stories. Go watch Brave and tell me that Pixar couldnt do Zelda.



Koos said:

Zelda could be an amazing film. Doesn't have to be pixar
I think this Ralph game could turn out to be cool. Nintendo exclusive it seems.



randomlypikachu said:

certain instances in the past involving video games being made movies/tv shows lead me to believe that this movie wont turn out too well, and certain instances in the past involving movies/tv shows being made into games lead me to believe the game wont turn out too well either. >.> but hey maby i'm wrong and they'll be great. >.> hopefully



Capt_N said:

@Bensei "I doubt the cameos will be in this game. As I can judge from the trailer, they are not an integral part of the story, so they could easily be replaced." ~ Yes, the cameos look just like a way to add the atmosphere of video games to the movie. Or to get fans of those franchises to watch the movies. Maybe even to get them to watch the movie, on the grounds of wiki authors/editors for those cameos' games, being able to write in about the cameos part in the film. Well, it could be, although that's going out on a limb slightly.

@SuperSonic95 I don't know if you are, but if you are referring to Battleship, then I just thought you'd like to know there were many board-game-to-movie ideas in the movie industry. Candy Land was one weird idea, along w/ Battleship, & I think a few(1, or 2) others.

@mushroomer I actually saw Brave, & it was very good. Would I want Disney/Pixar(which btw is now also a Disney-owned studio) doing a movie based on any Nintendo franchise? I'll say "probably not", b/c I would be leaning toward a "no" more than an "ok", or a "maybe" on that one.

I would prefer the game in the movie itself. I haven't gone to the (movie's) site, but maybe the game there could be expanded upon, instead of being this game.

Edit: @NintendoLand It was a Tuesday!



NintyMan said:

Wreck-It Ralph getting it's own game isn't surprising going by every other animated movie getting its own game. Unfortunately, licensed games don't turn out to be so good, but there are exceptions. Maybe if this gets a decent review I might consider getting it whenever it gets in the bargain bin.

Actually, I would love it if they made Fix-It Felix, Jr. an unlockable bonus, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.



motang said:

Hope there would be an actual downloadable game that like in 8-bit style on the eShop.



TTGlider said:

I think it has potential. Toy Story 3 was supposedly OK. I'm looking forward to learning more about this game (on Wii).



Firejonie said:

I am really excited about the movie itself and as for the game, maybe a good amount of effort will be put into it knowing that it is a video game based movie. Most movie based games can be bad, but some are good. Take the Spongebob Square Pants Movie game on Gamecube,Xbox and the PS2.



Marioman64 said:

i was in the theatres when i saw the trailer for this movie for the first time and i was like OMG A VIDEOGAME MOVIE THAT MIGHT BE GOOD?!?!?!111 can't wait to see if they deliver
oh, and maybe the game of the movie of the games will be good too



CommanderAudio said:

@mushroomer There was already a Super Mario Bros. film, although it isn't a pixar/Disney film. In case you're wondering, it was brilliant, if by brilliant, you mean horrible

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