Upcoming Disney animated film Wreck-It Ralph will feature a cameo from the Koopa King himself.

Bowser will appear in the movie, due out in November, alongside an unnamed ghost from Pac-Man (we're hoping for Clyde). We don't know how the two fit in, but previous reports suggested a panel of villains — including Dr. Eggman — would feature in a scene together.

The film centres on Wreck-It Ralph, a video game villain frustrated at always losing out to hero Fix-It Felix. Ralph decides to switch things up by venturing into other games to play the hero for once, taking on a science fiction first-person shooter, confectionery-themed kart racer and even a Rampage-inspired destroy 'em up.

Wreck-It Ralph is set for release on 2nd November 2012, Bowser and friends in tow.

Thanks to SMW for the tip.

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