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The World Ends With You Follow-up Teased by Square Enix

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not quite the end

The World Ends With You is one of those DS RPG titles that may not be well-known, but is critically acclaimed and loved by its fans. It's a gem of the DS library, which makes the recent tease of a sequel from Square Enix music to our ears.

As reported by Andriasang, Tetsuya Nomura — a key figure in The World Ends With You and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance — described the relevance of providing voiced dialogue for Raimu in the 3DS title, a character from the cult DS release: it's apparently important "out of consideration of the future of The World Ends With You series."

When pressed on what this meant, Nomura was rather coy: "Regarding The World Ends With You, I can't say anything at present... (laughs). But there probably is something."

Of course that doesn't necessarily mean that any sequel will be on a Nintendo system, but hinting at a sequel to a DS title while discussing a 3DS game at least makes it a solid possibility. Have any of you played The World Ends With You, and are you interested in a sequel?


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felix330 said:

I would love to see a sequel of this game. The original game is probably one of my favorite games of all time! I think there is a lot of potential for a sequel on 3DS or even Wiiu.



CanisWolfred said:

As much as I hate TWEWY, I'd like to see a sequel just to see if they can fix it this time around. Improve the controls and write a better story, and we might have a winner here.



Spoony_Tech said:

Never played it for some reason. I should look into picking up on the cheap now but I would probably never play it for a long time!



-TR said:

I was having a pretty meh day, but the news that there just might be a sequel to TWEWY has cheered me up to no end. Possibly my favourite game of all-time. If they made a sequel for Vita, I'd buy a Vita. End of.



AbuJaffer said:

The (secret) ending really opened up the way for a sequel. It's bound to happen; the real question is just when it'll be revealed.

@Mickeymac I'm a bit confused here; those were my favorite aspects of the original. Could you care to elaborate? There's a reason this is the most played game on my 3DS at almost 100 hours...



RR529 said:

I missed out on TWEWY, unfortunately. Glad to see such a unique series possibly getting another go, though.



Blaze said:

Hoping for a sequel! TWEWY was my fave DS game, and one of my favourite games of all time, so this is awesome news!!



abINC4L said:

YES I AM! I still haven't finished it yet, but I'm very close so it's exciting to think that there might be a sequel.



Denkou said:

HALLELUJAH! I AM SO PSYCHED!!!! (get it? PSYCHED?) Anyways, a sequel to this game would be fantastic. I would go as far as to say that The World Ends With You is the best game I have ever played. And yes, I have played games like Mario 3, Link to the past, portal, etc.



pastasauce said:

I didn't really like the first one, but the more good games on Nintendo systems the better.



Linkstrikesback said:


I can't help but think the game would suffer for having to try and use a huge Tablet at the same time as looking at the screen. It would seem much harder to try and pay attention to two screens so far apart.

On the other hand, it would allow for some amazing multiplayer in the battles...



C-Olimar said:

@James Great idea! You could use the second controller to search for Noise! In fact, maybe you could put it on the floor, and then switch the remotes between both screens for certain battles, but it probably wouldn't work for combos... although, just like you had to concentrate on 2 things in the original, maybe there could be a mode where you have to hold 2 Wiimotes, one for each screen! Just some suggestions.



Phle said:

LOVED The World Ends With You, one of my fave DS games. A sequel would be great, either for the DS or the 3DS (^_^)



FluffyNinja said:

Oh please oh please let there be Sho Minamimoto in the game once more. He makes math sound so bad ass.



Brando67854321 said:

Am I the only one who thinks Square-enix should stop with portable games for a while?!?!?!? So I say put the possible sequel on wii-u not 3ds please dont mess up again!



Samholy said:

ma favourite DS rpg. and one of the best rpg i played lifetime. i consider it pretty close to final fantsy 6-7, crono trigger.... its innovative at its fullest, it has a great soundtrack. its superb, art direction is exceptional.

bring it back to 3DS PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



pikku said:

@MickeyMac Lol if you didn't like the controls or the story, I'm having trouble seeing why you even liked the first one D:



Emaan said:

I love Kingdom Hearts, never got into The World Ends With You though, I'd like to see a sequel on 3DS!



Hokori said:

I wanna play this again I gave it to my not girl friend for her birthday, it made her happy, but I wish I could find this again....



SaSoBe said:

Bought it. Didn't finish it. Sold it. Bought it again. This time I'll actually play it to the end! A second entry would be fun, especially since my best friend loves TWEWY.



Expa0 said:

Still haven't gotten the original, because I'm kinda boycotting the KH team because of how horrendous Kingdom Hearts 2 and 358/2 days were.



CanisWolfred said:

@pikmaniac I didn't like it, because of the controls and the story. I see sequels as a chance to fix past mistakes, though, so I am looking forward to a sequel.



theblackdragon said:



seriously? i don't care what system it's for — a TWEWY sequel would be a system-seller for me if it came down to it. eff. yes.



pariah164 said:

Seriously. Want. One of my favorite DS titles? Sequel, please.


Also, to those saying it should be on the Wii U? Shut up. I will keep playing my DSi XL and 3DS rather than buy a Wii U. Seriously, keep a portable franchise portable. I hated it when the Trauma Center series jumped ship to the Wii, and if that happens to TWEWY, I cannot be held responsible for my actions.



Popyman said:

I want this to happen, Wii U and/or 3DS are perfect for the sequel. I would personally like to see it on the Wii U since there are more new features that it could take advantage of which, IMO, is a TWEWY trademark.



RR529 said:

@expa0, What? I'll agree that 358/2 Days was underwhelming, but KHII is the best in the series (IMO). I've honestly never heard anyone dislike at all, until your statement. Could you elaborate a bit?

I'll say it doesn't have as much of a nostalgia factor (for obvious reasons), but as a game it is fantastic.



sinalefa said:

I never got this one, but I have heard great things about it, and it is around $20 now, so it will be a matter of time to get it. I should unwrap Solatorobo and play that one first.



WiiLovePeace said:

I played a bit of TWEWY but just didn't get into it, the controls / story were too confusing, I'll probably give it another go one day.



CanisWolfred said:

@RR529 He ain't the only one. Granted, it's a complete 180 of the first game, so maybe it's good for what it is, but I absolutely hate everything about it, and almost gave up on the series myself until I played 358/2 Days and realized that despite the praise, they were able to learn the right lessons. Hopefully KH3 will be the best of both worlds.



theblackdragon said:

@sinalefa: yeah, i'd play Solatorobo first — otherwise you won't be getting to it for a while, and you may find you don't even want to, lol. Solatorobo has nothing on TWEWY. :3



BenAV said:

I'd say that a 3DS sequel would be best.
It was always a good game to play while travelling I found.
Would be great on the Wii U too though.
As long as it's on a Nintendo system I'm happy.



scrubbyscum999 said:

YESH!!! This is one of my favorite games of all-time, it's so good! This is going to be a launch day buy for me if they release a sequel.



mizzy_helen said:

TWEWY!!! this was my ultimate favorite when it came out, now it's still in my top 5. So i'm reallly excited about a sequal. So I'm hoping it will be for DS or 3DS, just so I can play it while travelling...

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