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Welcome to Shibuya...

Wake up, shaken up, plastered on asphalt
Phones can't block the voices of the masses
Seven days left between you and Death
Better race, place, Reapers won't give up the chase

  • Combine forces with teammates
  • Use pins to unleash devastating fusion attacks
  • Explore the streets of the Shibuya district

You have 7 days!

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USA USA Version

Posted by James Newton


Tearing up many RPG conventions that its publisher Square Enix put into place, The World Ends With You is vibrant, energetic and an absolute blast to play.You play Neku Sakuraba, a young Japanese kid who wakes up with no recollection of who he is or how...

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Noire said:

Picked this game up over the break and it blew my mind. Absolutely amazing game; it lacks in no area whatsoever. It easily became my second favorite game of all time.

So zetta sweet.

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