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Kirby Gets 20th Anniversary Compilation for Wii

Posted by James Newton

Dream land

The pinkest hero around, Kirby, celebrates 20 years of sucking this year. To celebrate with him, Nintendo's putting together a 20th anniversary compilation of his most popular adventures for Wii.

Granted, Nintendo hasn't specified which of Kirby's games will feature on the disc — is it too much to hope for Kirby Air Ride? — but hopefully it can squeeze in all the little guy's SNES and N64 outings.

Which Kirby games should be on this compilation?

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WaveBoy said:

I'm not a huge fan of the Pink fluff, but I have enjoyed the series to some extent based on the ones that I've played....I wonder if this compilation would include any of the portable outings? Ya i doubt it. Still, I'd love to play Dreamland 3 and Kirby 64, even though they're already on the Wii's VC.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for compilation discs. If they announced a Classic Castlevania Compilation for the Wii, i'd seriously Vamp' out.



Knuckles said:

I say it should have a new Kirby game by the one and only Masahario Sakurai!
It could be downloadable....



komicturtle said:

When I turn 25.. So will Kirby...

Turn 30....

Feels good to have my birthday two days before Kirby :3

Cannot wait for what's in store for his 20th anniversary. How about a symphony orchestra? Blow Zelda out of the way, Kirby



Morpheel said:

I'd rather have it on the 3DS

Anyways, I hope they don't do a Super Mario All-Stars Wii with this one and actually include at least sightly updated versions of at least 6 games, seriously.

I think they should include...
-Kirby's Dream Land 1, 2 and 3
-Kirby's Adventure
-Kirby Super Star (with ultra's additions)
-Kirby 64

All with updated graphics (or nice emulation options, like colors for the GB games).... One can dream...



Myx said:

they could make a new franchise called "abandonware collection".. in the same breath they could stop developping new stuff altogether. it is much cheaper for them, therefore much more income. and the customers do not seem to mind paying for stuff from the stoneage that should come free as a gimmick.



shonenjump86 said:

I love Kirby games but I have not picked up the one that came out late last year. I kind of forgot about it. I need to pick that up soon cause I really do want to play it.



mamp said:

As long as it's not overpriced like the Mario 25th anniversary disc which was basically all stars at $30.



RevolverLink said:

Sorry Nintendo, but you're going to have to change that Kirby logo.

No angry eyes Kirby, no buy.



RR529 said:

Could be interesting, but I have Adventure as a 3D Classic, and recently played Super Star (Ultra) on DS, so besides for Crystal Shards (which I haven't played in ages), I don't think there'll be anything here for me.

Sure, there's the plethora of portable games (it has been mostly a portable franchise), but I just have the feeling none of the portable games will be included. I also doubt Air Ride, or the Two Wii games will be included (unless they pull a Prime Trilogy, and release those 3, instead of the retro ones). With how many games the series has on portable systems (4 on Game Boy alone!), it would have made better sense to make this a 3DS compilation.

Game Boy: Dream Land, Dream Land 2, Block Ball, Pinball Land. Game Boy Color: Tilt N' Tumble. Game Boy Advance: Nightmare in Dreamland, Amazing Mirror. DS: Canvas Curse, Squeak Squad, Super Star Ultra, Mass Attack. Between all of those I'm sure a 3DS cart could have been filled (and I may have even missed some).



Kaeobais said:

Might be interested in this, but only if it isn't a ridiculous cash-in like the All Stars port.



Kaeobais said:

Also, Kirby and Mario and yet no Zelda? What the crap, Nintendo? Do you know how much money you'd get doing that? Granted they probably did that specifically so Ocarina of Time 3D would sell :/



Sgt_Garlic said:

Nintendo: Metroid? What's that?
I have a number of Kirby games so I'll probably sit this one out.



RevolverLink said:

@Shadx, They didn't release a compilation (or an old port of a compilation; and not even the best version of that compilation) for Zelda, but I thought Nintendo acquitted themselves better with Zelda's 25th birthday than they did with Mario's. Free copies of Four Swords Anniversary Edition for anyone with a 3DS, the Zelda Symphony, that great Flipnote contest, Hyrule Historia (although that's exclusively for Japan), Club Nintendo posters, the Zelda 3DS, a cameo level in Super Mario 3D Land, plus OoT was remade, LA Dx. was released on the 3DS VC and SS came out for the Wii.

That's a lot more than poor Metroid, F-Zero, Pokemon and Pikmin got for their anniversaries last year (25th, 20th, 15th and 10th, respectively). To my knowledge, Nintendo didn't even tweet themselves a congratulatory pat on the back for those franchises.



ville10 said:

As much as I want to celebrate Kirby's anniversary, I own pretty much all the games. Unless they remake the games included, I'll probably have to pass on this one.

Then again, if they throw together a nice limited edition with a bunch of nice bonuses (not like the weak Mario 25th anniversary), I'm sold!



Aerona said:

Eh, I love Kirby, but I have most of the games I'd like. The only one I really have my eyes on is Squeak Squad, and I doubt it'll make an appearance.



Poketendo said:

I don't know. I really love Kirby. But I love Mario as well. And I didn't buy his anniversary game. I just rented it. I think I just have to wait to see which games are on that disc.



V8_Ninja said:

Any idea who's developing this compilation? If Sakurai has any hand in this, I'm sure we'll avoid a "Super Mario All-Stars"-like conundrum.



misswliu81 said:

good to see another quality title on the wii yet again, and this time its kirby.

love the little fella! though nintendo should have something planned for metroid this coming august as well.



Shiryu said:

I have finnaly got last week "Kirby Air Ride" for the Game Cube. Would be ironic if it would appear in this compilation. Wish Nintendo would put them all Kirby games in, really.



Betagam7 said:

Can we expect some level of effort to go into this collection given that Nintendo doesn't just have a handy SNES Rom to slap onto a disk?
Can we expect to be graced by the option of choosing to play the games in 60hz or will we be forced to endure the VC versions just for the sake of internal consistency as with the demos...sorry "masterpieces" on the otherwise 60hz SSBB?



Bobhobob said:

Will probably buy this, have't played much Kirby games besides Wii and DS ones.
Kirby Air Ride would make this a NO QUESTIONS ASKED insta-buy, even if it's an insane cash-in like Mario's 25th Anniversary.



Adam said:

Still hoping for Kirby's Air Ride 2. He made a sequel to Kid Icarus bazillions of years later, so now my most unreasonable hopes are given slight validation. Can't wait for his reboots of Balloon Fight and Ice Climbers, too.



Luffymcduck said:

Wow, an Anniversary Kirby game but not one for Metroid. Tough luck being created on the same year as Legend of Zelda. Not that I care too much of Metroid series.

Everyone is talking about Kirby Air Ride. The races were quite fun but my cousins always wanted to play City mode. It was OK for a while but I didn´t understand why they hyped it so much.



hYdeks said:

I'ld like to see any Kirby game in the compilation, EXCEPT KIRBY AIR RIDE!!! That games just....baaaadd...

Btw, why didn't they do a Metroid Anniversary?!?!? I feel so ripped off as a Metroid fan....but Kirby is big in japan, north america and europe so it makes since, metroid isn't very popular in japan.



Emaan said:

Yay for Kirby! Although I'm curious why they aren't waiting until 25 years rather than 20, but oh well. Super excited for this Wii collection. I'm hoping Kirby 64 and Kirby Air Ride are on this!



misswliu81 said:

@hydeks you're right about metroid, seeing as it has never been a big seller in japan and neither it is as popular as it is in the west. i am still hoping nintendo of america or europe do something on the day of or be it the month of its anniversary in august though.



sinalefa said:

I want to see the games announced before getting excited. I am curious about Air Ride. Depending on the disc's size, it would not be crazy that they would include one of the Wii games. I would just like more bang for my buck than with Mario's Collection, which was basically a $30 booklet for me.



SKTTR said:

I hope there's (at least) Kirby's Dream Land 1 & 2 on it.

KDL 2 with its Super Game Boy features. And KDL 1 updated in the same way.

Personally I always wanted to see the SNES version of Kirby's Star Stacker as well (since that one was released in Japans Wii Shop).

So basically the best Kirby platformers (already mentioned above) should be on this disc:

Kirby's Dream Land (GB)
Kirby's Dream Land 2 (SGB)
Kirby's Dream Land 3 (SNES)
Kirby's Adventure (NES)
Kirby's Fun Pak (SNES)
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (N64)

As for extras,
Kirby's Star Stacker (SNES)
Kirby's Dream Course (SNES)
Kirby's Ghost Trap (SNES)
Kirby Air Ride (GC)

I'd be positively surprised if they crank in some of the other handheld Kirby games, like the GBA ones (I never played and would make this collection a must) and the other great GB ones like Kirby's Pinball Land and Kirby's Block Ball.



Xkhaoz said:

Just, freaking, Air Ride. I don't care about anything else, just, goddamn Air Ride.



Hokori said:

I have almost all the Kirby games already so no for me all I need is are ride, mass attack, returns, and 2 and they can be bought easily.



chewytapeworm said:

As someone who has only just become a fan of Kirby in the past year, this would be absolutely ideal for me.



donx998 said:

For the love of god PLEASE! give us kirby air ride.its looong over due for a sequel so you could at least give us air ride.And it needs start stacker cuz all the other kirby games are pretty much VCed LOOOOL i guess its kind of guaranteed since air ride was popular. and it says most popular adventures so my guess is

super star
air ride
amazing mirror

thats all i can think of for most popular atm.



NintyMan said:

This sounds promising, especially for someone who might not have many of Kirby's best games. However, I have Kirby's Adventure for the Wii and 3DS, Kirby Super Star on Wii, and Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64 for Wii. The only main Kirby game I haven't played yet is Kirby's Dream Land 2, but that should be coming on the 3DS at some point. I'll only get this collection if it comes with a soundtrack and other various bonuses.



Malkeor said:

OH my gosh i'm buying manly squee

I only own ONE Kirby game, and that's Dream Land for Game Boy.



Tsukun said:

I would love if Kirby Air Ride was on it. I would buy it for that alone, seriously.



HappyHappy said:

@VintageBoy Why does Nintendo like to use the angry face Kirby? It looks like Kirby's saying "Buy my game or else!"
Kirby's Dreamland 1-3, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby Superstar, Kirby 64, Kirby Air Ride, and maybe a few of the DS games if possible.



Deviant_Mugen said:

So even Kirby takes precedence over Metroid? Well, ****, thanks a lot, Nintendo...

Then again, after the negative—and undeserved—reception Other M got, I'm not expecting to see any new games in the series for a while (except for Samus' token appearance in the new Smash Bros. game, of course)... =|



lonlon-milker said:

It's wired cause all the old kirby games have been re released in the past couple of years super star for the ds adventure for the 3ds and even the alleyway rip off that I never heard about they must include at least dreamland 3 Kirby 64 and of course air ride



Zzyyvux said:

Epic. This is oe of Nintendo's best series.
On a side note, anyone else notice that it's also the 20th Anniversary of Mario Kart? I think they should make a 3DS game that has the first 3 Mario Karts in 3D.
Just a thought.



Henmii said:

Cool and unexpected! Nice logo too!

I really wonder what will be on the disc. I guess Kirby's adventure, Kirby super star, Kirby's dreamland 3. And maybe Kirby's dreamland 1, 2 and Kirby 64. Maybe a nice purchase for me. If I buy it and Kirby's dreamland 2 is on it, I won't download it on 3DS vc!



RevolverLink said:

As much as I love Metroid, is it really that surprising to people that Nintendo wouldn't celebrate it's 25th? Nintendo has really tried to make that series into it's "third pillar" over the last decade, and it's still nowhere close to even Kirby's lifetime sales.

That they did nothing for the 15th anniversary of a mega-seller like Pokemon is much more stunning to me.



Knux said:

I'm going to have to see which games are included on the disc before even being excited about this. If it turns out to be a lazy-a** collection like Super Mario All-Stars on the Wii; then we'll probably see just Kirby's Adventure, Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Dream Land 3 (a meh game), and Kirby 64.

I'm hoping that Nintendo includes a ton of games on this disc, otherwise I'm not buying it.



sketchturner said:

Amazing Mirror, Super Star, DreamLand 2, Pinball Land, and Crystal Shards are the must-haves, IMO.

Oh, and if they could get Tilt & Tumble on there that would be awesome!! I loved that game.



SomeBitTripFan said:

@Shadx: Well they do have The Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition for GC (Zelda 1,2,Ocarina,Majora, and a Wind Waker demo)
Sad that Metroid didn't ever get its recognition for turning 25



Lyndexer said:

I'll have to find more from this game. I only played The first Kirby and Air Ride, both good games. I've also noticed they've been doing more and more anniversary stuff with Nintendo characters.
((They need to make a Yoshi game.))



StarBoy91 said:

I'll wait until HAL Laboratory and Nintendo confirm which titles will be on the compilation before I decide whether or not to purchase it, even though I love Kirby and am excited that he turns the big 2-0 this year



Shotgunryugan said:

And Metroid got ignored right? sigh...

Anyway,as much as i love Kirby games,i already have most of them,so i doubt i'll buy this any time soon.

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