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Huge Nintendo fan and game/ system collector.

Wed 8th Feb 2012

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Zzyyvux commented on Kirby Gets 20th Anniversary Compilation for Wii:

Epic. This is oe of Nintendo's best series.
On a side note, anyone else notice that it's also the 20th Anniversary of Mario Kart? I think they should make a 3DS game that has the first 3 Mario Karts in 3D.
Just a thought.



Zzyyvux commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd March 2012 (North Amer...:

I don't download much eShop games anyway... but has anyone else noticed that Nintendo has put exactly ZERO Pokemon games on the VC!? Really!? I mean, they have most of their good series and even some 3rd party GB games on it, BUT NO POKEMON!? WHAT THE HECK NINTENDO!? ):