Nintendo showed off the Wii U's new controller reading the web, but surely it's got far greater potential when it comes to giving you something to read. According to Forget the Box, Nintendo is prepping full-on e-reader software for its new console.

The site's anonymous developer source claims Nintendo is getting ready to add books, magazines, newspapers, comics and strategy guides to Wii U's abilities, all streamed to the console's new controller. According to the source, Nintendo wants all past issues of Nintendo Power to be available, as well as its official Player's Guides for older Virtual Console games, the idea being to flick through a strategy guide on your Wii U controller while playing your VC game on the TV.

The source also claims 3DS will be updated to receive the same service, with Nintendo aiming to unify some services between both consoles.

This all sounds good, but what do you make of it?