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Nintendo Download: 13th October 2011 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Better late than never

We normally get a heads-up on Europe downloads much earlier in the week, but we're only just hearing about this week's downloads today. Here's the reason why:

3DS Virtual Console

Golf (Game Boy, Nintendo, £2.60/€3) — A portable version of a good walk ruined, it'll do in a pinch but as with most of the GB's sports titles it's really showing its age now. Read our Golf review for the full score card.

That's it. No WiiWare, DSiWare or Wii Virtual Console to speak of. Disappointing.

There's also a video of Super Mario 3D Land, but it's in 2D and was already released on the web last week.

Let's talk about it below.

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Oregano said:

Yup... worst.update.ever!

The EU eShop manager is terrible at his job. He needs to be replaced.



Cipher said:

Well, that's just weird. Surely there must be some DSiWare games in the backlog? There are tons in North America that we don't have yet.

No matter. Metroid II at some point this month would be nice, then I'll forget this thing ever happened.



Oregano said:

Yes James! He should be forced to run a death gauntlet as well! * twirls mustache *

Nah but really this should have been anticipated quite a while ago and they have paced the games out so there would be at least two games across all four services. I know I'd rather have no weeks with 2 DSiware titles and than weeks with 0 DSiware titles.



Raptor78 said:

Officially the worst Shop Update EVER!!!

Not only is there just the one Golf game released on the 3DS and nothing for the wii or DSi. There is no incentive to download this if you have the Nes Golf game that all the Ambassadors got.



cheapogamer4life said:

i wonder who signs off on you guys update. Looks at this list and says,"golf and a 2d video of a 3D game,huh, oh they'll love this week update". :/



LeeGarbutt said:

It's a bit worrying to see poor quality VC weeks like this so early in the 3DS' lifespan. I'd hate to see Nintendo jump ship with the 3DS VC like they did with the Wii VC.



Monkeh said:

Nintendo is going really strong in the online department of the 3DS..

Makes me think the Wii-U's online department will fail as well.



tripunktoj said:

No offense european friends, but I just cant stop crying of my laughs, its so bad it almost compensates for Europe getting Xenoblade, its worst than getting nothing because this is a slap in the face, a bad taste joke. This is the lamest Nintendo download ever PERIOD



Bass_X0 said:

@WhiteSpyderZero, Nintendo have mainly been concentrating on their earliest games regardless of actual quality, with a few choice games from later on. The more games that get released, the more good games we'll get. But only one game in total is inexcusable. They should have released a second 3DS VC game, even if it is Side Pocket.



LeeGarbutt said:

@Bass_X0 - That's the problem, if you are going to put one of these lesser titles on the VC, at least back it up with a "prestige" title like a Zelda, Mario or quality third party game. Nintendo don't seem to understand the concept of consistancy with their digital releases.

This is the perfect time for Nintendo to dazzle us with decent VC content, while we are waiting for worthwhile 3DS retail releases and for 3DSWare to take off.



Tethers said:

@ James & "What if there were simply no games ready for release? Should he still be fired?"

It should be his job that games have to be ready...



Ristar42 said:

Terrible update. Any word from SEGA about the Game Gear, I'm starting to think we wont see it at all on 3DS.



Bass_X0 said:

@WhiteSpyderZero, there are more lesser titles on the Game Boy than there are prestige titles. Anyway, other than Tetris which isn't going to be released anyway, 1989 is done with and we're going into Nintendo's second year of releases on the Game Boy.

Boulder Dash, Penguin Wars, Othello, Mercenary Force, Kwirk, Solar Striker, Dr. Mario, Balloon Kid, F-1 Race and Play Action Football will likely be the next set of games they'll release, and whatever choice games they decide to release from later on. Thats not including third party releases either.



tovare said:

I was thinking GBA-titles this week as well, because it's 10 weeks before the week of christmass. IMHO It would be pretty ok if they didn't drop all 10 at once.



James said:

@Ristar42 SEGA is still telling me they have "nothing to announce" on the matter.

@L_Brown It's also developers' jobs to make sure games are submitted and up to standard in time too. Should they also be fired?



komicturtle said:

Then next week- Metroid2, Wario Land and and Kirby's Dreamland 2 comes out.

Okay, I'm being hopeful.

But c'mon- this is pretty funny.



Tethers said:

@ James & "It's also developers' jobs to make sure games are submitted and up to standard in time too."

Do you know the game "La Mulana"?

Or what is with Bionic Commando? I don't think that Capcom still hasn't done their work, I mean it even got announced for a release this quarter, and I think that the manual work does Nintendo, so please stop defending them...



Kifa said:

Okay... This is just embarassing... They could have at least put "Fast" demo on the WiiShop Channel... :/



FonistofCruxis said:

What a crap update, one mediocre 3DS vc game and nothing on wiiware, dsiware or 3DSware. Although, I don't think this is Europe's worst update as there was an update at the beginning of September where the only game released was 1950's lawn mower kids which is worse than Golf. The NES ambassador games may have been on that day too but they don't count as they weren't available to everyone.



James said:

@L_Brown OK, you win with La Mulana However it's a complex process to get a game ready and distributed digitally, it's not a matter of one person's job: everyone has their role to play. We shouldn't be so quick to blame Nintendo when games aren't released, in my opinion anyway.



Zach said:

Back in my day we had to walk fifteen miles in the snow to play a game of golf! And it was really hard to golf in the snow!



Ristar42 said:

@James - cheers for the information, even if it is disappointing...
Odd though, SEGA are normally quick to make their retro games available to download services and there was the initial announcement in Japan, back in March. The 3DS VC really needs to improve, Game Boy alone is wasted potential.



Megumi said:

.....It couldn't even been Mario Tennis?... :/
EDIT: .............Just realized I posted in the Europe download. xD
I just woke up, shut it. lol



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Why would anyone even buy this? They gave us a free NES Golf game last month and there's a better looking 3D Golf game on the service. You could probably buy the cart for less.

It was actually the 2nd GB game I ever owned. Hated it back then, doubt it would change now.




I'm almost certain now we won't get vast majority of the ware games that NA have that we don't have yet.



BenAV said:

Really? That's all we get this week?
I have money sitting in my eShop account just waiting for the next 3DSWare game that comes out, I don't care what it is, I just want something new to download.
Easy money there for Nintendo, but they're taking their time taking it from me.



Etherkon said:

Lame... Why can't they just release some classics like Pokemon or Zelda.
This is just waste of potential the eShop would have.



Bass_X0 said:

They released it because it exists and isn't subject to licensing issues. Thats all.

Lame... Why can't they just release some classics like Pokemon or Zelda.

Just because you can name some of the best titles on the original handhelds doesn't mean they are in a strategical position to release those games. As I said before, multiplayer functionality needs to be added to the 3DS VC before they can release Pokémon and for whatever reason, they are currently holding back on Game Boy Color titles for the moment. Unless you mean the original black and white version of Zelda: Link's Awakening. That would still be a better game than Golf though. Anyway, Golf had to be released and now they released it. Metroid II will come at some point before 2012. Patience.



cheetahman91 said:

Wow this update is pathetic. It's even worse for the Ambassadors because they already have a golf game that they got for free.



dizzy_boy said:

how predictable.
won`f be too long before nintendo anounces the download shops will stop being supported.



Yosher said:

Sheesh. It's bad enough that the Wii VC gets no support at all anymore and now the updates are getting worse and worse too. 'Least it can't get much worse than this....



Reala said:

phew! was getting worried about the lack of downloadable golf games for a bit



Fuzzy said:

Oh well, had a good run for a while. Still got to catch up on the last few VC releases. I just wish they'd put out Mega Man X.

@37 - it'll probably sell because Mario is on the cover.



ToxieDogg said:

Absolutely terrible.

At least there's still a backlog of good games on the E-Shop that I haven't bought yet. I only got round to downloading PicoPict last week, lol Surely nobody else can have downloaded every single good game already, just use it as an opportunity to download something you might have been considering a while back but never got around to.

Me, I'm probably going to give Kubos a go this week.



Cengoku said:

If Nintendo wants its 3ds sales to go up, they fail. In Japan, do they think that european are all golf fans? In japan 3ds eshop, they've so many games that i want to import a japanese 3ds. I really feel sorry for us because this release of this week means A LOT OF things, we will never have a lot of great games here.



sillygostly said:

@54: Yes, but the eShop doesn't display the original covers (God only knows why...), nor does the 3DS menu splash screen. Nintendo ought to better utilise the original promotional art for these games (as they have with Donkey Kong and the Super Mario Land games) if they wish to attract the attention of potential customers.

I guess Nintendo's just trying to lure the VC completists or those whose judgement is clouded by their nostalgia for the game.



Tethers said:

@ James: Of course it's not a matter of one person's job, but if he know what games get released, he can do something against it. I mean Nintendo itself have dozen of games which waits to get rated and released, and Nintendo has the time, money and staff so bring them to the eShop...



Bass_X0 said:

The only bad week for the 3DS VC is when no game is released. Even if I'm not interested in a game, the more games released means the ones I do want should be released quicker.

Okay, nobody wants Golf but it still has to be released. Better Golf this week and a potentially good game (whatever it is) next week than no game this week and Golf next week.



ueI said:

No games were released for wii, however. Any European who owns one of those or a DSi without a 3DS would have no choice but to call this an atrocious week.

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