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Thu 6th Oct 2011

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Etherkon commented on Review: F1 2011 (3DS):

I think it's a good game. AI has it's problems but most of the time it can give a fair challenge. There's also lots to do and the controls are good.
So in my opinion the grade is too harsh.



Etherkon commented on F1 2011:

I just bought it and I have to say that it's the best racing game for 3ds. Graphics aren't the best but it has a lot of content and it's very realistic.



Etherkon commented on Review: Let's Golf! 3D (3DSWare):

6 is too low. I enjoyed this game and I think it was lot of fun. There was little problems with the framerate but that shouldn't be enough.
However I liked the Golf Touch's gameplay better than this ones but this
has more content.