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Kid Icarus, Kirby Getting 3D Classics Makeovers

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

And PictoChat lives on, sort of

Following the illustrious lead of Excitebike, Xevious, Twinbee and, uh, Urban Champion, Nintendos of Japan and Europe announced that NES gems Kid Icarus and Kirby's Adventure are next in line to go through the 3D Classics transmogrifier. It's the perfect way to catch up on Pit's first and Kirby's arguably best adventure.

3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure comes to Europe on 17th November for €6, with a North American release yet to be revealed.

A few other not-old eShop releases have been confirmed for North American release along with tentative dates and prices. One of the most intriguing of which is Pushmo — called Pullblox in Europe — a 3D puzzler involving pulling and pushing blocks previously revealed as Hiku-Osu in Japan. If the 250 stock puzzles aren't enough, you'll be able to create your own come its release in December.

Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!, previously known as Picture Lives!, lets players doodle critters and bring them to life in 3D and hits in November for $6.99. Europe gets it on 10th November for €6.

Dillon’s Rolling Western is that 3D tower defence game featuring an armadillo in the WIld West and will be rolling into town in Q1 next year.

Swapnote — or Nintendo Letter Box in Europe — appears to be the 3DS evolution of PictoChat and lets you send 3D messages to friends via SpotPass and StreetPass for free in December. Messages support picture and sound in addition to your likely crude scribbles.

New puzzles and dungeons are also slated to hit StreetPass Plaza in the November system update.

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User Comments (74)



TingLz said:

Geez, slow down with the announcements

My wallet can only take so much



Blue_Yoshi said:

I hope the Kid Icarus remake have a better save feature, I could barely get through the emulated version on the VC. Kirbys Adventure will be interesting as its essentially a crappy Nightmare in Dreamland but I never played the original so I cant wait.



Dodger said:

Will be getting Kirby's Adventure. I love that game on Wii VC and was sad that it wasn't a Ambassador game but this is better.

And a way to actually message your friends? Incredible!

Wow, a lot to look forward to in the next couple months. Skyward Sword, that 3DS update, the messenger, the GBA games, etc.



I-U said:

Finally, it seems like a message system is on the horizon for the 3DS. It really should have been there since launch. I wanted both Kirby's Adventure and Kid Icarus as part of the ambassador NES games; however, I'll definitely pick up 3D Classic versions of each. I wish NOA would come forward with a release date for either one. I guess they'll be taking the month later approach again. Also glad to see Nintendo's 3DSWare titles dated, and it looks like NOA finally will be on track with Freakyforms though there are titles like Picross-e that should be hitting stateside too.



daznsaz said:

is the kirby game short?will get it getting my hopes up for a bit of depth.but happy either way



Wildvine53 said:

So much downloadable goodness! I don't know if my wallet can take it. I'm hoping Rolling Western comes out as soon as possible next year.



Hejiru said:

@daznsaz It's pretty lengthy for a NES game. The GBA game "Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland" was a remake of this.



Raptor78 said:

Kid Icarus is a free incentive to Nintendo Club members in Japan. I hope they bring the offer over the pond.



Hokori said:

YES! medusa shall pay for what she has done to Crona.... oh wait wrong topic...



Samholy said:

niiiiiiiice. finally.
i wanted those in the ambassador, looks like theyre gonna be 3D !!!!
instant buy. kirby and kid



Late said:

I wasn't so interested in Pullblox/Pushmo but now I just watched the video review from and I'm really excited! I'm getting it for sure!



Soupeep said:

I like the Swapnote pictochat thingy. It sounds good but Nintendo pleases let us send messages online to friends, that would be so great!



Hokori said:

@18 well they did say Via SpotPass, which is wi-fi
StreetPass= Random Strangers, Spot Pass= Wi-Fi Friends



Knux said:

Oh effing sweet, Kirby's Adventure 3D! Now I know what to save my leftover virtual wallet for (and Metroid II).



bro2dragons said:

So now we understand why Kid Icarus wasn't released as an ambassador game/ appetizer for Kid Icarus: Uprising. This is very good news.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Oh my god. I honestly didn't expect ANY of my all-time favorite games to get a 3D makeover...but Kirby's Adventure?

Fan-freaking-tastic news. I cannot wait.

Oh, and Kid Icarus. Which I barely played as a kid. It'll be fun I'm sure.




CrazyOtto said:

I saw the Kid Icarus 3D Classic coming from a mile away, but the Kirby's Adventure 3D Classic was unexpected.



Karakato said:

I'll take them all. Never played Kid Icarus, played only half of the Kirby gba remake, and that Swapnote seems like the much awaited messaging system with added features, plus those extra 3DSware games look great. I just need all their release dates. Its a shame though that we didn't get much details on the Gba ambassador games.



Punny said:

YES! Kid Icarus and Kirby's Adventure will look great in 3D! Show me 3D Classics: Super Mario Bros. 3, and I will be one happy camper!



FonistofCruxis said:

I might get 3D classics: Kid Icarus and Pullblox. The former is more likely than the latter though as I don't like the design of the main character in Pullblox.



Linkstrikesback said:

Kirbys adventure? Oh hey, a legitimate classic is being made into a 3d classic!

1 out of 6 isn't so bad I suppose.



warioswoods said:

One of the greatest Kirby games of all time. Count me excited to finally get a dang platformer out of these 3D remakes.



MasterGraveheart said:

Zelda. Mario. Metroid. Mega Man. Simon's Quest. Final Fantasy. Blaster Master. Ufouria. Punch-Out. In a word... MORE!



6ch6ris6 said:

ahhhhhhhhh why do we always get stupid name s in europe??

nintendo letter box is much too long. swapnote is super!



kkslider5552000 said:

Love Kirby's Adventure, but I kinda already own the VC version and Nightmare in Dreamland. If you've never played the game though, you need to.



blackknight77 said:

great choice for 3D classics. I'd love to Sega get some of their old games like Space Harrier and Outrun for 3D games.



LordTendoboy said:

If Kirby and Kid Icarus were coming out in the US, NoA would have included them in their press release.



NintyMan said:

Kid Icarus wasn't that big of a shock to me since Nintendo had been considering it for a while, but it's very welcoming news! It'll be great to see Kirby's Adventure's beautiful 8-bit graphics in 3D. It's time the 3D Classics series moved on from arcade-style games to something with more substance.



LordAndrew said:

What use is sending messages via SpotPass and StreetPass? Receiving messages from friends via SpotPass, fine. But sending messages passively? Huh?



tertium_quid said:

@13, @31 Ditto, to both of you (at least as far as Kirby & SMB3 are concerned; not a Kid Icarus fan myself)
Kirby's Adventure & Kid Icarus probably weren't ambassador games because they planned on making them 3D Classics. Imagine how mad we'd all be if these had been ambassador games and then the 3D ones came out.



FluttershyGuy said:

Can't wait for Kid Icarus and Kirby 3D Classics! Encouraging for the future of these 3D overhauls for bigger platformers getting the treatment! Next year will be a heck of a year for Kid Icarus with this, Uprising, and hopefully Of Myths & Monsters for VC!

Funny to see that screen pic of the end boss. I mentioned in a thread last night (before the Nintendo announcements) that that terrified me the first time I saw it! Anyone else? I expected a much smaller, but still fair sized Medusa. Then, I see THAT GRUESOME THING taking almost the whole right side of the screen...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That, and Zelda II's giant blue bot in the Great Palace that drops from the ceiling out of nowhere. HELP!

And now that you guys have shown it here, others yet to finish Kid Icarus won't get the crap scared out of them like I did, and I WANTED THEM TO!



pntjr said:

Kirby or Kid Icarus...
Kid Icarus will have to wait!
Kirby is THE game to play!



grumblebuzzz said:

Kirby's Adventure as a 3D classic is what I had in mind when the 3D Classics series was first announced. It's good to know that Nintendo has finally wised up to what "classic" gaming truly is.



Ramses said:

Wow, it looks like Nintendo decided to give us something GOOD to make up for the abysmal Urban Champion remake!



Slapshot said:

Heck flipping yes! This is how you get money from Slappy Nintendo!

Now Slappy has to remember not to throw his 3DS when getting his butt kicked in Kid Icarus!



NinjaMario said:

HOORAY!!! OH MY GOSH!!! finally what we've all been waiting for... Pictochat online. I CANT be the only one this excited for it!!!!!!



Detective_TeeJay said:

I'm happy and all, but I think Swapnote should also feature live Pictochat-like chatting with friends on your friends list.
EDIT: Wait, does Spotpass cover that? Except not live



pntjr said:

@Slapshot Nintendo's Method:
You buy Kid Icarus,
Almost beat the game but die,
Get angry and throw your 3DS at the wall
And go out to buy another 3DS with another Kid Icarus...



Sneaker13 said:

Can't wait for Kid Icarus. Wanted to buy it on the VC, but now I'll just wait for this one.



pocket_arsenal said:

Well... I might get both them 3D classic. Kirby's Adventure is my favorite Kirby game. And I loved Kid Icarus.

What's the story on the 3D classics save features though?
It's a shame they'll be more than 5 dollars though. Whatever.



NinjaMario said:

@TeeJay When people say via spotpass they mean you can send messages over the Internet to your friends. But you don't even need Internet. So yeah.



rafaelluik said:

I'm a fan of Kirby but why getting Kirby's Adventure after it had a much improved remake on GBA, etc...? 3D, really?



Link245 said:

I was shocked these two weren't Ambassador games. Now I know why. Anyways, I'm glad we're getting some 3D Classics I'm actually interested in.

Also, I'm glad we're getting Swapnote but I wish they'd name it PictoChat 2 or PictoChat 3D or something. That name just reminds me of the good old DS.

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