All that and a Balloon Fight level

Intelligent Systems is best known for its work on tactical games: the Fire Emblem and Advance Wars series have both emerged from the talented team over the years, but the studio has just unveiled its new franchise, a downloadable 3DS game called Hiku-Osu.

As you'd expect from Intelligent Systems, it's not a simple case of matching falling blocks. In Hiku-Osu — or "push pull" — you have to pull blocks from the background, arranging them in such a way to allow your hero Maro to jump to the end-of-level flag. It's part platformer, part puzzler, but its use of depth should be interesting to see on the 3DS screen. The official Hiku-Osu site has gameplay videos that make things a little clearer.

The game includes 250 stages as well as a level designer, which should help the game prove its value. It's out in Japan on 5th October for 700 Yen.