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R-Type Being Removed from Virtual Console

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Sega pulling Master System release

According to a post on its official blog, SEGA will be removing the Sega Master System version of R-Type from Nintendo's Virtual Console in all regions on 30th September.

While no official reason was given, it's believed that licensing issues have forced SEGA to remove the game. R-Type on Turbografx-16 will still be available, but if you're a fan of this Master System release, you'd better grab it while you still can.


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Link79 said:

Why would they only be removing the master system version?
If it's a licensing issue shouldn't all versions be removed?



Skotski said:

And people think that putting and keeping games on the Virtual Console would be easy...



timp29 said:

So... which version is best? TG-16 R-type, Sega Master System R-type or Super R-type? Is the master system version the cheapest??



SKTTR said:

Only 2 days left to go, but still, I respect SEGA for announcing this and NL for the heads up.
I'm tempted to get this game now.

Nintendo and the other publishers who removed games from the service (HUDSON SOFT, Zallag, Playful Entertainment) should all learn from SEGA and announce the removals.

I'm still disappointed that I haven't had a chance to get SHOOTANTO, Diner Dash and Gods vs Humans. On the other hand I was fortunate enough to get LONPOS and Jungle Speed before they were removed.

I'm going to buy a few Wii Points Cards next month, and download all the good games I want before it's too late.

Could this be a new sales strategy? Aren't we gamers allowed to take our time with our purchases anymore? Where is the convenience of a 24h-open online-shop that has all games reserved for every potential customer now?

I'm angry. Some games I wanted are gone. That means I can never have the game collection I wanted. I nicely asked people at Nintendo and Hudson Soft to sell me the games, but they couldn't help me.



Link79 said:

@ timp29
I'd have to go with R-type 3 being the best. The graphics are amazing for Snes.
It's a bit short though with only six stages I think. The Turbo grafx one is good too.



LztheQuack said:

@SKTTR: I hardly consider licensing issues as a "new sales strategy" especially since apparently the developer is going under. The problem with VC games is always going to be licensing. Since there is very little profit to be made, what's the point if there's a bunch of issues? You also had time, a good amount of months and years to purchase the games. That's one problem with the digital market: some games may disappear entirely



Tasuki said:

So its only Segas Rtype thats being removed and not any other Irem games?



Link79 said:

The master system version wasn't that great anyway so no big loss.
Wasn't that just an 8-bit version of the same game on turbo grafx?
I could be wrong but I thought those two were practically the same.



LordTendoboy said:

So does this mean that people who already have the game will be unable to use it now? Will it be "locked"?



SKTTR said:

@lz20XX : No man, you don't seem to understand!
I certainly did not have the "months and years of time" or the money to buy all the games I wanted, because I regularly bought games from the Wii Shop over the years, 133 Virtual Console and WiiWare games to be precise. And that doesn't cover every game I wanted.
I just wanted to get some games later, when I have time for them, but 3 of them were removed out of the blue - without any kind of notice - and they weren't even older than 1 year (1 year and a few months at most)!!
All I'm asking for is Nintendo and the developers to officially announce the removals!
I already have to live with the fact that my WiiWare collection will be incomplete (and kinda worthless) forever.



Dazza said:

This is a frustrating precedent for the Virtual Console, but no big loss in this case. The TG-16 port is much better. But the Master System version did have that secret bonus level not found in the arcades!



ecco6t9 said:

During the Master System era Sega often licensed games from their IP holders in order to do a Master System version.



sillygostly said:

@tendoboy1984: That won't be the case. In fact, you should still have the option to redownload the game should you happen to delete it from your System Memory or SD Card. It just won't be available for new customers to purchase.



dizzy_boy said:

and yet another blow to the vc.
it`s bad enough we`re not seeing vc releases any more, but to take games off the service is a joke.



Omega said:

Awww. That is a big loss. The Master System version is a great version of this classic game. I like it much more than the PC-Engine version because the screen doesn't scroll up and down which isn't true to the original. And the graphics on the SMS are beautiful. The only thing that bothers a little bit is the flickering but considering how beautiful this game is made on a Z80-based machine, it's a small price to pay.



Snowblind76 said:

It´s one of the first games i buyed on VC. And if someone is a truly fan of R-Type saga, the Master System version is the only version with a secret and exclusive totally new stage. I really enjoy this 8-bit version of the classic. and the VC one have the "normal" sound or the enhanced and true better FM sound, selectable from menu.

A true loss from VC catalogue, but, thanks Sega for the advice.



SepticLemon said:

Thing is, as much as we cry about this game being taken off, we have the TurboGrafx version, which is closer to the arcade game than the Master System version. Sure it's 300 points more, but it's a better version. The fact that we got both these versions is amazing. Remember this isn't the first time that a game has been removed from the Wii Shop Channel; since the release of the arcade version of Ghosts and Goblins, the NES version was taken off, why? simple, we got an arcade version that's better than the port, so why have the port? As much as RType is a great game, stick with the better version guys.



ocarinaoftime said:

Next they will take our birthday away.... the vc was a big reson i got wii... Now it makes me wonder if they are goin take all 84 vc games back ive got downloaded...



blackknight77 said:

The last time I checked Ghosts and Goblins NES was still on the VC. I'll check again later today. So far just R-type and Last Ninja 3 (EU) have been removed.

I wonder if this will effect R-type on other services such as PSN.



DiggerandIndy said:

If Sega's gonna pull that game out, I'd better get all the games I want/like on the VC before other companies get any hair-brained ideas 0_o'



outrun2sp said:

Well if anyone wants to get the exclusive secret level found on stage 4 they should get this before it goes.

Its a good competent version of r type and one of the top 10 master system games. Definately one of the best arcade conversions on the hardware.



cyrus_zuo said:

I have the TG-16 version already, which looking at these screenshots has MUCH better visuals, so I don't think I'd get the Sega one anyways, but I also love R-Type so removing any version is sad.



Hawker said:

I bought the TG-16 version when it came out so I was never interested in the master system version anyway, TG-16 version is as close to arcade perfect as there is without putting the arcade version on the VC



MegaAdam said:

This is what is wrong with virtual goods. If there was an old cartridge/disc game I wanted to play and the company went under, I could still go hunt it down somewhere. Nowadays, games are just pulled off of the service to vanish into the ether forever!

I appreciate the notice and I'll probably try to download this R-Type in the next day or two. I'll still pissed about the Magic Obelisk, though. What was that about?



Bikeage said:

Noooooooooooo! Oh wait, i've got the original cart, and a Power Base Converter for my Genesis.... but R-Type is one of the few games that does not work with the PBC? Noooooooooooo!.... hold on, i've got a SMS around here somewhere, OK, all is good.



Betagam7 said:

All of Irem's games have recently been removed from PSN. It's not looking at all good for the other VC games and I highly doubt that Master System R-Type will be the only one to disappear...



TTGlider said:

Wow at some of the melodrama above.

And props to Sega for the heads-up. Here's to good karma towards one of Nintendo's best third-party publishers on both DS and Wii! Gotta get Alien Infestation!



CanisWolfred said:

I DLed it just to be safe. And it's kicking my rear. Seriously, it's way harder than I remember.



gamecubefan said:

can anyone confirm that you could still redownload games from the shop after they've been removed?



lifer said:

I could redownload Diner Dash after it got removed. It's prolly so that you can't buy newly.



Pj1 said:

Like ocarinaoftime that's the reason too I bought a Wii, I've downloaded this! as it will now be 'rare' but won't make the Wii worth much cash....

Now I'd like Sega to announce the sale figures for this game.



niggyt2004 said:

i think the whole vc thing is poor from nintendo, when was the last time we had a decent virtual arcade game to download. i have space harrier, golden axe, shinobi (best game ever still) altered beast. when will we get some data east games?



Kafei2006 said:

To me the best version remains the PC-Engine CD one, R-Type Complete (which bundled both Hu-cards). Maybe the remastered music doesn't appeal to most, but that was fine to me. And if the cutscenes aren't up your alley (because they break the rhythm of the action too much, for me at least), you could still skip them.



outrun2sp said:

r type complete is one hucard with the whole game on it for a playthrough.

Best version yes.



Omega said:

^ Yes it is. There's a trick to get more continues. I don't consider this cheating because it is also mentioned in the original instruction manual.



Adamant said:

Yup, R-Type has always been known for its incredible difficulty. Stick with it and learn the stages, and you'll get a bit further each time. I've made it to level 6 on the Turbografx one, things get really insane after a while.



vio said:

While it's pretty ridiculous that they're actually removing games while giving us zilch for new ones these days, this one isn't a huge loss IMO. The TG16 version is close to arcade perfect. This version is very impressive considering a system with 8-bit graphics is pumping it out, but it's still inferior. Still I'm tempted to snatch it up now before it's gone forever...



alLabouTandroiD said:

Since i got some cheap Wii Points cards i thought i'd better get it before it's too late. Did so last minute yesterday so big thank you for this news, guys !



Mr-X9000 said:

i managed to snag it before it went off the store, i dont think i will ever see the secret level exclusive to this version



Henmii said:

So it has begun: Removing Virtual console games from the Wii-shop.
Not good! NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!



misswliu81 said:

if it is a licencing issue, then Sega did the right thing. though yet again more problems hampering the V.C.



Banana_Jane said:

Buying anything on VC now will be a huge gamble if you're planning on playing it in 20 years.

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