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Tue 27th Oct 2009

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lifer commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy States a ...:

But US prices exclude taxes, while Euro prices include them. The VAT average in Europe is >20%. Add 20% onto the 23.60 EUR and you end up with 28.32.

I also envy those cheap prices in the US, but that $->€ conversion just doesn't work as the companies need to pay their taxes.



lifer commented on Review: XType Plus (Wii U eShop):

That's completely not true, procedurally generated does not mean they are the same. It's the opposite.
The boss formations are randomized and will never be the same between any two plays.



lifer commented on The Big Wii U Survey:


For some of the multiple choice questions maybe it would have been better to limit the number of choices? For example, everyone is going to want those changes in the improvement question. This means the results will basically not say that anything, but limiting the maximum choices would deliver the "most desired changes".

My #1 for 2013: Lego City Undercover Stories!



lifer commented on Wii U Selling 1.2 Games Per Console In North A...:

Nintendo Land is quite meaty for a pack-in, plus a number of strong downloads that seem to pull a fair share of gamers. Trine2 community on Miiverse is quite active.

Also almost all retail games are available as downloads, which as some stated before don't go into this stat. They should have quite an impact, shouldn't they?
I wouldn't be surprised if the effective attachment rate is actually even higher than for Wii.



lifer commented on Nintendo Download: 5th July 2012 (Europe):

Even though square's DLC for some games is outrageous, I don't see the slightest bad thing for this one. got the Japanese version and it has at least 60 or 70 songs in it. Then there are about 40 or so download songs 150 yen each.
To be honest, I'd go as far to say that 90p per track is a pretty good price. Certainly lower than what I'd have expected, and much cheaper than for any other music game I bought songs for.

Only thing I wonder about: songs for the Japanese game were reduced for 100 yen at start and then went up. Are the 90p a start offer only?



lifer commented on Iwata: 3DS Games May Cost as Much as Wii Titles:

Am I the only commenter that read the article? Iwata says that development costs (not game prices) will rise if you fully employ 3DS tech. And then Zach wonders if it may affect game prices. But everyone takes it as if it says that the prices will rise.

Maybe the headline of this article could have been written a bit less lurid to prevent such misinterpretation.

Anyway, just like everyone else here I hope games won't get more expensive.



lifer commented on Review: Flips: More Bloody Horowitz (DSiWare):

As a Horowitz fan, I am surprised to see this! The book is not out yet... I checked Amazon right away, and it will only be published in September... the stories included seem to be something like a "timed exclusive". Could you shed some light on this?



lifer commented on Nintendo's 3D Motion Game Tracks its Way Onto ...:

I can understand MARI0's comment, but like to disagree. I played it as well and friends had a go as well. It showed that enjoying the game is really all about the correct setup. While I didn't have any problems and the game felt natural, the others found it to be awkward and unresponsive. We sat together, but the difference was that I had a window behind me. This made us play around with the set upsome more and it seems the initial calibration isn't even that important, as long as you have a bright room/background and don't extent your arms completely (=camera sees face as huge blob).

Once the controls work the game is incredibly addictive. Really one of a kind.



lifer commented on NA Wii Shop Channel Updated:

I was wondering why this didn't get mentioned, since this update was described in the EU press release posted by Sean last week:
Seems it got overlooked.

I checked and the UK topics and recommendations are different from what you posted ("For the whole family", "Hidden Gems", "Brain Teasers", "New Game, Old School"). Also about 10 VC titles are included in the lists here (clicked on the page title and there were more listed). The press thing and the news on the shop said it will be updated weekly... maybe NL could look into this?

Do you have a page of your own?



lifer commented on Only 8.8% of Japanese Consumers Want to Buy a 3DS:

Well, you know, 8.8% means more than 10 million. You think that's bad numbers? That's only 50% MORE than the PSP sold in Japan since launch in 2004. Would you please explain where you get the idea that this would be a bad outlook? It kind of seems you saw the post on kotaku and took it for granted including the questionable conclusions they made. Nintendolife should deliver better.

Also, considering that's a survey based on nothing, for a system noone knows anything about but it's code name, that's an amazingly high anticipation level.



lifer commented on Review: Nostalgia (DS):

I honestly never heard of this one before. And a 9 to boot... I wonder if Etrian Odyssey 2 will ever make it to Europe.