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Resident Evil: Revelations Graphics "Will Blow You Away"

Posted by James Newton

So says producer

3DS has already produced some pretty stellar-looking games, but Capcom is already heading for the graphical high ground with next year's Resident Evil: Revelations, with producer Masachika Kawata confident it'll be among the best looking games on the system.

Citing recent release Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D as a current high watermark for 3DS graphical quality, Kawata is confident Capcom will be able to wow users next year with the original adventure.

The graphics on Mercenaries are some of the best you can see at the moment. We've been working really hard though to make sure that when Revelations comes out next year, that will really blow people away graphically.

There's already an impressive-looking demo on the Resident Evil: Mercenaries cartridge, not to mention a 3D trailer available in the eShop. Will Capcom succeed in blowing away players and the competition? Only time will tell.


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WaveGhoul said:

You gotta make statemates like that to get the audience more hyped. Anyways, based on what i've seen the environments themselves could use a bit more detail, they were kind of unimpressive based on the 3DS mini teaser. Other than that this is easily my 2nd most anticipated 3DS title. Super Mario 3D is taking the number 1 spot of course.



ianmage1 said:

Didn't look all that "mind-blowing" in the trailer; I deleted it after seeing it once...



ianmage1 said:

The shadowing in this image is poorly done, but it will probably be improved.



hYdeks said:

this game so far is definitely on my must wanted games coming out later.



Weskerb said:

The graphics looked good in the trailer, but I wish I could say the same for the gameplay.



OldBoy said:

I thought the E3 trailer was one of the worst trailers I've ever seen.Seriously where was the action?!! As for the graphics I didn't think they looked as good as Resi4 on GC so I can't say I was blown away really.
I just hope it turns out to be a good game.



WaveGhoul said:

The Polygon count probably won't be on par with RE4's, but the 3DS's seperior Shading and lighting effects will give a layer of wowness and give off an illusion that it looks better than it really does.

So far it doesn't look on par With RE4 based on what I've seen, still pretty impressive. Also, Super mario 3D doesn't look on par or even close to Galaxy 2...Unless Nintendo Purposely wen't with more of a minimalist approach.

But i think it's safe to say that the Wii is more poweful, but the 3DS has some beautiful PS3/360-like shaders and lighting going on that make the titles look more fantastic. And turning on the 3D makes the games not only look more impressive and wonderuful because of the 3D depth, but it also makes the image look sharper and crisper.



Traxx said:

The Demo wasn't very impressive. Seriously, considering 3DS' limited resolution, not enough power for AA and/or 60 fps with full 3D, 3DS games can never be look crisp and "mind-blowing". I wonder what developers could achieve with the 3DS if they don't implement 3D support on the fly or no 3D at all.



JebbyDeringer said:

Capcom is hyping up their next game to take away media attention from the one save fiasco. Nice one Capcom, I'm on to you.



MeloMan said:

Resident Evil: Revelations Graphics "Will Blow You Away"
Yeah... so?! That's all well and good, but does it play well? Guess we'll see...



Blaze said:

To all commenting on the trailer, I think the trailers don't apply the FULL 3d effect. Every trailer has really weak 3D yet despite the Ocarina Of Time trailer being really weak in 3D the game is not, i expect the others will follow the same pattern as I doubt Nintendo would release their games with such weak 3D that is honestly completely un-noticeable, and you wouldn't know it was 3D if you didn't have the little depth slider on the side.



MF_MaxiMillion said:

Mercenaries was the best we've seen? Nono, they must change that frame rate for Revelations. The small demo I got with Mercenaries did seem to have better graphics that Mercenaries itself, so I wish to expect that same when it comes out.



Chris720 said:

Mercenaries looks nicer compared to some games on the 3DS and is rather nice gameplay wise. Revelations graphics on the pilot game look nicer, more crisp and better textured than Mercs though.

I think Mercs was just its playground for the 3DS to test the waters to see how far they can go with Revelations.



Supremeist said:

I gotta admit, Revelations looks sick so far. Capcom usually does a great job, so no need to worry. The storyline and gameplay seems intense, from what I've played from the demo (which is very short).

Mercenaries 3D has some pretty stunning graphics as well.
But these screenshots look almost similar to the Xbox 360 or PS3!

I can't wait for this game!



crazyj2312 said:

Lets hope the game isn't short. Lord knows thats all it takes to blueberry up an experience.



TheUnknownGame said:

This RE game reminds me more of RE4 than 5. I'm crossing my fingers that the 3D makes the game even more scary!



Skogur said:

I hope they won't make this one like RE4 and 5 because those lacked with both survival and horror



JaxxRaxor said:

I hope Revelation doesn't have the framerate and other technical issues Mercenaries has (according to the reviews I saw).



MAddogz said:

is this game coming to Germany or just every other country in the EU??? Because the Trailer is not avaiable for germans... I would like to know if it blows me away... give me a chance Nintendo of Germany!!!



motang said:

I hope they will use the 3DS hardware, as I know for a fact the recent games on it haven't maxed the potential of that system yet.



kevohki said:

I would be more concerned about the game actually being any good considering the last few Resident Evil games were mediocre.



the_shpydar said:

That's nice Kawata-san.
Now, will it actually be an enjoyabe RE game to play, or another annoying actiony garbage-fest like RE5?
Yes, i know people love and praise RE5. Personally, i thought it was a horrible horrible game which was horrible. With horribleness.



NassaDane said:

11. Luigi78--"Seriously where was the action?!!"-- I hope this was Satirical. RE should never be about the "action".



Supremeist said:

@Aviator: I completely agree with you, I hope it has a really long and scary campaign. I'm craving a game like it.

Multiplayer would be cool too...



Vinsanity said:

Well, I'm glad someone is trying to set a graphical benchmark on the 3DS.

You know what I find weird? Splinter Cell 3D, like Red Steel before it, proves that Unreal engine works on Nintendo hardware. Granted, in both cases it's Unreal 2.5 or Unreal 2X (I believe the current is 3.5), but that doesn't matter. I don't know why people like High Voltage waste time working on their own engine (Quantum3?) when they should grab Unreal 2.5 and mod new features into it for Nintendo hardware. Unreal has always been powerful and flexible. Granted, 3 spanks 2.5, but still.

Clearly, Capcom's MT Framework GDK is powerful, scalable stuff:) I hope to see them continue to use it on 3DS. Will Mega Man Legends 3 utilize it?



Wheels2050 said:

"The graphics on Mercenaries are some of the best you can see at the moment"

Please tell me they mean in comparison to only other 3DS games.



Ryon said:

pardon my language but that is SUCH !

Resident Evil Merceneries is FAR from the best graphical game on the 3DS. OR even near it. the zombies get very chopy when 10 steps away, and the ones far away dont even more sometimes. plus it has this odd gradient look to the shaders. where as something like DOA3D, looks amazing! with really detailed graphics. Capcom your a disappointment. AGAIN.



WaveGhoul said:

Everybody was also raving about how SFIV looked fantastic, and i for one wasn't that impressed at all. Those far less detailed animaition-less, static lifeless graphics knocked the graphical punch far down imo, along with the 30 frames per second.



SunnySnivy said:

I've noticed the trailers in the eshop are low quality...

The screenshots look REALLY good, in my opinion.



SuperSonic said:

Whoa, whoa, whoa, there, buddy! Capcom isn't Sony! They aren't ignorant developers that think that graphics is what makes a game a game! What Capcom did was see how far they could rock the 3DS's engine! I own Mercs 3D, and yes, I know that the frame rate drops at a distance, but the Resident Evil Mercenaries is only a minigame, making a perfect reason/chance to test the 3DS! (Even with all of those problems, RE:M3D is still the best game out at the moment.)
I know Kawata said "best graphics", but don't you think he knows a later 3DS game will have better graphics anyway?
The diference between Mercs 3D and DOAD is that in Mercs you are running for your life around fully reanimated and active Mercs stages with 8 (actually 16) fully reanimated characters that have unique actions and 25 different weapons to combine with each. You also have multiple gameplay options and plenty of interactable objects on screen for the 3DS to handle. DOAD only handles 2 characters at once (and occasionally the addition of assistants) with a slightly interactive and active background, allowing a finer focus on the characters for a smoother look on them, the environments, and both their shadows. Yes, there are unique moves and everything for each character, but keep in mind: you preform all of these actions on one enemy. Not much to handle at once, there, meaning no lagging or aparent disappointment.

Please don't take offence to this response. All I wanted to do was point out that Capcom is not a disappointment (especially with their Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, and Ghost trick series, which are - in order - my favorite from Capcom).



alLabouTandroiD said:

Just a shame that i can't see the E3 trailer in 3D. It won't be available in the German eShop and i'm going to ask Nintendo why via e-mail. Maybe even today if i can find the time.



MAddogz said:

@LTD I feel your anger, same here, I wrote Nintendo a polite email last night. They always answered all my question. Go ahead and write them a mail



alLabouTandroiD said:

Anger is a bit overexaggerated. It's not as if these videos would be a major factor to decide if i should get a game or not.
I just want them to recognize that there are people who know what's going on in other countries and i'd like them to tell me about the reasons. What they make of it is their own decision.



TheThirdComing said:

@ All Germans that can't watch the trailer

Change your country to United Kingdom in the settings. It will create an English account for you when you log into the e-Shop, with which you can access the trailer then.
Don't worry, you don't lose anything you have on your German account, just don't forget to change the country setting back to Germany afterwards.



MAddogz said:

@LTD never said get or don't get the game, tell Ninty what u think about pre-censoring media for adults



GEOFF said:

If you blow people away they might never come back, then who will be left to buy your games.



daznsaz said:

i think there harking back to the 1st 3 games with a bit of puzzling aswell as action so that will extend play time im ready to get my mind blown its a date



JGMR said:

Resident Evil 5 also looked incredible, and yet it was quite frankly one of the worst in the series. Resident Evil implies exploring a Residence or Residential areas, not Desert Wastelands under a soaking sun! And although i really like Resident Evil 4 as a game, it isn't Resident Evil in the true sense. It seems that Resident Evil 1-3 will never be surpassed. Capcom minus Shinji's original creativity equaled the Death of Resident Evil imo...



nasachi said:

Revelations (demo, early build) looks awesome

easily surpasses every DS-, PSP- and PS2-games graphics

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