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Capcom Will Not Repeat Mercenaries 3D Save File Mistake

Posted by James Newton

Dark days are over

The Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D save file debate is only just abating, but Capcom has certainly noticed the ire it attracted online, and has spoken directly to its fans about the issue.

In a video posted on Capcom Unity, Capcom US Vice President Christian Svensson acknowledged the issue and strongly hinted that a single, delete-proof save file would be a one-off:

I think it's also fair to say in light of the controversy it's generated I don't think you're going to see something like this happening again.

Too little too late for some gamers, but at least lessons are being learnt.


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bro2dragons said:

So Capcom reads what its fans say, and changes its entire game plan around pleasing them? Why do some companies think they shouldn't do the same?



Hokori said:

yeah! now lets hope others follow, because I dont want to buy a used game with someone elses data. T was planing on getting Snake Eater 3D used, but I might have to get it new



Xkhaoz said:

Cool, i wouldn't be suprised if later copies were edited so you can delete data.



Eldin said:

I don't understand why they made it impossible to erase data in the first place. They did something they almost knew they would regret. Doesn't make sense at all.



Cipher said:

@Nickno I think that's what he was getting it.

I can see this sort of thing not being a problem with certain games, but with a game like Mercenaries, where there are unlockables, there should really be the option to wipe the data. At the same time, if I were to buy a preowned game, I would certainly expect data to already be on it, so... I don't know.



crazyj2312 said:

I'm pretty sure when the community you're catering to tells you its a bad idea, its a bad idea. After all, they're the ones you're trying to rob- I mean make happy.



zionich said:

I'd say its nice to see a company listening to its consumers, but I'm still waiting for monster hunter 3ds : P



Peznaze said:

@2 Simply the difference between "I promise I'll buy it" and the much more effective "I will never buy it".



Supremeist said:

Thanks Capcom.
I knew they would come around sometime.

Maybe later on we can get an update for Mercenaries 3D and be able to delete our save data when we want too.
I guess they just didn't realize what a commotion it would cause for gamers.



Traxx said:

Fine, can we now return to normal mode and play/buy this awesome game?



retrox said:

I'm willing to give Capcom the benefit of the doubt and chalk this up to poor planning on their part. I'm still not convinced they weren't testing the waters for a new retail strategy, but even if that's the case I think we've made our point.



Traxx said:

They weren't testing anything, they aren't the first doing this move, and there was no out cry with all those other games in ALL THE VIDEOGAME HISTORY so far that did the same.

Fine then, don't buy this game. When you finished OoT, RE:R and all other story games collecting dust, I will still have a game I can go back to. Cherio.



hYdeks said:

good for them, I'm still interested in buying the game despite that. I don't buy many pre-owned portable games there already pretty cheap.



DarkKirby said:

I think what Capcom really means is they will do it again but won't be so foolish as to specifically point out that fact during an interview.



Token_Girl said:

Hopefully they keep to that. I'm willing to give Capcom the benefit of the doubt too. However, I'm not willing to take a US VP's word on this one. Ultimately, these decisions are going to be made in Japan for most games, and this guy is just going to be stuck marketing whatever he's given, unfortunately.



retrox said:

@ Traxx

Yeesh, sorry I'm not a professor in video game history. No need to go all caps on me. And don't worry, I've still got about 27 games on various other platforms to fall back on. The best part of all this is that I can resume looking forward to Revelations! Adios!



MarioMario said:

It's nice to see the company listening to the fans. Nintendo needs to follow Capcom's strategy and listen to Operation Rainfall.



WolfRamHeart said:

The Capcom Cycle:
Capcom does something stupid to screw over customers.
Customers revolt and complain.
Capcom apologizes profusely.
Time passes.
Capcom does something stupid to screw over customers.



jerryo said:

HOW DARE THEY!!! I paid my money i want to be able to resell it and get some of my money back ! SHAMELESS!!!! Burn Capcom in the fiery pits of hell!!! Operation HELLFIRE! against the non deletable save games KILL THEM AAAALLLL!!!



jerryo said:

how does not being able to delete the save game file which is on the cartridge screws over customers..??? seriously?!?!? how!

yeah you strong boys you taught them a lesson ... pfffffff pitiful...



WolfRamHeart said:

@jerryo: Right because Capcom has never tried anything shady like this before. This is the same company that wouldn't let you play your PSN games unless you are online, they release version after version of the same game with minor upgrades and charge premium rates for trivial DLC that other companies either give out for free or at least charge reasonably. Excuse me for choosing to spend my money wisely.



C-195 said:

Good job Capcom! Now please say whats happening with Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney ( like if it'll be localised)



armoredghor said:

They should've just stuck with it anyways. It's not like this is a story game. it's just a collection of levels that you can replay over and over again. heck I wouldn't mind if nintendo never allowed deleting of Super Smash. As long as you can replay through the story your fine.(which mercenaries has none) Same thing with Super Monkey Ball.



daznsaz said:

i trade most times but im not trading this game in short its the muts nuts★★★★★



Henmii said:

Ah, they learned their lesson! Hopefully other developers also stop with this ! A glorious day for gamers everywhere!!!




Great job Capcom! Now it's time to correct the mistake of not giving us MHF3!



Alpha2797 said:

Finally, Capcom listens to it's fans. It's a lesson they learned. That's a very good thing.



PSICOffee said:

That's what I've always loved about Capcom besides them making awesome games. They listen to the fans. Mega Man Legends 3 is now being made, and thanks to them, we get games like Monster Hunter Tri and TvsC on the Wii. Now if only Nintendo would listen and localize all those games (starting back at Devil World for the NES, then Mother 1, and so on).



darkgamer001 said:

Good on them for listening, some other companies should take notice (coughNintendocough)...but how about taking it a step further and looking into releasing a patch, if possible?



MeloMan said:

See Nintendo? Even if you make a mistake, it's ok to own up to it and FIX it. Then gamers don't have to wage campaigns. It's pretty simple.



Traxx said:

Capcom won't repeat this on 3DS since they will never again release another 3DS game after this silly hysteria and the consequently bombing sales of Mercs.

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