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Skyward Sword Combat Trailer Shows Plenty of MotionPlus

Posted by Trevor Chan

It's not just for combat, you know

This year's Game Developers Conference might yield some tasty pieces of information about the 3DS, but let's not forget about the titles that are bound for our home consoles. One prime example is the upcoming and anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

A combat trailer was showcased at GDC 2011 and it shows some interesting ways that MotionPlus has been implemented into the title's game mechanics. An obvious choice for adding MotionPlus support is of course the way players handle Link's sword, but nevertheless, the trailer shows how the game will make use of the near 1:1 motion controls outside of combat situations.

Aside from hacking and slashing, players will need to tackle puzzles that require specific cuts and slices in particular angles and directions. We also see a glimpse of what looks like a training area where Link is chopping away at a bamboo shoot, sharpening sword skills that are bound to come in handy. A tight rope section also sees our protagonist keeping his balance as an enemy makes its way towards him from the other end.

Anyway, stop reading and start watching.

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While we wait for the finishing touches to be added to Link's latest adventure, be sure to read our The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword First Impressions to find out why this could be the game of the year.


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BleachFan said:

I think I'm one of the few people who still misses the style of Twilight Princes.

Don't get me wrong, this game looks great an all, but the darker overtones of TP were just more appealing to me. That won't stop me from picking this up when it comes out, though!



WolfRamHeart said:

I think the game looks great visually but I'm still not sure about the controls. As much as I want this game I will probably just wait for the review before buying it.



TrevorTheChan said:

I just hope I won't have to place the Wii Remote face down on a flat surface for a few seconds too much.



Megumi said:

Yeah, I enjoyed Twilight Princess's style too...
Anyways, why haven't they given us a release date for this thing yet?! (and who's that weird guy you see briefly in the trailer? o.0) Gah!



NintyMan said:

Great! Wonder who that man at the end of the trailer was? Is he some kind of magician?



Var said:

I'm intrigued with the shield bar which is under Link's hearts. Any word on what that is or what it might be at all?



Bassman_Q said:

@1- Don't worry; I too prefer the art style of TP, but look what happened with Wind Waker: Nobody really liked the artstyle until it came out, and it turned out to be an amazing game. I hope that that is what happens with this game.



Nickno said:

I still hope you can play it left-handed, otherwise this might make me dislike it in a total of 1 areas. Still, looks great.



Zeldaterasu said:

Gotta say I still don't know what to make of this one. Anybody else concerned that this actually might have too much reliance on motion controls?
And am I the only one who wishes they would stop expanding the Zelda universe? Let us keep exploring the world we already know and love! We don't need another entirely new race of characters introduced in each new installment!
Eh, what am I griping about? I've had my concerns on each of the last few Zelda games, but Nintendo has yet to disappoint me in this series. Still a Day 1 purchase!



CaptainDingo said:

It actually reminds me a bit of what it might look like if Twilight Princess got a touch of Mario Galaxy; lots of clean textures, rim lights, and rich colors popping out.



HawkeyeWii said:

This game looks amazing, bet it will turn out to be one of if not the best wii game to date



Usagi-san said:

Sometimes the way Link holds his sword irks me. I hope holding it low with the point to the right is just the Player getting lazy with his/her hand. I want to see be able to hold my sword in whatever position I'd like.



b_willers said:

Maybe just me but this looks a little less cartoony than last time we saw it. Then again could just be the darker environments.



zezhyrule said:

Hmm, looks a little meh atm. I'll have to see some more footage before I decided that stuff though :3



warioswoods said:

He does look like a Shiek... but I must say that his character design is the one disappointing part of the trailer. He looks bland and uninspired to me in the shots here, nothing on the level of the fantastic, original, and amusing character Midna.



Aenaida said:

More of a "puzzle" trailer than a combat trailer, IMO. I want to see some actual action.



warioswoods said:


It looks to me like directional-swinging is the action, just like battling in Zelda II was a matter of knowing when to attack high / attach low / block high / block low. That has become choosing the right direction for each carefully timed sword strike.



WaveBoy said:

This looks pretty amazing, visually this is thee' 3D Zelda I've been waiting for and gameplay wise I'm all for Motion Plus! But is it me or have they toned down the color a bit? In the screen shots Skyward Sword looks much more colorful and vivid. Then again, maybe it's just the video.

Anyways wariowoods I agree, That Shiek looking character does look pretty bland and uninspired, he kind of stuck out like a sore thumb.



citizenerased said:

0.29 has a harp on the D-Pad. The new instrument for this game? As for the other icon on the D-Pad, looks like the girl in the concept art will be this game's Navi/Midna

@17Zeldaterasu I disagree entirely, I do want new stuff in every zelda game. Twilight Princess felt like a "Best Of". I want them to implement different things in each game and just "zeldafy" them. I'm kinda sick of forest/fire/water dungeons and I'd love it if they added steampunk elements to a dungeon, for example. Or Aztec elements. Or electricity.

Mechanical monsters, as seen in this trailer, is a great start. There's definitely more enemy variety too and unlike in TP at least you have to beat them in interesting ways rather than just fling your sword around a bit.



Profetik77 said:

I have been a big zelda fan since ocarina of time, but this game isn't getting my hopes up. After playing amazing games like Uncharted 2, GOW 3, Mass Effect 2, Kllzone 3, and AC Brotherhood, this game looks cheap compared to them. And with so many amazing games coming out like Uncharted 3, Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, LA Noire and Infamous 2, this game is the last thing i'm thinking about.



nasachi said:

amazing, like a painting come to life oO

by far the greatest actionadventure on any platform this gen, nothing else even comes close, but ok it's a nintendo game so no surprise

imo games like Uncharted or Batman are good, but The Legend of Zelda is really a masterpiece and always one of the best games in videogame history



kkslider5552000 said:

"After playing amazing games like Uncharted 2, GOW 3, Mass Effect 2, Kllzone 3, and AC Brotherhood, this game looks cheap compared to them. And with so many amazing games coming out like Uncharted 3, Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, LA Noire and Infamous 2, this game is the last thing i'm thinking about."

implying Infamous 2 and Killzone 3 are amazing



Doma said:

Graphics look good, better than TP's dullness anyhow.

They really need to hurry up and start showing more than this. There's so little that's new in this trailer, it's hardly going to excite anyone.



OldBoy said:

MEH.Still not convinced by this. The graphics just don't sit with me ( I loved WW's style) but this looks like a comprimise that doesn't work IMO.Also I still think I'm going to get fed up with all the swinging, hated the controls in TP and this looks likey to be more reliant on motion input than that! This may be the first Zelda since ALTTP that I might not play.As others have said ,far too many fantastic looking games (on all formats) coming out.This one near the bottom of the list.



RYBlast said:

I'm interested to know who that character at the end is, and at 0:24, there is a Lyre on the D-Pad, I'm interested in knowing more about that too!



Popyman said:

That was a tad boring...I want to see a story trailer with some bits of cutscenes.



warioswoods said:

One my last viewing (100th?), it struck me how many mechanical enemies we're seeing. It feels like they're all part of some mecha dungeon, which would be a new idea for the series.



Ayer99 said:

Wow. Wasn't so sure how the new graphics would do, nut this looks great! So smooth.



Bastyr99 said:

I am very happy to see that Nintendo isn't giving into groupthink. If they were they wouldn't be returning to a bright animated style of graphics which what was so hated by "fans" when the Wind Waker first came out. Now (amusingly enough) these same "fans" love the Wind Waker because the popular viewpoint tells them to.

If you truly do not like cell shading or hand drawn animation then that's great! Your opinion is important simply because it is yours. But if you do not like it because some idiot blogger somewhere said, "Cell Shading Sucks," then you're simply another sad victim of groupthink.

This game is going to be great whether link is super realistic or cell shaded. After all it's a brand new Zelda!



Wolfenstein83 said:

Can't wait to play it, and I hope there is a version that comes with the motion plus, cause I still have yet to get one.



Cia said:

@Bastyr99 That's the reason i like Nintendo, they always do their own thing and don't lower themselves into groupthink.



grumblebuzzz said:

I could just be reading too much into the trailer, but at the end when the character disappears, it's in the same manner that those from Twilight Princess do. I wonder if Midna is in this game?



Edwrd said:

Sigh the input jack on my Motion controller is busted, didn't want to, but I'll have to get a new Wiimote for this, looks swell not going to resist.



thesignpainter said:

some people are thinking that the guy at a the end of the trailer that i think might be a GIRL is vaati. what do you think about it?

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