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Sat 5th Mar 2011

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Bastyr99 commented on Skyward Sword Combat Trailer Shows Plenty of M...:

I am very happy to see that Nintendo isn't giving into groupthink. If they were they wouldn't be returning to a bright animated style of graphics which what was so hated by "fans" when the Wind Waker first came out. Now (amusingly enough) these same "fans" love the Wind Waker because the popular viewpoint tells them to.

If you truly do not like cell shading or hand drawn animation then that's great! Your opinion is important simply because it is yours. But if you do not like it because some idiot blogger somewhere said, "Cell Shading Sucks," then you're simply another sad victim of groupthink.

This game is going to be great whether link is super realistic or cell shaded. After all it's a brand new Zelda!