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Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition Gets an Extra Life

Posted by Trevor Chan

Retailers restock the limited edition

What was supposed to be a celebration of Super Mario Bros.'s 25th anniversary was unfortunately met with iffy reviews and sales figures that were both encouraging and disappointing. With Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition topping the Japanese charts, yet failing to replicate the same kind of success in the U.K., it's good to see that at least in North America, it's been selling well enough for Nintendo to bring the game back into production.

Last month, Nintendo's Public Relations Director Marc Franklin spoke to's Game|Life and explained that due to the response from consumers, the company was considering the manufacture of more units of the limited edition Mario collection. If you missed your chance of snapping up a copy and can't find any second-hand copies anywhere, you're in luck.

Retailer Toys R' Us has listed the limited edition on its website with a shipping date of 13th March so you have about a month to save those pennies if you want to avoid disappointment again. When the game originally launched in North America on 12th December 2010, it didn't take much time for it to sell out so it comes as no surprise that some retailers are imposing a limit of one copy per customer when retailers begin restocking the game next month.


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nicknintendo68 said:

idk about this i bought smb 3 afterwards on vc and my money is going towards 3ds so ya im not sure of getting it now XD



bboy2970 said:

Great....I was hoping this would be a lie when I heard it a few days ago.... This is gonna make the value of my brand new copy of this game totally plummit! They could at least not print "Limited Edition" on the re-print to still give the original copies collector value. Guess its not gonna be very "limited" or collectible anymore. Sigh.....



zeeroid said:

I feel sorry for all those Ebayers who bought it for upwards of $80. Oh wait. No, I don't.



Hokori said:

I wanted DKCR but couldnt find it but I found this instead, that was an awesome boxing day



irken004 said:

I'm sure they'll change something about this version to make the "limited" version actually "limited."



Raylax said:

@8: Nope. Well, I didn't especially dislike SMW, I just didn't find it particularly spectacular and often borderline dull.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Why is it that I sometimes see video game news (like this) on either the NL forums, IGN, or about 2 days before it gets a headline here?



theblackdragon said:

@Bulbasaurus Rex: If you've got a problem, you're more than welcome to get your news info from those other sources instead of NL -- you seem to know where they are, after all. :3



Rob_mc_1 said:

So it is "Limited" to the Wii life cycle and not in the sense of quantity. Maybe it is just limited until they re-port the game into another media. I think they could have maintained a bit of integrity to the term limited for the box product if at this point they were to release it on the virtual console for the people who still want to play it.



DiggerandIndy said:

I already have a copy of this, but I might wanna pick up another copy just so I can resell it on Ebay. $_$



Burning_Spear said:

Less than honest dealings, if you ask me. They promoted it as a "limited edition" and thus inspired a lot of sales that might not have occurred if it wasn't a limited edition. Now if the second printing is just the game disc in an ordinary Wii case, without the soundtrack and booklet, that's another story.



NGpenguin said:

I never even saw a copy in stores! O.o true .......

only toys r us? but .. there are none around my area!



bboy2970 said:

@Burnign Spear: That's a great idea! If they reprinted just the game without the box of extras, I would feel a lot better. That way, those of us who jumped on the original "limited" game will still have our collector's piece and those who want the game but missed it can still have the software they desire!



Morpheel said:

eh i have seen that game sitting on many stores shelves for months now here in mexico.

i am not interested in retail-priced virtual console games.



Link79 said:

Awesome news! I was one of the unlucky ones who waited too long to get it. This time I will not wait. I'm not going to let it get away from me this time.



Alfred_ENG said:

This is not a collectors item. The European one is worthless. The USA was printed in the millions probably. Now their printing more copies. It's not going to go up in value. From what i have seen it is not that good of a package anyway. Very poor Nintendo.

My Gamecube The Legend of Zelda collector's Edition is 1000's times better then this. I have two copies one which is factory sealed. Opened 2nd hand games are worthless.



Bass_X0 said:

@ 1: Yes we would. There would be complaints from those who don't have a Classic Controller, complaints from those who own it on the VC already and complaints from those who bought the first release who feel like they are missing out on the complete package. Want SMW? Download it on VC.



Dorkvader said:

I suggest everyone who wants it to pre-order it. I did when it was coming out and i was glad i did



komicturtle said:

I cringe when I hear people wanting to sell a $30 game for $80 or so...

Even worse, a console. I remember those $600 PS3s being sold for a $1,000 or so... And people are stupid enough to buy into it.

I have not gotten this but hearing that it will be reprinted is a sweet deal. Why are some people annoyed that it's re releasing ONE more time? You should be at least happy for those who missed out on it.



Odnetnin said:

What bugs me about this is not that it's coming back, but that Nintendo went back on their 'Limited Edition' promise to make more money.



theblackdragon said:

ahhhh, there's nothing more satisfying than the sound of all the people who went and bought two or three copies of a limited release game suddenly crying that said game will see a second printing. boo hoo, now everyone else you deprived of being able to find a copy will be able to buy the game for themselves at a reasonable price instead of whatever jacked-up value you want to place on it. :3



bboy2970 said:

Its not a matter of not wanting people to own the game. It would be great if everyone who wants this game could have this game......As long as the new copies have SOMETHING to differentiate them from the first group in order to keep their status and value intact. Also, I didn't buy my second copy with any intention to sell it on Ebay for a high price. I simply enjoy owning things that I know are worth a high sum. I NEVER sell my extra rare stuff.



Alfred_ENG said:

Worth a high sum? and rare. It's not a investment. It's worthless. If there was only 100 copies then and only then could you call it rare. Nintendo tricked you all.



Link79 said:

I will never understand why people will buy something like this as a collectors item with the intention of never opening it. Somebody who actually wants to play the game could have it. Keeping it locked away in a box never to be used seems pretty wastefull. It's not like years from now somebody will get rich off an old Wii game.



bboy2970 said:

Say what you will but I have a very expansive Nintendo collection and things like this are just what I like to add to it all. Trust me, This isn't the rarest item I own (especially now!) but its not exactly common. That makes me wanna own it and never let it go!



TingLz said:

It is a good thing that Nintendo cares about its fans. They make more copies of a game that everyone wants and all you can do is complain. Geez, how about Nintendo selects the recipients for this game. Would that make you all feel better?



Mange said:

I wish they released it in the VC shop instead. That way the printed version would still hold some value to collectors. Those who feel they missed the game could download it.



Objection said:

And now I can laugh at those who bought it at inflated eBay prices in the last 2 months.



GamerZack87 said:

I'm not getting a copy.

Everybody gasps in shock.

I already got mine on launch day.

Everybody sighs with relief.



Noire said:

Man, I got through one run of this game without break, but two?! It's probably gonna be in my Wii collection now D:

Not that I guess it's a bad thing, they are four awesome games.



citizenerased said:

So glad everyone's running out to get this in the US, that'll really make Nintendo want to put some extra effort in next time they wanna celebrate a gaming anniversary. Yes this is sarcasm.

I guess it is Nintendo's anniversary though, and the present we got them is a couple of million bucks for being lazy. Wish I had anniversaries like that.



CowLaunch said:

I got this game because I wanted the SNES versions of all the Super Mario Bros. I had a vague hope that it might be worth something one day, but it's not my pension plan.



Aviator said:

I might buy this. But how many of your actually thought Nintendo wasn't going to re-sell this game. It's still his 25th anniversary year for 7 more months. They were not going to just release this in September and be done with the 25th anniversary mumbo-jumbo.



madgear said:

I agree - it's pointless to buy this to keep in its packaging to either 'collect' or to resell at a higher price.

For a start, what games are ever worth a lot of money? Rare or not - generally that most I've seen a game go for is around 100 quid. Hardly a life changing amount.

Of course there's also the very rare like that Nintendo Championship cart that would sell for more but would you actually sell it if you had it. Would you keep it until it goes even higher in price or just so you can say 'I have a super rare Nintendo cart'.

Actually I could just say that anyway: 'I have a super rare Nintendo cart! It's worth loads and hardly anyone else has one!' - see, no one cares. Just play the damn game.



Bass_X0 said:

the present we got them is a couple of million bucks for being lazy.

But they had just given us Mario Galaxy 2. I think many people here have self-entitlement issues. They gave us the world and its still not enough? Why should we have expected even more?



madgear said:

Actually you're right there, Bass, they don't owe us anything and we shouldn't expect anything for nothing simply because they're a business. They'll just release something and we either want or we do not - if we want it we'll buy it and if not then we wont. It's that simple.



citizenerased said:

@BassX0: Oh I loved Galaxy, would've paid double the price I did for that. But what's that got to do with this overpriced package? Or self-entitlement issues? I love Nintendo for all the things they do right (such as Galaxy 2), doesn't mean I can't criticise them when they do something wrong and get away with it.



Pj1 said:

They should have re-issued it (again) with Mario World but that version was never released in Japan. They should have done this in the first place and included Mario 64 with Galaxy style graphics.....



Goomba77 said:

I wish I hadn't bought this tbh.. a real let down.. the whole package is shoddy.. esp the book (leaflet) and CD.. terrible waste of money!!

Nintendo, take a look at Sega Megadrive Collection and learn from it!



motang said:

Wonder if they found more copies in the back of the warehouse. Either way, people who have been wanting it can now get it...for limited time.



TingLz said:

I am assuming it's not laziness, but a focus on that pretty new handheld coming out next month wink wink



DrDaisy said:

This will give me more time to think of a purchase. I will not likely change my mind, though.



Token_Girl said:

If this reprint is just one more shipment's worth to retailers, it'll still definitely a small enough run to be considered limited.



Pj1 said:

I'm actually pleased SMAS came out for the Wii, sometimes I think I am the only person who thinks that but I'd admit Nintendo did it wrong. Nintendo should have celebrated Mario's Birthday a bit better than they did. Still the game came out when I was only thinking it would appear on VC......



StarDust4Ever said:

Sure does suck if you happen to be one of those people who bought one for $100 on ebay Me, I preordered it the first time around



supermonkey117 said:

I think its great news as im from the time of the amazing snes would love to see donkey kong country 1 and 2 well i guess 3 aswell in a nice collecters addition loving the box art too.



Doma said:

It's an emulated snes rom on a disc, people... think before buying. I don't think the booklet/soundtrack adds much value (i heard the disc contains a measly 10 tracks! with a very poor selection).

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