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3DS Update in May Includes eShop and Other Applications

Posted by Trevor Chan

Better late than never

Recent reports of the Nintendo eShop being ready when the 3DS launches have now been countered by Nintendo's Q3 financial results briefing. The report states that the download store won't be available until the system's first update which will be rolled out towards the end of May, and that will be the case for other markets around the world too.

When the 3DS launches in Japan on 26th February, gamers will have to wait approximately two months before the firmware update will deliver a number of applications and functionalities that should really be ready and pre-installed, but we guess it's better late than never.

The 3DS's answer to the cumbersome download services on the Wii and DSi is the Nintendo eShop. As well as purchasing digital download games, users can watch trailers and sample demo versions of various releases too. To make sure titles don't go unnoticed, the shop will have a fresh new design that will be different to the browser-based download shops on current Nintendo platforms, which will hopefully reduce the amount of screen-switching. The hope is, by providing a more accessible and user-friendly service, users will be encouraged to stop by even if it's to "window shop." By visiting the eShop, users can purchase Virtual Console software, DSiWare releases, and 3DSWare. Within the range of 3DSWare, gamers will be able to choose from newly developed titles or 3D Classics ― old retro titles that have been updated with 3D visuals.

The ability to transfer your existing DSiWare downloads to the 3DS via the Nintendo eShop will also be enabled. Since everything is linked together, it made sense for Nintendo to delay certain functions until they could be used in unison. Eventually, it will also be possible to transfer 3DSWare download purchases from one 3DS system to another, although the number of times this can be done will be limited.

The final application that the system update in May will provide is the Internet Browser. When you have 3DS software up and running, gamers can press the Home button and effectively pause without having to quit and bring up the browser. Handy if you find yourself stuck in a game and need to search for tips on the Internet.

When the Nintendo eShop opens its doors for 3DS users to browse and shop, video-playing software will be available to download for free so all the dedicated 3D videos supplied by the various networks working in partnership with Nintendo can be viewed. In Japan, Nippon Television Network Corporation, and Fuji Television Network are confirmed as two examples of companies that will distribute video content for the 3DS. Eurosport, and Sky will also be bringing video content to Europeans.


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TanookiSteven said:

This is nice. We have to wait 'till late may but by then I'll have about 600 pointless photos staring at them in 3D. Or, if pokemon black is in 3D I'll be screaming: YOU JUST GOT PWNED SON!...IN 3D!



Corbs said:

I didn't think they'd have this ready for launch, not even in Europe.



NintyMan said:

I have to agree with better late than never. The eShop will be so cool when I see it for the first time!



Ecto-1 said:

I can't help but wonder why this service will not be available at launch. It really stinks for people who were planning to trade in their DSi to get a 3DS.



HipsterDashie said:

I wish we could learn how the DSiWare transfer process would work, so we know how trading in can be achieved whilst still keeping our downloads.



TrueWiiMaster said:

So no idea what kind of video service will be available for America, then, huh...(crosses fingers for netflix)



djor said:

@Ecto-1 (#4)

I wanted to do this, but it wouldn't even matter if it did come with the 3DS on launch day. You would need to take the 3DS out of the box inside the store, transfer the things right there, and then give them your DSi. You wouldn't be able to take it home first, obviously. So there's no way to transfer things AND trade it in, unless you just trade in your DSi after you buy the 3DS.



Ecto-1 said:

True, I didn't think about that. I had seen several people talking about how they were going to ask to do the transfer before they left the store. As you said, regardless of whether the transfer service was available on launch day or not, you would still need access to the internet to do the transfer.



cheapogamer4life said:

which makes more sence to you guys:
A. lose 20,000 nps of DSiware to pay 150 for 3DS with a meh launch line up
B. wait 2 months after launch and pay full price for 3DS and keep all DSiware with an above average 3DS games to pick from and included features. Trade in DSi for a 50 dollar store credit.




sylkirian said:

Well, waiting for all my DSi games transferred, then I can sell my DSi to get 3DS . Wait... There's something wrong here...



BlueBandanaJake said:

Wow, Fuji TV is gonna have streaming in Japan? Neeeet! Wouldnt it be nice if Funimation did it over here??

Hopes for the very unlikely reality of watching One Piece streamed through a 3DS



iphys said:

Kind of lame that 3DS owners won't be able to buy DSiWare at launch, as I'm sure not everyone who buys a 3DS will have a DSi, and it can't be that hard to at least make the DSiWare library available. I wonder if they're trying to help the sales of retail 3DS games by not having any downloadable games initially available.



Objection said:

@cheapogamer- Do this.Keep DSi until 3Ds comes out (dont waste $200 worth of games, wtf??). Whern it does, transfer and sell DSi on eBay for $100+ or sell to a friend or something for around there. I don't get why people trade in stuff to stores that rip them off SO badly.



ETLN said:

Be interesting to see if Nintendo Revamp the Wii's shop channel. Be nice if they integrated the Nintendo Channel and Shop Channel into one product like the eShop.



BooJoh said:

I wonder if this will affect settings migration at all. Ideally I'd want to migrate my settings from my DSi to my 3DS ASAP so that my DS games will retain their friend codes, but I'm not sure if that'll be an option, or if it'll have any effect on the ability to later transfer DSiWare.



The_Fox said:

No eShop at launch? Unimpressive launch titles? Waiting a few months for a 3DS is looking better and better.



Token_Girl said:

Glad I didn't preorder. If you are getting at launch Objection has the way to go. I'm just going to sell my DSi on Ebay to get some of my 3DS money back.



Blue_Cat said:

The 3DS will be awesome.

My DSi, however, is awesome.

I think I'll ride my DSi for a while longer, and wait for the 3DS to catch up.



Pastry said:

Oh man! I was just about to pre-order my 3DS at Gamestop. Glad I didn't.

I was going to trade in my DSi right after I bought the 3DS and transferred the DSiWare over. That way I would have enough money to buy some games for it.

I'm sorry Nintendo, but I will only get the 3DS if I can play games on it from the start.



nmozdzier said:

I hope you'll be able to transfer the Club Nintendo as well because I no longer have my DSi, which was used to help pay for my XL which is no longer with me because I am using it to pay for my 3DS.



nmozdzier said:

I hope you'll be able to transfer the Club Nintendo as well because I no longer have my DSi, which was used to help pay for my XL which is no longer with me because I am using it to pay for my 3DS.



Nightsider said:

lolz what i'm doing is selling my dsi to my bro and getting a 3ds then transfer the info



Peznaze said:

"towards the end of May"... So, that means, like, August, right? Such is usually the case. Luckily there's absolutely no harm in waiting to get a 3DS, only benefits.



DF2506 said:

Question: Is it possible that 3DS transfer will happen via SD card? I have many of my DSiware games saved on my SD card. I know that the Wii lets you transfer games onto the card and then you can play them off that via a short download. Shouldn't that be the way the transfer is done? I wouldn't think that the transfer would be system to system. The DSi doesn't have any way to do that (unless they are going to update the DSi too). Or maybe the transfer has something to do with your Club Nintendo account? That does keep track of some of your DSiware games. Hmmm.

Anyway, I have to save up the money for my 3DS, so the eShop & etc should (hopefully) be up by the time I get it.



LztheQuack said:

I don't think it's possible to directly transfer from a DSi to a 3DS. I think you just redownload those from your account



RyuZebian said:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the video software will allow ordinary video playback from sd card files... If not, I'll be pretty angry with Nintendo! > Also, the sound files support should allow for mp3s and WMA. I won't be outraged, as most of my music collection that I regularly listen to is already in AAC (because of the DSi's inability). But really, if Nintendo really want to keep up with ANY mediaplayer competition, they need good file support. I mean, what is the chance that someone will bring both their iPod Touch and 3DS? The latter probably has better audio quality (if it's as good as that of the DSi.), but that doesn't matter if it can't play the formats you want! And if you just plan for a little gaming, then people will pick their iPod. Or their cellphone.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Um, so let me get this straight I won't be able to transfer my DSi ware until May's update because that's when the Nintendo shop will be open? Can anyone clarify for me please?



Froggievilleus said:

If it were not for my trades and a gift card, I would not get this on day one. When I read this I did think about cancelling, but with Animal Crossing coming out one day, I might as well get it. Most of the cost of my 3DS won't be coming out of my pocket and I am keeping my DSi.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

No Virtual Console at launch? That means no games to play for me until May since I'm not interested in any announced game of the 3DS lineup on day one.



cheapogamer4life said:

@ OB:
I've never used Ebay before, but I guess this would be the best time to "get with the program".

lol, if you were my bro I would have to sell em back to ya for half price, but I'd cut ya a little deal on Shantae and CS.



Iggy said:

If i was thinking about getting 3ds it would be in may so no biggy for me. But im just going to wait for price drops and better battery.



ToastyYogurt said:

Since Club Nintendo might not show all of your downloaded games (as in, if you linked your DSi to Club Nintendo after buying stuff), it's only logical that the only way to transfer DSiWare to a 3DS would be if the DSi got updated too, and there would be a new option in the settings to transfer DSiWare Account Info, or there will be an app you would download from the shop for free. Then when that's selected, you could put the 3DS in a similar mode and the DSi would send it's DSiWare Account data onto the 3DS. You would then have to download all of your DSiWare through the shop, or transfer it with an SD card (considering if Nintendo Customer Service only transfers DSiWare Account Data from an unfixable DSi to a new DSi and expects you to redownload all your games, it only seems like they would do the same for 3DS).



ToastyYogurt said:

Once E3 was over, my entire body was screaming for a 3DS ASAP. Now that I've heard about the battery life and now this, my body has settled down a bit.



nintendo87 said:

i really dont think this is a big deal look what happened to the wii you could not use the news channel intill a update the e shop will be up soon after the 3ds is launched



MeloMan said:

Mmmmmm yeeeeeeeeah, that sucks, I was planning to hand my DSi over to my mom, not that she's asking for it, but I was going to give it to her once I got the 3DS late March since she's played my old DS Lite until the hinges fell off (glued on currently).

Nonetheless, I can't even repurchase my applications from DSiWare for 3DS day 1 if need-be, wow, damn Nintendo for not having the 3DS just read it from my SD card. So let me recap what I can do with my 3DS from day one:

1. Take and look at 3D picture (Fine with this)
2. Play DS and 3DS games (Fine with this)
3. 3DSMusic (Pop the ol' SD card out of the DSi and slide it into the 3DS, music collection continues)

1. Can't bring over, touch, etc., my DSi games and apps until late May (a couple are life or death for me)
2. No 3D Video playback app day 1 for 3DS (I can wait for this, not that big a deal)
3. No Internet day 1 (I can tolerate this, as on average, I have 2 laptops, a Wii and a phone that can get me to the internet, but it would've been cool to fire up the internet while playing the 3DS w/o having to fire up Wiis, laptops, etc. for such basic things as internet surfing for 1 min.

I'm still getting a 3DS day one and will still use it for what it's worth, I'll just have to explain to ol' mom that she'll have to wait 2 months longer before I part w/ my DSi... I'm just glad she's the understanding type, lol.



1080ike said:

See above comment, my situation is very similar, except I'm getting in June.



RedYoshi999 said:

Well I'm not planning to get a 3DS until red comes out so I'll be waiting a lot longer than May... By then there will be 3DSWare transfers. I'm starting to realise my DSi is getting to be quite an annoying problem. I can't trade it in because then I can't transfer my games. The only option is to sell it on eBay, quickly buy a 3DS at a shop (I need to the money from the DSi to help pay for it), transfer the games and post away the DSi. Even thats a bit tricky as I have to drive an hour to get to any good stores (and I'm too young to drive)



Noire said:

Something about this launch screams rushed.

I'm starting to get the same vibe myself. :/



Portista said:

Since I'm gonna wait for a special edition to come out for the 3DS, I'm not too worried about having to wait 3-5 days for the eShop. Still, I think this is awesome!



freakpower70 said:

I enjoy the idea of an eShop, but using the internet sucks my dsi's battery try in no time, so I do have concerns about the 3ds with an already weak battery.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

One more question, I backed up all of my applications on to a memory card. Couldn't I just transfer it from my DSi's memory card slot to the 3DS's?



theblackdragon said:

@Sakura_Moonlight2421: One of the things people are forgetting the transfer solution will have to do is make the original DSi or 3DS unable to play or redownload the games in question. Without that console-to-console connection, it won't be possible to do so unless the original DSi connects to the DSi Shop, and there's no way Nintendo's going to give people the opportunity to have 'Ware only purchased once available for play on more than one console.



mario300 said:

i think the thing from the dsi is the sd card and when you put the sd card in side the 3ds all the things from the dsi goes to the 3ds



-DL- said:

This is obnoxious. No Mario launch titles or eShop for a while. I'm starting to see that I shouldn't get this so close to launch.



SwerdMurd said:

Yeah having transfer capability on launch date would be a nice way to lessen the pain of the lack of games/download service. Backwards compatibility of all sorts works well for that, though.



Pastry said:

I bought a Playstation 2 the day after I heard this. Sorry Nintendo, I'm a Sony/Microsoft man now.



skywardtrumpet said:

wait so it says "The ability to transfer your existing DSiWare downloads to the 3DS via the Nintendo eShop will also be enabled.", but it didn't say how, do you have to have your system with you? or can you put it on an sd card and transfer it that way? i was planning on selling my dsi in order to get enough cash for the 3ds.....



realar said:

Me and Snivy are NOT amused.
First of all, I can't play Shantae til in full til frickin' May which cheeses me to no end. (My L and R shoulder buttons on my DSi are broken, grr).
Nintendo, DSIWare transfer close to launch in US GOT IT?!
No downloadable games til May either and the reason for this is??
No browser either, dumb again, for it would be good to have a backup internet sooner than never when my computer's CPU is an ass (it's also a tower).
Nintendo, bad Nintendo. You've been naughty.



Millie said:

I lost ALL of my DSiWare from trading in my DSi. It was either lose the $75 credit towards the 3DS at the end of April, or pay full price in late May to get the transfer. I was quite upset about this, and I doubt Game Stop will hold my DSi until then considering it's now technically their property.. It was a straight up date clash /:



RafiLoveYou said:

I Have A Question Are You Guys Ever Gonna Be Able 2Make Some Type Of Video Chat For The 3ds ? Like Oovoo ,Skype, Face Time Etc. ? It Would Be Cool & I Think Most People Would Like & Want That Too . You Could Video Chat With Anybody Who Has Certain Devices Like An iPod 3ds Or Computer . That Would Be Something People Would Buy If It Was On A 3ds Or New One That Maybe You Guys Can Make Like The 4th Ds . I Think That Would Be A Top Seller On The Marketing List It Could Maybe Over Rate All The Other Consoles If Nintendo Makes One With Better Things & Video chat It Would Be Like All The Nintendo & Camera & iPod Stuff All In One . It Would Be Cool Don't You Think ?

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