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Sat 31st Mar 2012

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RafiLoveYou commented on 3DS Update in May Includes eShop and Other App...:

I Have A Question Are You Guys Ever Gonna Be Able 2Make Some Type Of Video Chat For The 3ds ? Like Oovoo ,Skype, Face Time Etc. ? It Would Be Cool & I Think Most People Would Like & Want That Too . You Could Video Chat With Anybody Who Has Certain Devices Like An iPod 3ds Or Computer . That Would Be Something People Would Buy If It Was On A 3ds Or New One That Maybe You Guys Can Make Like The 4th Ds . I Think That Would Be A Top Seller On The Marketing List It Could Maybe Over Rate All The Other Consoles If Nintendo Makes One With Better Things & Video chat It Would Be Like All The Nintendo & Camera & iPod Stuff All In One . It Would Be Cool Don't You Think ?