Worried that the 3DS's Internet Browser and new Virtual Console and 3DSWare eShop wouldn't be available at launch? Fear not – Nintendo has spoken, and the service will be available on the same day as the console's arrival.

You'll still need to run an update in order to receive the features, as consoles won't come with them straight out of the box, but it should be a straightforward matter of downloading an update. Whether this will allow you to transfer DSiWare immediately is uncertain – our time spent with the console's operating system only confirmed this feature would be enabled with a future update, so we can only wait and see if the transfer arrives on day one.

Rather than using Nintendo Points, the eShop will use a cash-based system, with prepaid cards available in stores or the ability to add funds to your account through a credit card. While we have no word on pricing yet, we'll let you know when we do.

[source eurogamer.net]