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Sony: Please Be Nice to 3D Glasses, Nintendo

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

SCE exec would like to see the two companies promote 3D together

President of Sony's Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is happy that Nintendo has joined Sony aboard the 3D train with its reveal of the 3DS handheld. But during an interview with IGN, he expressed his disappointment with Nintendo's narrow put-downs of 3D glasses, which are a keystone of Sony's approach to the new tech.

I have hope that they have a broader perspective with 3D. When you listen to what they are saying about the effect of 3D perspective to the games, they are saying the same message we are, but they don't have to bash some small part of what the other company is doing.

"Some small part" happens to be a large point of contention for those not sold on 3D technology, so it's hardly surprising that the company selling 3D televisions that require glasses isn't too pleased with Nintendo's E3 presentation comments about how the glasses are awkward and make you look silly.

But hey, no need to sweat the small stuff, right? If the two companies could somehow work together and get people excited about 3D, Yoshida said, then that'd be cool with Sony.

I think as an industry we should preach this new perspective, from a very large cinema screen to a small portable, because that helps advancing the games and the game industry. We'd like to work together to promote 3D.

Yoshida admitted at the time of the interview that he hadn't yet tried the 3DS for himself. We somehow doubt that it would change anything, though.


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Oregano said:

Yes, they should work together for the good of the people. Now lets see how that benefits each company:

Sony: More people buy their cameras, TVs, console, movies and eventually their 3D handheld. Oh not to mention those 3D glasses that cost $150 a pop.

Nintendo: Umm.... the 3DS might be considered a little bit cooler?



King_Boo said:

sounds like payback for years of bad mouthing Wii, and maybe trying to get on Nintendo's good side for when all of the ports start to come, or ports they want.



skywake said:

Nintendo shouldn't bash Sony's approach 3D? Give me a break. This is from the company that just over a week ago had an executive who said "A portable with naked eye 3D does not have high precision, according to internal research...Presently, there are limits." when asked about what he thought of the 3DS.

You can't have your cake and eat it too...



C7_ said:

I agree that companies working together to promote an idea is good if not inspiring, but that's why the 3DS is so unique; it doesn't require glasses. Now there's definitely some difference between glasses and no glasses, but I highly doubt Sony will lose ANY sales of their 3D tv's because a handheld figured out how to do it without glasses.

Personally I dun like the glasses because I have to wear them over my existing pair, but meh.



Sean_Aaron said:

The glasses is completely retarded, I really don't get why they're bothering with something that intrusive and that expensive as their launch effort for 3D. Better to wait and try to do 3DS technology on a big screen or better still, not bother at all.



Slapshot said:

I would have thought that after Nintendo had a killer presentation at E3 and all the incredible games were soon go get this console trashing would let up around here. I guess not!



V8_Ninja said:

Why would Nintendo help their competition? That's the thing I want to know.



Oregano said:

@skywake: It's the same guy that said that that's saying they should work together now.(EDIT: It appears I was wrong actually, it was Hirai who said that).

Oh btw, I was being sarcastic above. My point is that Sony would benefit from Nintendo promoting 3D in general but Nintendo wouldn't. Sony's just trying to get Nintendo to sell their stuff for them.



xAlias said:

Glasses, shmasses. We don't need those things! Besides, they sell for $150.00 a pop!



Sakeraf said:

can you imagine if they would come together and make one super console... SoNtendo 643Dstation!!!



Machu said:

Sony nervous, much?

Personally I don't wanna wear dumb glasses at the cinema or in the comfort of my own home. 3DS is the first step toward the kind of 3D I want.

Holographics baby yeah!!!



Natie31 said:

Dont know why Sony need to bash Nintendo, so what they are saying the same message Sony are, but they don't have to bash some small part of what the other company is doing. Lookin on sony site they 3Dtv cost over $2,000 who can buy that, im waitin for the 3DS sony just hatin that they didnt came with that idea for they PSP, just hope they give Nintendo a break and no Nintendo should not team with them.



LordJumpMad said:

Sorry but Reggie can't help himself when he sees.............Thoses.......................GLASSES!!!



Roopa132 said:

Ah, Nintendo fanboys at work.

Sony has a good point. Nintendo themselves said they want more people to have 3D TVs at home so they can make a 3D homeconsole.
And the company that is pushing 3D TV the most at the moment is Sony which many people forget that they have the biggest variety of electronics of the big 3 including TVs and of course 3D TVs.



IAmNotWill said:

This company needs to make up their mind! D:

They think it won't work, then they give it "thumbs up," then their not impressed, and now this!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.



EdEN said:

I might get a 3DTV in 2012 once price of the units and the glasses is down. A 1080p 46" 3D LED TV with zero videogame delay and a free pair of 3D glasses and 4 3D movies all for 600 could get me to sign up eventually.



Roopa132 said:

Those where all different people.
The one who gave thumbs up was the Senior Director who probably didn't say that in the name of Sony but just as his own opinion.



MeloMan said:

LOL @ that article, L.O.L. So sad.

Look, just because Sony or whoever else didn't invest in stereoscopic 3D, because yes, people "would" rather, if at all possible, NOT wear glasses to see 3D, you would like for Nintendo to bite their tongue on truth while you remain retro-tech" to push your own profits forward? How 'bout you get over yourself, GET into stereoscopic 3D YOURSELF, and start making profit that way? Are we a wittle mad cause we weren't fwirst, Sony? Awwwww ;_;

All this from the same people that steal Nintendo's "gaming" ideas and would rather Nintendo cease to exist as a competitor. Pah, Feh, Meh, and Bah to you Sony, BAH on that one...



MetalMario said:

Glasses suck. Sony is just sad that they didn't do it as well as Nintendo.

And what the heck? Sony bashes Microsoft and Nintendo all the time.



MasterGraveheart said:

You know, I wear glasses, and to wear my glasses AND 3D glasses at the same time is a HUGE hinderence for me. Nintendo has it right and I thank them for it. I didn't like wearing 3D glasses for theatres, I don't like wearing 3D glasses at home, I laugh at you, Sony, I'll buy another Nintendo platform while I count down the days to the closure of your pathetic video game division. I have a bottle of a fine beverage I'll be waiting to uncork when your gaudy business practices finally bite you in the rear end you self-absorbed pieces of... ahem...

Sony, thank you for staying in the 1950s by staying with glasses. Nintendo, thank you for being the wave of the future. Microsoft... um... thank you for taking Rare off of our hands at the right time?



SwerdMurd said:

@everyone - personal 3d viewing on sub-4 inch screen =/= 3d viewing on 50 inch TV. As nice as it'll be to see a tiny box with characters shooting out of it, I don't remember the last time all my friends hung out and huddled around my iPhone to watch a movie...I can't wait til real 3D is affordable.



Corbs said:

Who wants to see competing game companies work together. We want carnage and we want it NOW!



mecoy said:

well i think their just jealous
and if nintendo works with another company it better be microsoft



naut said:

This is hilarious. "...but they don't have to bash some small part of what the other company is doing." This is coming from the company that likes to mercilessly rip Nintendo to pieces in TV Spots and in the press.



SKTTR said:

Hey Sony, please stay the way you are!

Just steal Nintendo's idea, like you always do, and release your own 3D-handheld in 2015.

And don't forget the touchscreen, losers!



Ian_Daemon said:

3D with glasses really limits the audience. Just think of the human beings all over the world that already wear eyeglasses, those that are color-blind, those with only partial 3D vision, those with zero 3D vision, etc.

Face it Sony, 3D is a fad. It also has been. It's nothing new. It's like "jelly shoes", "slap bracelets", and "POGs".



WaveBoy said:

@Ian Daemon
3D aint' a fad...And judging by everybodies reactions at Nintendo's E3 the 3DS's 3D Technology is amazing and absolutely incredible. If anything, wearing 3D Glasses will become a 'fad'

Anyways, personally I wouldn't really mind wearing 3D glasses when watching 3D movies on a 3D(again) HDTV Plasma....But the price for a pair of 3D glasses alone is definitly retarted indeed. The day I purchase a 3D 1080p Plasma or OLED HDTV is when Nintendo's next Console comes out which will obviously be 3D. Right now everything is just too expensive, fresh and limmited. As everybody knows Nintendo unleashes their genious ideas when everything becomes more affordable and by then in a couple of years 3D glasses will be more affordable, hell maybe they'll have HDTV's with a newer 3D technology like in the 3DS where you 'don't have to wear glasses which would make sense. Then NOBODY would be complaining



irken004 said:

They r two different companies. They are supposed to be competing, not working together.



Caliko said:

Soy wants to work with the "casual-good-for-nothing-lack-of-innovation" company?

Last time that happened Sony got greedy and tried to steal from Nintendo.



komicturtle said:

I believe Nintendo will release their 3D capable home console when 3DTV's become much more affordable (HDTVs' prices are dropping at a RAPID rate now), and when you don't have to use those glasses. I wear glasses and to put those 3D glasses is somewhat of a pain. And some make the movie DARKER and.. displeasing.

Then again, the Gamecube was capable of producing those 3D effects- it's just developers never bothered with it and there really wasn't.. a way to do it.. Right? I wonder if that 3D part of Gamecube carried over to the Wii, but mayber not. Iwata would have mentioned it...



WaveBoy said:

So basically, since Nintendo created a small screen using 3D techonology without glasses, couldn't a company like Panasonic or Samsung eventually do the same thing to larger sized HDTV's 32" and up for example? Just imagine having a 50" 1080p 3D plasma using Nintendo's 3D tech without wearing glasses.

The only thing they'd have to work on is the viewing angle as it starts to loose focus if you're not looking at the screen dead on which people have mentioned about the 3DS



HipsterDashie said:

Why the hell are 3D glasses so expensive when the cheapo ones you get at the cinema do the job just as well?



Corbs said:

The whole point of the 3DS is that it features a 3D effect using no glasses. Of course they're going to push the "no glasses" angle throughout this system's life.



Slapshot said:

@Corbie... exactly and with a TV it wouldnt work because you would have to sit directly in front of the screen and you cant have multiple people directly in front of the screen.

These fanboys are comparing 3D TV wich at the moment has to have glasses to funtion properly (they do have 3D TVs without the need for glasses coming but its a good ways off until it reaches the market and then to be affordable could be a long time) to a small handheld wich is easily able to keep directly in front of the gamer.

Comparing the two is useless and you fanboys really need to get a life, you sound pathetic!



sillygostly said:

Oh, dear. It's even worse than I thought. The glasses look like some cheap crap you can pick up from the cinemas for free. .

Seriously... is there any reason why they cost so much, aside from taking advantage of sheer consumer stupidity?



Pxtl said:

I still would hope that on the hypothetical Wii 2 platform, nintendo will support 3D TVs.

But yes, I'd never go with a shutter-glass setup if I wanted home 3D entertainment. It's something I could see on a PC where you've got only one person, but if I were doing 3d for home use I'd splurge and go for a dual-projector-based polarized 3D, like the theatres use.


Different technology. LCD 3D involves displaying the film at double-speed, and then using shutter-glasses "open" and "shut" each lens 60x per second. That's simple for the screen (just show the movie fast and alternate between left-eye and right-eye frames), but expensive and hard for the glasses.

The movie version is simpler, but more expensive for the display - movies use 2 projectors, one projecting the left eye and one projecting the right eye. Each projector has a filter over it, filtering the light so the left-projector only puts out clockwise-spinning photons and the right projector only puts out counter-clockwise-spinning-photons (or somdething like taht). You can't tell them appart,... but the filters in your glasses can, and the projection screen preserves this polarization. So the glasses are cheaper - they just need a pair of simple plastic polarizing filters... but you need 2 projectors. I don't even know if polarized output is possible for an LCD, you'd have to have alternating filters on each pixel..



Sean_Aaron said:

@Pxtl: LG is the only company planning on selling a tv using "passive" 3D (as opposed to the expensive glasses kind), so yes it's possible, but for some bizarre reason most manufacturers are putting all their effort into "active" 3D, probably because on home displays it's more impressive.

I'm firmly in the "it's a fad" camp, but no doubt I'll be proven wrong and then shuffle off into "grumpy old man" territory a couple of decades early.



cnm_nintendo said:

I wouldn't be surprised if Apple made a 3D device with no glasses...I don't know why but I can totally see Apple copying Nintendo...



Phobos said:

Sony's just jealous Nintendo got the concept of a 3D console first, and now want to inject themself into the process to say "Oh, yes. We did this together." Lay off, leeches.

Plus, having a console which doesn't require 3D glasses to produce that effect is what's so amazing about it. Seriously, why can't Sony understand some of these things and stick to their own territory? Geez, I've never felt so nerved before by a gaming company. Sony's worse than I thought. Then again, Nintendo's purely gaming. Sony's technology. It does explain their 3D glasses obsession, especially with those expensive TVs they produce.



JimLad said:

Shuhei Yoshida: "Heyyy buddy how's it going... about the whole, bashing your company for the past 4 years thing? That's totally in the past right, maybe we can work together on this 3D stuff?"

Satoru Iwata: "Think of the 3DS as a spear, and then imagine me driving that spear through your heart... that's what your future looks like."



Chris720 said:

Why would Nintendo help their competition?

However, I have read somewhere that Nintendo said that they would like to make a 3D console but only if more people had a 3DTV at home, and since Sony makes TVs (gasp), Nintendo and Sony could team up to make a 3D console possible for everybody. If only Sony would just gave up on their consoles (lets be honest, their consoles look more or less the same but with a few upgrades tacked on for good measure) and teamed up with Nintendo, I can see them making bundles of money!

And more money means better games, better consoles, better online, better everything! They'd rip Microsoft to tiny pieces.

But this would never ever happen...

@cnm_nintendo Every company copies Nintendo... That's the law of the Gaming Jungle. Copy Nintendo, or go your own way and fail miserably.



Ch3p3 said:

Sony want money selling 3D glasses and people that need it to the 3DS just imagine the perfect world domination plan, sony sucks



TKOWL said:

And in two years, they'll be bashing at 3D glasses with their "New and revolutionary!" 3DPSP.



JakobG said:

Is that actual?
Basically, he's saying: "Stop saying you don't need glasses for the 3DS!"



Hokori said:

I want Nintendo and sony to keep fighting Nintendos at its best when its fighting look at Nintendo VS Sega "F-Zero, Pilotwings, Mario Kart, Pokemon, Mario RPG, DKC, Kirby's ability to copy.

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