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Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda Greatly Saddened by Wii's "Unfulfilled Promise"

Posted by Damien McFerran

Kinect's creative director indulges in some good-natured trash-talking

Microsoft's Kinect E3 unveiling - complete with an impressive but ultimately head-scratching performance by the world-famous Cirque du Soleil - may have raised more questions than answers but that hasn't stopped the shade-wearing Kudo Tsunoda - Kinect's creative director - from mouthing-off about how fantastic and revolutionary it is.

Speaking at a special Microsoft-organised event during E3, Tsunoda had this to say:

"There is a promise in the Wii that is very hard to deliver in any kind of controller-based stuff. Even their very first E3 demos that came out - and you're playing tennis, and everybody's up and you're going like this and you're playing tennis and it's awesome, look at that!

Anybody who watches those things getting played, you're just sitting here doing your little thing like this [does small movements with wrist]. That's how controller-based games are played.

Nothing against the Wii, because I like playing the Wii, I like Wii games, and it's a great system, but I do think there is some unfulfilled promise there."

When asked if Kinect therefore represented a step up from Nintendo's motion technology, Tsunoda replied:

"I don't really see Kinect so much as a successor to the Wii at all, because there's just so much more that we can do with our technology. Obviously the full body tracking is so much different than tracking two points in your hands of a controller.

Somebody says, well, hey, is it a successor to the Wii, or is it an evolution of the Wii? Not really. If all we did was the full body tracking, and we said, okay well, look, you can do stuff with your hands, but now you can do stuff with your full body...but really Kinect is so much more than that. You have the full body controls, the voice technology, the human recognition stuff.

Not even just talking about the Wii, but where else can you do that in any medium? Really, there's nothing that's delivering that type of experience anywhere in the world."

He certainly has a point, but what was shown during Microsoft's lukewarm E3 keynote did little to reassure gamers that Kinect really is the next big thing.


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Marvelousmoo said:

In my opinion there is so much less that you can do with Kinect, not the other way around.



JakobG said:

I always will remember that part of Microsoft's conference where he was the only one who clapped after the Kinectimals presentation.



dizzy_boy said:

although you can get away with sitting down and just be content waving your arms about for most wii games.
it still beats looking like a muppet playing the eye toy max, kinect thing.
besides. we all know that alot of the same old shovelware the wii has will soon be on the 360 and ps3 soon enough. whether they`ll admit to it or not.



Odnetnin said:

I agree with his first statement and could be persuaded to agree with his latter one once Kinect launches. Kudos for showing respect for what Nintendo has done and taking the initiative to realize your vision of what it could be, Kudo.



WaveGhoul said:

Grease the hair back, throw on the Raver shades, and slip in an Orange track suit and ya got Kudo!



armoredghor said:

I like that he's respectful to the competition; it's rare that you find anyone like that in this profession.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'd never be able to play the Kinect. See, I sit at an angle from my television when I play the Wii, so the point-interface is very favorable to me... since there is a bed in front of my TV, I can't exactly go full-body motion... unless there were titles rated... no, that joke's too easy... =P



accc said:

I wonder if we'll ever find out what the bottom of his avatar's shoe looks like.



WaveGhoul said:

Kinect seems to be superior for Dance, Fitness and interactive mini games, basically anything that doesn't require a controller. So it's basically the ultimate casual device as far as motion controls go. Then again, maybe I can get creative and hold onto a piece of wood when using a lightsaber in wait a sec, How will I move my character? StarWars on rails!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

But really, I sold my 360 a couple of years ago and don't plan on buying another or Kinect. Sony's Move on the other hand may come in handy....That's if Dead Space 2 supports it!



Ristar42 said:

Its as if they are trying to fit the games around the technology. Also, what about people who aren't able to leap about to play games? Much of Wii's commercial success is due to it's relative 'simplicity', not in spite of it.



HipsterDashie said:

They should have just bundled Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures into one game and called it Kinect Sports Resort.



V8_Ninja said:

Y'know, I would say some sort of joke about how Microsoft is somehow doing the exact same thing as the people who they are criticizing, but I'm just not in the mood.



XCWarrior said:

I can tell you one good reason Kinect is not the successor to the Wii's motion controls - unlike the Wii, it's not going to sell.

@SoulSilver's comment - totally agree.



C7_ said:

Cool Story Bro.

Personally I'd work on that whole "doesn't operate unless you're standing up" thing even with voice commands and lack of accuracy before you start trash-talking the system that got the whole motion control phase started.
Without the Wii, we'd have the Xbox 720 and the PS4, which control styles will merely be adding two more buttons onto the same controller they've used for the past 10 or so years.

BTW, I still haven't seen the bottom of an avatar's foot



JimLad said:

Is this guy Asian? The face doesn't look it, but I can't be sure when he's wearing those glasses.



opeter said:

Actually, I think Kinect will be a big catastrophy for MS.

But on the sidenote, Sony can get some decent stuff, I they will make the PS3 Move even more precise, than Wii's Wii Motion+ is. All in all, the stuff will be usable only, if there will be some good games for it and people will buy that stuff.

I would like, if the Wii could give me 720p graphics. Nothing wrong with the games on Wii (except the showelware).



3230ru said:

I think those "Kinectimals" are the only living beings interested in playing with kinect... also if you play with Kinect you become one of them... Kinectimals .... When you are hooked its not your body who gives orders to that box any more, but its MS giving orders to your body... through its freaking red eyed box... just look at that guy he opens his mouth, but who's speaking?...



Yanagi said:

I say this again, no one asked for a control scheme that utilizes your entire body. No, Kinect isn't the successor to the Wii. It's a cheap knock off of the technology in Minority Report.

By the way, when this guy was talking about Kinect at the E3 Microsoft conference, my first question was, "Who let this pedophile on the stage?"



ODOGG618 said:

I agree with Bass XO, it's nice to sit on your butt and hit a golf ball. I am very interested in seeing the technology in action. More power to him if it works as great as he says. Nintendo beat everybody to the punch, but hasn't quite dominated the dojo....



pnutz said:

Kinect seems pretty promising, but that guy has the charisma of a snail. One step up from CliffyB.



emiru69 said:

I don't care about the opinion of someone that doesn't have the minimum respect in a press conference to take his sun glasses out. I laughed so hard when one of the guys from X-Play looked at him and said "where did you find that glasses?" He looked so pissed! For a second I was worried he was going to punch the reporter on the face! If he has the same taste for games that he has for grandma glasses I rather get gamer lectures from Betty White.
And let me guess, the unfulfilled promises from Nintendo's Wii are filled with Nat... I mean Kinect?? RIGHT!
Kinect Adventures = Mario Party
Kinectimals = Nintendogs
Kinect Joy Ride = Mario Kart
Your Shape = Wii Fit
Kinect Sports = Wii Sports
That's innovation! get an Eye Toy and put Wii games on it! Oh yeah! and charge 150 bucks for it.
Funny also that he talks about Wii Controllers, without controller how do you make an action game or an RPG, jumping around the living room and gasping for air like the guys in the press conference after 5 minutes of gaming? Sorry but I just can't stand this guy, show me something that I didn't play 2 years ago on the Wii and then we talk about fulfilled promises and hardcore games. Oh yeah and one more thing:
That was scary and not Silent Hill!!



shingi_70 said:

Not to start a flame war but Natal (i refuse ti say that K word) is better tech then the wiimote/move the only problem is IT WASN'T MADE TO BE USED FOR SOMETHING THAT REQUIRES BUTTONS.

If Natal was used on a PC i would jump for joy but i love being able to play real games.



SuperJim64 said:

I'm curious to see how Kinect actually sells. I've seen alot of crazy peripherals for systems, most of which fail. I'm pretty sure the NES light gun(and not even all light guns, remember the PSOne light gun @ almost $90 with Time Crisis, and that gun may have only got a couple of other titles!), the Wii balance board, dance pads, guitar controllers maybe you can count EyeToy as the only real success's. The fails though, wow what a list! The Powerpad, powerglove, that SNES Bazooka thing, etc.
However, MS is really showing it's immarutrity with Kinect. Both Nintendo and Sega made attempts to make exspensive system hardware upgrades, and they both failed with products that offered more promise than Kinect. N64DD, and Sega 32X added so much more to their respective systems than Kinect does for XBox. Honestly, there seems to be a price point somewhere near $100 that equals fail for these sort of things, and Kinect blows past it with no regard.



SuperJim64 said:

Oh and anyone remeber that thing you could set up multiple PSOnes, chain them together for local Multiplayer on seperate TV's!? lol... So, 4 Monitors, 4 PS1's, and the all the cables. Sounds like a good old time, after the hour set up, to play some destruction derby!



super-nintendo said:

In an effort to keep this site clean, I won't say what I really want to say about Microsoft, Kinect, and the 360 as a whole. Just imagine some bleaps, four letter words, and I have no love for MS.

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