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Czech Republic

Fri 25th Jun 2010

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pianoman commented on First Impressions: Nintendo Wii U:

Due the HD capability, more serious racing games may be with us the next year (driving mirror <-> U controller). What about the USB 2.0 connectivity? Does it support force feedback effects? If so, maybe a pro wheel and pedals will guarantee us also superb racing experience which was "no go" regarding Wii and other Nintendo systems..



pianoman commented on Nintendo Download: 16th July 2010 (Europe):

Downloaded today. The overall gaming experience isn´t bad, but too far from SUPERB. You can fly with nunchak which emulates the stick, but the problem is with the positioning of the nunchak in your hand during flight and maneuvres. Real stick isn´t controlled by wrist twisting - that´s what is far from reality. The sound is fine, the graphics not so well - occassional stuttering above detailed terrain is definitely letdown. Lack of ground details in many locations. Lack of details regarding airstrips. You can lower the gear + slow the airplane and land, but not with flaps down - flaps are missing too... On screen flight instruments are completely missing. I know they aren´t important but still I would like to know what is my indicated airspeed and altitude. Because the indicated airspeed is missing, it is very difficult to know when the aircraft will stall - which is bothering in combat (per example during intentional spins during close combat). Next problem is the AI in dogfight mode - they fly like butterfly and they are everywhere - to close, too low, to high and mainly: too many. The AI in campaign mode is much better because you can follow your opponent - which isn´t the case in dogfight (stand alone) mode. I know it isn´t flight simulator, it´s an arcade game, but some more "life like" features and it could be a blast! What I would like to see in next installments?

  • on screen displays (speed, altitude)
  • or at least spare 3D cockpit
  • flaps
  • more details on the ground
  • better airport environment
  • nunchak positioning (forward/backward motion instead of wrist motion)
  • better AI in dogfight mode
  • less airplanes in the air
  • on_line dogfight mode