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Fri 7th May 2010

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pnutz commented on Curve Studios And Dakko Dakko Heap Praise On T...:

Uhh, did anyone even read the entire tweet?

"Setting aside policies and economics for a moment..."

Setting aside Nintendo's policies and the economics of publishing on the WiiU, it's a perfect system for indies.That's not exactly a glowing endorsement, but I'm glad they feel confident enough to publish exclusively on it.



pnutz commented on Download Developer Hits a "Brick Wall" When Tr...:

I sometimes feel too apologetic for Ninty. But these comments are really putting that into perspective. People are lashing out at indie developers for not putting more support into the smallest and least visible marketplace, defending the state of the eShop as the 'most fair and open' option, denying there is anything wrong with Nintendo's relationship with 3rd party developers, inferring some kind of "quality over quantity", referring to the practices of the much more successful competition from huge multinational industry leaders as "Marxism".

I don't understand how one can be this closed off from reality. Do you want these problems to be fixed (most of which should have been obvious before this article came out) or just wait until everything becomes perfect so you can pretend it was never bad?



pnutz commented on Feature: Nintendo Games Our Readers Would Love...:

There's plenty of IPs that I would love to see, but I'm thinking that Ninty has just gotten around to pulling their heads out of their butts and realizing that they can't completely fall back on the plumber when things are going as rough as they are now. So I'm not expecting much beyond DK:TF, MK8, SSB and dynasty Hyrule in 2014, maybe one or two other modest releases.

But since this is what I want, I hope they double down on the U and do new sprawling 2D metroid, earthbound, startropics, and fzeros. At least as a tease for 2015.



pnutz commented on Dive: The Medes Islands Secret "Like an Underw...:

"...the idea of setting a platformer entirely underwater is a new one on us"

Well the exact nature of a 'platformer' not withstanding, you should really check out Aquaria as an example of an underwater Super Metroid. If Dive can hold a candle to that, then it might worth the purchase.