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Sat 5th Jun 2010

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Albion commented on E3 2010: Metroid: Other M Trailer:

I'm not sold on this yet. Something about it, is telling me its limiting itself
Its like being a bad speller and trying to type a word you can't so you just use diffrent words to say the same thing be ones you know you can spell.
But in the end your message dosen't translate how you really intended.

This trailer looks alot diffrent from what i was expecting of the game.



Albion commented on Review: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands ...:

to bad Wii copy sold only 15k
And PS3 and Xbox360 sold over 3 million.

Thats depressing for the Wii folks
Hate to see the Wii Fail like this

Oh well here comes N other Why the wii is hardcore too Ad campagne.



Albion commented on New Nintendo Video Reminds You Wii has Great G...:

Considering Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands wii sold only 15000 copy's I think its obviouse Nintendo has a problem getting taken seriously.
And the one for XBOX and PS3 sold somthing over 3 million combined.
Id be suprized UBIsoft ever spends a dim on making Wii its own game ever again.
If it wasent for japan monster hunter would have sold 220K in NA and 180K in the rest of the world. Good thing Japan knows the wii can be hardcore with its wooping 1 million sells.

I Nintendo needs to help its more hardcore games out cause they are simply not selling. Not sure if this kind of add will help at all though.