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Call of Duty Comparison Shots Don't Do The Wii Any Favours

Posted by Damien McFerran

As expected, the Nintendo version is looking a bit weak compared to the 360/PS3 editions

It might be an exercise in stating the obvious but recent shots posted by Game Informer magazine show the massive graphical gulf between the Wii version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - subtitled "Reflex" - and the original PS3/360 instalments, on which the game is based.

Still, if the developers can carry across the killer gameplay then such visuals issues won't present a problem.

Multiplayer fans will be pleased to know that Reflex will feature 10-player online, although the voice support seen in the 2007 original is missing.

The game hits store shelves on the 10th November, around the same time that the 360/PS3 sequel is being released.

UPDATE: Nintendo Life member Shiryu has pointed out that some kind of voice chat IS being promised for the Wii version, as is shown in this image.


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JimLad said:

Just be thankful they're bothering at all.
The hardware is capable of more sure, but most multi-platters wouldn't even give Wii a chance.



Damo said:

The thing is, I feel this will tank on the Wii. Surely anyone who is bothered about playing FPS titles will have a 360 by now.



shake_zula said:

@Damo: Sadly I have to agree... This is the one genre that the Wii can't really do. It's a shame as the remote is easily the best controller for FPS, but the lightweight online functions (Friend Codes and lack of voice support for instance) can't compete with Xbox Live and PSN.



Golgo said:

Just completed the PC version (yep, I'm a little late to that party), and I'd says it's pretty good, although not much less 'on rails' than house of the dead. I'm not bothered about the Wii graphics as everythng moves so fast and chaotically in the game, but still it's not an experience I'm desperate to repeat on my favourite console.



Stargazer said:

Hey, have some faith....CoD WaW was very solid on the Wii. The graphics engine ran smoothly, the controls were great, and the online was awesome until the glitches and hacks started showing up.

The same team is making Reflex, and unless they run out of time (which is possible) it should be good.



Machu said:

The fact it's called 'reflex' tells me the controls are going to be sublime, and a huge improvement over teh mighty PS360 versions. But is that what is reported? No, of course not.



Kirk said:

Until I see the final version of this game running on Wii I'm not going to be convinced it's anything other than another average port.



grenworthshero said:

I could swear someone posted this in the forums a few months ago...anyway, I'll say now what I did then: if this is the final version of this game, that's horrible. I'll be one of the first to say graphics don't matter, but sometimes you can go too far, when it looks like a PC game from 1999




Errrrmmm, who cares? The gameplay should be significantly better than the other consoles hopefully though.



Strofan7 said:

I dont understand all of the fuss here, the game looks great. Obviously when you put it next to the ps3 version it will pale in comparison but thats no reason to trash the graphics completely? Ease up fellas



Damo said:

@Machu - Just because they've put Reflex at the end of the title doesn't mean anything.

If EA released Need For Speed: Better than Gran Turismo Edition, would that automatically make it better in your eyes?

Just wondering.



Token_Girl said:

OMG Really? Graphics are better on the HD consoles? No way!

If Wii had decent online, the controls would balance out the graphics I think. Too bad it doesn't. If only I didn't suck so much at dual analog...



aphexbr said:

Meh, whatever. If you're expecting COD to look as good on the Wii as it does on 360/PS3, you're a drooling idiot. Go buy an HD platform if graphics bother you that much.

What matters is whether it runs smoothly, has the gameplay intact and uses graphics that are at least as good as a high quality Gamecube release. That's all that can be asked, and Activision seem to be delivering on that front.



bro2dragons said:

it is what i expected... but this is ridiculous. these are good for N64 graphics. they'd never fly on the gamecube. what makes them think that Wii owners would settle for such shoddy work (if i can call it work). i'm always telling people graphics don't matter, it's all about gameplay, but really??? this is a series centered around graphics, and they don't even try. i really hope they clean this up before launch, or they're not getting my money, regarless of how much i enjoyed world at war.



Gameinformer has a reputation to trash the wii and treat it like a lepper. Besides:

1) those wii screens look like a beta version
2) I have seen CODMW on xbox360 and it DOESN'T LOOK AT ALL like those screenshots! They look more like rendered scenes that the real game engine!

Damn it! why you pay attention to those articles?



jbrodack said:

the graphics look worse than world at war for wii. shouldn't they have been able to get better graphics on the wii by now? hopefully the final version will look a bit better considering its a port of an at least 2 year old game. Obviously gameplay is most important but if graphics are crap as compared to other wii games it will be distracting.



Machu said:

@Damo: Well in my eyes it does. The Wiimote will increase the ability to pull off reflex shots, why else would it be called that?
And as for comment #4, I don't own a PS360 but play fps' everyday. I'm an fps snob, one that cannot lower myself to play them with analogue sticks, just as others cannot lower themselves to play a game they think is 'ugly'.



The_Fox said:

Wow....Pretty damn bad. Let's hope it ends up looking a little better in the end.

Having played the game more than I should, I can say that the screenshots are pretty accurate of the other versions.



Oh please, they do look detailed but not THAT detailed <_< I am not saying that the wii version will look the same but those xbx screens seem modified



Devil_Hunter_Dante said:

Here is an interview from official Nintendo magazine.
Here is a link to a preview;title;3&mode=previews
I am not to worried about graphics but I do hope the gameplay is good. They are claiming they have a ton of ways to cusotomize controls with dead zones and the like (similar to the Conduit).



Knux said:

If I get a Call of Duty game, I might get a Wii version AND a PS3 version. But the Wii version looks like a PS2 game! Come on, Activision! That company can obviously do better than that! After all, if Activison's CEO is so greedy when he wants to raise the prices on all video games, Activision must makes their own games worth that price first, no matter what version it is, [sarcasm].



Machu said:

Look, if a comparison really needs to be made. Perhaps we should wait till we have something other than alpha/beta shots to do so with. I'm sure it'll look much better in motion anyway, especially if they lock a high framerate.



Ren said:

The source article is pretty trashy anyway. This kind of comparison is really old hat. For one they're obviously not from the same intstances in the game and the brightness is cranked up on the wii so you can see every jaggy as you naturally will on any standard def graphic that isn't in motion.

So what? We can see that he's an "army man" with a gun shooting stuff, and not a jar of peanut butter. It's really a non issue, especially when you consider the far superior control of pointing rather than shoving a joystick around; which is closer to that of pointing a real gun? nuff said. thats what matters.
The people who are acting all indignant and snotty about it are obviously 18 or under and spoiled because they clearly don't remember when great fun could mean playing as a blob with a gun, in games like Ikari Warriors, or Cabal. Gameplay is king.



Nintendo-64 said:

Hello thats my first post on the side.
About the pictures. Why noone realize that those screens are the first screens shown by activision a few month ago!? On the picture that shows the features of the game they say:that it is the best looking Wii shooter so far. And i dont think they never heard of the conduit. By the way they said that they improve the graphics of W@W and if you look at the MW screens you see that those screens are much worse then W@W.



RyuZebian said:

Playing COD World at War online p*wns on Wii. I've borrowed it for some months now and I'm not planning on giving it back! I actually think the awesome controls make up for the bad graphics. But I hate the campaign... That's why I've only played it once and played multiplayer for more than 50 hours! And the glitches... Most of them are pretty minor. But I don't think the ones you can utilize are that much of glitches, more of "hidden areas." Why would they make the objects climbable if it's a glitch?! But some glitchers are REALLY annoying... :/



brandonbwii said:

They are beta. In fact, the screens aren't even official. They're leaked. I forget the source, but they mentioned this as well as a ton of other info.

As for the "reflex" in the title, there are subtle additions; you can turn most guns gangster style and you can tilt the nunchuck to lean around corners.

Online features all modes except Ground War this time around.

The title features much improved particle effects from W@W.

I still feel Wii should have it's own original COD with a home grown engine, but I still applaud Treyarch for what they're doing.

For those thinking this game won't sell, you forget that W@W sold 1.3 million units. I doubt that was all "hardcore" fans.

EDIT: COD pwns Conduit online



V8_Ninja said:

Really don't care, to be honest. We're still getting a great game either way (if they don't mess up the controls). It would've be nice if they got High Voltage for the graphics though...



JayArr said:

I love my Wii but I'll never buy a multi-platform game for it. It always pales in comparison.....except for maybe Tiger Woods '10.



KDR_11k said:

The thing is, I feel this will tank on the Wii. Surely anyone who is bothered about playing FPS titles will have a 360 by now.

But the 360's controls suck for FPSes. The PC has almost all of the 360's games and quite a few 360 doesn't even have.



jangonov said:

ok...I KNOW the wii is capable of better textures than that. They all look stretched out and fuzzy



Jeroen1 said:

I'm all for gameplay over graphics, but not when said graphics look like a blurry mess. And especially when you know they can do better.



taffy said:

As far as i'm aware the screenshots were from the Beta stage of development. I would rather make an opinion once I see the game in motion. As for the Wiispeak, I don't think it is being supported in the game:
Time will tell though, I hope they have it though.



Ian_Daemon said:

@MattL: "Game Informer" is a gaming magazine, pretty big in the U.S. They're basically the GameStop/GameCrazy magazine. (Game Informer has gotten more popular in recent years because other gaming magazines are going out of business.)



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm not interested in the subject matter, but really the visuals are fine.

I cannot recall when any kind of First Person Action game required photo-realistic visuals to be fun. Star Trek Elite Force, Elite Force II, the original Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2, Rainbow Six, The Jedi Knight games -- all great all with graphics similar to what the Wii is capable of and I dare anyone to say those games were crap.



bro2dragons said:

i'm not saying that stunning graphics are required at all. i'm all for stellar gameplay. but when a company seems to make itself to be all about graphics first, gameplay second, and then don't even deliver on that, it irks me. i do realize these shots are beta, and i hope to goodness it'll get cleaned up. again... graphics really aren't that important to me. some of my favorite game were berated for poor graphics. it just seems like if you're going to release screenshots for a game you yourself praise for it's realism, then you had better put some effort into them and not give the same "Wii owners don't care" crap we're always getting.



naut said:

And who freakin' cares? Look at the awesomeness here. All game modes present, 10P multiplayer, and in-game Wii Speak compatibility (and it looks like it's even FC-less). Now if they include map-packs, it'll be the complete beastness.



mrPlow said:

Alright! WiiSpeak support! Graphics look pretty bad but I would be surprised if those visuals will appear in the final version (also what's the point in comparing Wii graphics against PS3/XBox360 anyway?).

In the end it's the gameplay that really matters for me, hope it's going to be smooth.



brandonbwii said:

THEY'RE BETA FOR GOODNESS SAKE! They're no worse than W@W. Sheesh do some research and stop relying on a tool of a mag like Game Informer. Hell, when was the last time they had a positive article on Wii. It's like when Kotaku blurs out a shot of an HD game and says "This is what the game will look like on Wii." I laugh at all you that say the game won't sell 'cause "durrr everyone has a 360 fer teh shooterz". They had it last year and that didn't W@W from selling through now did it? I don't even know why NLife, as respectable as they are, would post such a stupid news story. Brings out the incompetence in the community. The IGNorants have apparently come out to play.



longtimegamer said:

@Sean: I think so too. sure graphics for the other systems are fantastic (as to be expected) be the wii graphics aren't ugly. They're fine (some jaggys on the copters in one pict). I think people who complain about this are either spoiled or trying to start something. Its not like they're N64 graphics. then i could see complaints. Wii graphics wii can produce are fine, sure they're not as detailed, and not as super real, but that doesn't make them terrible. Highly annoying to hear people act like this when it comes to the wii graphics, jeesh.

Edit: OMG!! 360/PS3's graphics are better than wiis!! so whats the news?? They better be considering how powerful they are. Would be news if it were the other way around.
Are these guys trying to be d*cks? (Gameinformer that is)



Devil_Hunter_Dante said:

A friend of mine has the 360 version and he loves the online (he is a pure Wii hater also lol). I am just looking forward to it because I love Wii first person shooters(the controls) and I loved last years COD and I think its great we are getting Modern Warfare.



brandonbwii said:

Heck, I'm just happy it's online at this point. So many Wii devs find that aspect unimportant.



Nintendo-64 said:

Why nobody want to realise the facts?!? The pictures arent final they are a few month old. So i cant understand how most of the people here talk about that.



blank_user_1 said:

Mmm, I am not avid enough of a fan to have done more than rent the original CoD: WaW, but I still hope this M.Warfare will be good. As for the graphics, it's just got to be good-- not awful-- just good. I think the picture looks like Quantum of Solace for the Wii, if you ask me, and people won't like that, but it don't bother me. I trash everybody I play in QoS because I find the controls so intuitive, and enjoyable. If this Reflex Wiimake can make it enjoyable, I will be a happy customer.



brandonbwii said:

I have no idea what the final game will look like, but if the game runs at a smooth 30fps (that's their plan) online has minimal lag (not worried, any lag in W@W didn't bother me) and fix the invite system (the mere fact that they had one was really something) then this is a must buy. And yes, I have a 360.

I think you guys can thank the IGN survey for Wii Speak.

Truth be told, I'm looking forward to Mobilized even more.



Varoennauraa said:

Do enemies die, when I shoot them in CoD(even as an option)? I hate FPS-games where I have to grind the opposition with bagfull of bullets. That was my grievance in Conduit. Time Splitters(not a biggest fan of it, but it) had very nice customisation of player health, for a realistic...ish game.



letsplay said:

If Nintendo came out with Wii 2; that can handle the same graphics as the other consoles I would buy it NOW.



The_Fox said:

@post 58:
No, they drop with a reasonable amount of shots. (I guess it could change for the Wii version)



The_Fox said:

Regarding the controls, I hope they fix the controls on the sniper rifles from the Wii version of World at War. It was way too damn easy to zip along no-scoping everyone in multiplayer.



Gigantorama said:

@ JayArr

I hear ya. To me, getting a multiplatform game on the Wii isn't the best utilization of resources for a console I quite like. I'm sorry, I own the other consoles too and I don't see why I have to put on my fanboy hat and claim the Wii versions are superior even though they are ports and usually suffer as a result. I like my Wii games, you know, the ones MADE for Wii. That's where my hard-earned money is going.



XD375 said:

I'm glad they decided to port Call of Duty 4 to the N64, I'm just a bit saddened that the production was moved to the Wii without any graphical modifications.



Matthew1 said:

Those visuals are bad but are not the worst I've seen for the wii. Last weekend I bought Medal of Honour Vanguard for the Wii for £12.99 which was a good deal I thought. Yeah the graphics may be 7-8 years out of date but the game is pretty good despite being 2 years old. The graphics look a bit worse than James Bond Nightfire PS2 which was made in 2002, one of the funniest and best mulitplayer games ever by the way, none of this online stuff but good old split screen action.



Chrono_Cross said:

Where did you do this research at?
A link would help too.

Otherwise who cares if the games graphics aren't the best? Isn't the main concept of the game, storyline, and even the controls more important than the graphics?
Correct me if I'm wrong but all I want to do is play a good game.



HappyHappy said:

Why am I not surprised?
I knew this would happen if we got a Wii port. As long as the gameplay is still good I may pick this up.



Rm88 said:

That's one fugly game. Seriously, that would be a bad looking GameCube game.



vakama94 said:

if this does have wii speak support then it will be an instant buy for me since i dont have any games to use my wii speak



BlueFlameBat said:

I'll give it a try. I already played the XBox 360 version when I rented it either last year or earlier this year.



Matthew1 said:

That reminds me, whatever happened to Wiispeak, everyone seemed to have forgotten about it yet its a pretty good idea.



KrazyKain said:

must we get so caught up with the graphics? just playing the game with pointer controls is enough to have me sold



Feld0 said:

As long as they don't expect $49.99 from me...
Nah, I'll just play it on my PC.

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